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The thought of having to renovate your bathroom is not only disturbing but irritating at times. And the reason why most people feel this way is because of the stress of having to replace necessary fixtures, retiling the floor and broken walls, painting the surroundings and laying new mortar. From a mile away, these may seem like something people shouldn’t be complaining about, but get a closer view and only then will you know that as simple as they sound, they require your undivided time and attention. When you eventually get them done, the last thing you will want to consider is having another set of thoughts on having the bathroom decorated. It is at this point that it becomes complicated and overwhelming. 

But you don’t have to go through all of that stress if you’re not cut out for it. Yes, you don’t have to do so thanks to minimalist bathroom decor trends that have saved lives and money for its clients since their inception. The demand for these new design services has been on the rise ever since, and recorded a sky-high levels in 2020. Minimalist bathroom tips and ideas are well-researched and guarantee to help you save more bucks.

What does a minimalist bathroom look like?

Most people’s mantra starts with ‘classy’ and ends with ‘home.’ While it is always advisable to save for the rainy day, some people are ever ready to spend every nickel they have to achieve class in whatever they’ve set out to do. But lucky for you, minimalist designs are built on the solid foundation of the sleek, airy and well-organized concept. 

How do I make my bathroom minimalist?

The first step to take when you want to accomplish a class touch for your minimalist bathroom is to tidy up all messy surfaces. You will also need to sort everything in the bathroom, from used or unused toiletries to toothbrushes to washing or getting rid of your used washcloths. The next thing you will need to do is eliminate the extra furniture from your minimalist bathroom. The only things that you should leave behind are your toilet seat, shower and sink. If you also need a shelf or two, then those are permitted to stay. Else, they all go out with the rest. To avoid clouded and unnecessary decoration in your minimalist bathroom, you may have to eliminate those numerous prints on the wall. 

Remember, we are trying to achieve a touch of class and excellence at the end of the exercise, and so we must focus on keeping your minimalist bathroom simple, clean and light at all times. For things that you frequently use, make out time to either fold or put in drawers. 

And so, with that said, it’s time for us to unveil our top 21 minimalist tips and bathroom ideas.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

1. Use Light Tones

Minimalist bathroom lighting
Image Source

Most minimalist designers stick to either white, light grey or any other color with a neutral-toned palette because they readily give off a neat and airy look to the space they occupy. Generally, light color spaces are perceived as fresher, more expansive and more extensive than they appear. It also maximizes whatever space constraints that may occur while creating a stunning atmosphere. 

2. Open Showers

open shower in minimalist bathroom
Photo: Bathline

Gone are the days when the beauty of a shower is seen when they are closed. Innovation and advancement of technology have shown us that open showers are a modern and creative way to beautify your minimalist bathroom. 

3. A Pastel Color will go a long way

Pastel color bathroom
Minimalist bathroom with green wall

While lighter palettes may be the most minimalist bathroom designer’s favorite, Feel free to get contemporary guest bathroom ideas on classic white and grey landscape with something like a pastel green wall. Remember that you must not do it with the colors mentioned here, as you are free to try it with whatever color you deem fit. 

4. Try using Wooden Walls

Japanese style minimalist bathroom
Photo: Yusabuy

The majority of minimalist bathrooms you will see in homes today are made of clean and crisp white tiles. But because of how common they are, one might think it’s a form of a tradition for minimalist bathroom designers to follow that pattern, but then a famous quote says being normal is boring. Rather than trade the old path, spice things up with a wooden wall texture as they can also speak volume in minimalist design plans. You can try using a wall made of light or dark wood paneling as the earth-toned highlight will brighten your entire room. 

5. Sophisticated bathrooms By Marble your walls

simple elegant bathrooms
Image source : IG@alenanekipelova.interiors

There are indications that marbles are once more becoming the people’s choice in 2021. These marbles have an incredible fluid-like, seamless and classy appearance. There are many marble designs out there to choose from, so feel free to get a unique touch of marble in your shower area or minimalist bathroom walls. It also make your small bathroom looks bigger.

6. Matte Gold Fixtures

Minimalist bathroom with white bathtub
Image Source:

A simple touch of gold is a great way to transform your bathroom into glamorous and stately without investing heavily in new furniture or design. Matte fixtures are trendy thanks to their contemporary and sleek finish, so swapping out your faucets and handles for some matte gold is a nice touch to your modern toilet decor.

7. Get creative with your tiles

long narrow bathroom decorating ideas
Image Source : IG@mussodesigngroup

The idea of decorating bathroom walls with tiles has been some people’s choice from time immemorial. And while they are still in vogue to date, feel free to decorate your minimalist bathroom walls with them if you fancy them. But again, you’re free to swap between geometrically patterned tiles and a chevron statement wall

8. Mosaic Tiles are another option

white restroom ideas
Photo: naibaan

Did someone say mosaic tiles are old school? Think again, as the pattern of decorating bathroom walls with mosaic has fast become a trend in 2021. This simple shower ideas provides a robust design and stunning visual texture of well-designed rows and patterns. 

9. Natural Light still works wonders

Simple bathroom design
Image Source : IG@urbanhamam
simple shower ideas
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Candle lights and artificial light may be useful to portray certain moods, but nothing beats bathroom decor minimalist better than having the presence of natural light and open spaces. You can draw natural light into your bathroom through oversized windows, skylights and huge ceilings. The more light you pull, the more attractive your bathroom area will look.

10. Dark Details may be what you’re lacking, Black Aesthetic Bathroom

Black Aesthetic Bathroom

While bright colors and details match some persons’ sense of style, dark shades also sit well. Dark color bathtubs, dark floor and wall tiling, black matte surfaces and so on, all of these are making a comeback as people’s taste and sense of style evolve. 

11. Modern Grey Bathrooms, A touch of Mother-Nature

Modern Grey Bathroom
Image Source :

There are simple ways that you can touché up your bathroom space at a pocket-friendly price, and one of those ways is to add a houseplant or two to make it stand out from the crowd. In case you don’t know any plant that you can go for to achieve this, you can ask for Monsteras plant. This species of plant is renowned for its simple nature that gives your bathroom a classy outlook. 

12. Have you considered a Spa Design? Minimalist zen Bathroom

Known for comfort and openness, inculcating a spa design in your minimalist bathroom may be the missing piece of the puzzle for an elegant bathroom space you so desire. 

13. A Tub that speaks volume

Do you know that the type of tub you have installed in your minimalist bathroom says a lot about you and your sense of style? At least now you know. A tub that speaks volumes on your behalf is one of modern minimalist bathroom designs’ most significant hallmarks. 

minimalist modern bathroom
Photo : unsplash

It doesn’t matter if your tub has a classy design or merely a modern concept that is smooth and appealing to the eyes. It would be best to take it home because a big white bathtub represents a staple of minimalism. Reason being that it’s light, open and streamlined.

Another way to enhance its beauty is by adding a fluffy rug or an elegantly tiled floor. These are some of the luxuries that we offer at a friendly price.

14. Honeycomb Tiling

Minimalist bathroom wall decor

The honey tiling is a combination of geometric and artistic tiling that gives your functional bathroom decor a breathtaking experience for your bathroom visitors. 

15. Freestanding Sink Basins

minimalist contemporary bathroom
Image Source: IG@minimal.list_

Standalone sinks are the new cool when searching for sinks that would look perfect in your bathroom. And the reason they draw so much attention is because of their simple and streamlined appearance. There are many types of such sinks, and you can either select the ones with basin or egg shape that match your bathroom design. 

16. Visible Concrete

Minimalist concrete bathroom
Image Source :

17. Glass and Stone, Natural Looking Bathroom

Natural Looking Bathroom
Image Source :

It’s a thing of joy to open your minimalist bathroom door, and behold, certain areas or features have a transparent look. Bathtub that come with transparent window always demand a sleek and gentle touch from the beholder. Having a bathroom floor made of stone tiles is an appealing choice that you should go to get the best of both worlds in your minimalist bathroom. 

18. Install Centerpiece Mirrors

Image Source :

Are you running out of ideas on how to beautify your bathroom? Try installing an asymmetrically shaped centerpiece mirror as they are a direct ticket to making your dreams of having an elegant bathroom come true. Getting those floor-length centerpieces also has its way of lightening up the room and making it appear more open. 

19. Rustic Time

Minimalist luxury bathroom
Image source : homedecorbliss

Natural bathroom inspiration with rustic style has become on-demand in minimalist bathrooms due to its functional and unified outlook. It appears sleeker and classier. Using a stone wall to decorate your bathroom also give a your room modern. A touch of rustic accents of wood can be the next level upgrade for your contemporary bathroom design. Give it a try!

20. Industrial Inspired

minimalist rustic bathroom
image Source : Pinterest

Stone and exposed concrete industrial design are taking a new turn in today’s trend of bathroom styles. It doesn’t matter if there are in the form of in-wall accents, shower designs, or planters, this type of innovation will give your minimalist bathroom a solid and earthy 21st-century look.

21. A Centerpiece Print

clean bathroom designs with minimalist painting
Image Source : IG@urbanhmam

Clean bathroom designs with classy and artistic print with is an excellent and easy way to enhance your minimalist bathroom look and win the heart of whoever steps inside. 

How to effectively utilize a small bathroom space

Minimalist design has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be the most effective way to maximize your bathroom space. Be it small bathrooms that are tight or cramped, and these designs are sure to free up areas that you didn’t know were in existence. 

How can I make my small bathroom stylish?

The first thing you need to do to make a cramped space look more expansive is paint it with white or other light shades. Next is to remove bulky fixtures or split walls and stick to simple appliances and furniture. After you must have done that, the next thing on your agenda should consider installing a freestanding shower. The essence is to create space that the shower curtain usually occupies. Again, stick to small sinks to create more space. 

If there’s a window in your minimalist bathroom, ensure the space in front free as it would help promote natural light to brighten the entire room. But if you don’t have a window, then go for bulbs that emulate the glow of natural light.

Lastly, you should know that excessive design can choke your bathroom, so choose which should stay and which should get a better feel of the space.


What makes minimalist bathroom design a thing of beauty is their open tenet that is laser-focused on creating more space for your bathroom while giving it that sleek and elegant touch of class. Minimalist bathrooms can convert any bathroom space in your apartment into a charming spot for relaxation. Choosing any of the design trends will help make your dreams of a classy home a reality.

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