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100+ Popular Cat Tattoo Ideas You’ll Try ASAP

Cat Tattoos Ideas

Cats have started to overtake dogs as the favorite pets around the world. Cats have been around humans for many decades and these pretty little animals have evolved over the centuries to adapt to the lifestyles of their human companions making them extremely loving, caring, loyal and intelligent creatures. In today’s time cats have been associated with freedom and independence. Various cultures and traditions have mentioned cats in various forms to convey some message. They have even become symbols of rebellion.

Cat lovers around the world don’t care about the traditions and want to display their love and affection towards these felines by various means; this includes wearing and using stuff with the images of these cute animals. One such form of expressing their passion towards cats is getting various tattoos for cats.

A good cat tattoo artist is able to create some very beautiful and lovely cat tattoos designs, which you can flaunt with style. Cat tattoos have been the favorite tattoo designs created by different cat tattoo artists for the longtime. Cat tattoo idea are not restricted to any particular gender as these lovely creatures are extremely attractive and impressive.

The following are some of the popular cat tattoos that are created by cat tattoo artists around the world.

Table of Contents

1. Colorful Cat Tattoo Designs  

colorful cat tattoo
Instagram : ewasrokatattoo

The following small and cute cat tattoo design can be made anywhere on the body or inner arm. Simply adding color to the overall cat design accentuates the beauty of this cute feline. This cat tattoo is designed on a thigh and looks absolutely gorgeous because of the various colors used.

2. Dog and Cat Outline Tattoo

Dog and Cat Outline Tattoo
Instagram @fedi_ginger

Just a simple outline on chest can make any dog and cat lover fall in love with this cute yet very simple cat tattoo. The dog and cat outline tattoo design is one of a kind and fits just perfect on any part of the body. One can experiment with the various dog and cat poses and just create an outline of these poses, but convey the right message without being too flashy.

3. Cute Cat Tattoo Ideas for Sister

Cute Cat Tattoo Ideas for Sister
Instagram @sonsu_tattoo

This is quite an innovative way of creating cute cat tattoo designs. This tattoo shows how you can combine images and make them look absolutely cute and simple. The cat tattoo ideas for sister are created on each wrist to enhance their beauty and make them look very different from each other.

4. Traditional Black Cat Tattoo

traditional black cat tattoo

Add some style and chic to the traditional black cat tattoo with some funky colors that brighten up your day.

5. Minimalist Cat Tattoos

minimalist cat tattoos

Music note style minimalist cat tattoos is ideal for anyone who loves cats as well as music. A good cat tattoo artist is capable of designing these small, but very impactful musical note cat tattoo design. These are great looking musically inclined designs that can be created on the upper back of your body.

6. Cat Tattoo Designs For Fingers

Cat tattoo designs for Fingers

Small cat tattoo designs suit best on fingers. You can combine these pretty looking designs with different finger accessories to accentuate the final look. Small and simple cat designs can be made on every finger or on alternate fingers according to your choice. You can even have different design on each finger. A cat tattoo artist will help you choose the right design according to your tastes.

7. Small Cat Tattoo Design behind the ear

Small Cat back ear Tattoo

Cat Tattoos can be created on every part of the body. Cat tattoo designs behind the ear can be a simple outline or even colored that can go well with your hairstyle. Tie your hair up or have them trimmed short to make these tattoos look attractive and cool.

8. Cat Paw Design Tattoo

Cat Paw Tattoo
small cat paw tattoo

Cat paws tattoos are considered as the symbols of progression and advancement in life. In various Asian cultures, cat statuettes are seen with their front paws raised, it is considered a symbol of luck. Cat paw tattoo designs talk a lot about prosperity, divine luck, and progress.

9. Spiral Cat Tattoo Design

Spiral Cat Tattoo

This is a less aggressive cat tattoo design. This is a full and compact design that should not be made too high on the body. Aztec patterns are used to create these designs and are one of the best cat tattoo designs for women.

10. Cat Eye Tattoo Design

Cat Eye Tattoo
Cat Eye shoulder Tattoo

Cats are famous for their attractive and colorful eyes. The eyes have the ability to show your willpower and spirit and when it comes to the cat eye, we all are aware how divine and intelligent these species are. Feline eyes speak of your ability to see things more than what they are. Each activity is an expansion of something bigger than what you can see.

11. Full Black Cat Tattoo Design

full black cat tattoo

Full black cat tattoo designs are very popular among cat tattoo lovers. Such type of tattoos is a symbol of mystery, femininity and an unknown power all of these characteristics are associated with cats. These kinds of tattoos are best on a forearm.

12. Black Cat Tattoo With Flowers

cat tattoo with flowers on the back

A black cat tattoo looks absolutely fabulous when some flowers are added to the cat design. The use of colors is limited to two or three, which can convert a simple black cat into a beautiful feline. These tattoos are perfect on the back.

13. Black Cat Tattoo Along with Other Tattoos

Black Cat face Tattoo

A black cat tattoo can be combined with any other tattoo design of your choice. These designs should bring out your personality and inner strengths clearly. A black cat tattoo design is a symbol of freedom and we are aware how cats are free spirits and tend to live to please themselves and don’t like to be tied down to anything that displeases them.

14. Pagan or Spiritual Believes Tattoo

Pagan cat Tattoo
Source : tattoo-journal

In the middle ages the Wiccan and pagan beliefs were misunderstood a lot, but in today’s time these spiritual practices are readily acceptable in many societies. Get these black cat tattoo designs inked is a nice way to show your love or interest towards these ancient practices.

15. Good Luck Black Cat Designs

Lucky Cat tattoo

There was a time when black cats were associated with bad luck, but with constant campaigns from cat lovers, this association has been broken successfully to a large extent. With sustained campaign to educate people about the black colored cats, cat lovers have been able to associate good luck with black cats making them popular even in the tattoo industry.

16. Protection from Evil

Protection from Evil Cat Tattoo

Cats are well-known for their hunting skills; they are experts at hunting mice, rodents and other vermin, thus preventing diseases for humans. Romans kept cats as an omen for good luck and this belief has been extended to cat tattoos as well. Cat tattoo artists nowadays are experts at designing some very powerful looking black cat tattoo designs that aims to convey the message of protection from any harm.

17. Black Cat Tattoo with Witches

Cat Tattoo with Witches

Cats have always been associated with witches and most of us must have seen cats riding the broom along with the witch in various books and television shows. This image of a cat with the witches broom can be found in tattoos too.

18. Cat and Moon Tattoo

Cat and Moon Tattoo

Cats are also associated with the moon goddess. A tattoo with both the moon crescent and a black cat is a unique fashion statement. This design looks quite mysterious.

19. Arched Back Black Cat Tattoo Design

cat with number tattoo

An arched back black cat is usually associated with rebellion and for those who have this streak within them; this type of black cat tattoo design is perfectly apt. This image conveys your beliefs and alliances very clearly.

20. Hyper Realistic Black Cat Tattoo

Hyper Realistic  Cat Tattoo

The hyper realistic black cat tattoo designs are created with absolute detailing. Here, the face of the black cat is prominently shown.

21. Floral Cat Tattoo

Floral Cat Tattoo

Cat Tattoo designs are preferred by ladies and are considered a typical tattoo idea for women because of its characteristics and behavior. Floral cat tattoos look pretty and attractive. The choice of colors also matter. The smart use of various colors and patterns make this simple cat tattoo design very cute and sits perfectly on the thigh.

22. Water Color Cat Tattoo for Girls

Water Color Cat Tattoo

The watercolor cat tattoo on the upper back is just right for girls who are comfortable wearing clothes that showcase their upper back. Combine it with a nice low back dress and get ready for any occasion.

23. Witch and her Black Cat

Witch and Black Cat tattoo
Source : tattoodo
Cat sit on the book tattoo
Source : tattooimages

Witches and cats go hand in hand and many of us are attracted towards them for various reasons. This gorgeous design of the witch with her black cat is just an example of how a cat and witch design combined together can certainly look attractive.

24. Cute Cat and Flower back Tattoo

Cute Cat and Flower back Tattoo
Source : cuded

Cats and flowers are both favorites among women and what a great way to combine these two beautiful elements in this cat tattoo. This cat tattoo rests perfectly on the upper back region and is sure to attract attention.

25. Black Cat Tatoo with Flowers

cat and flower tattoo
Source : Pinterest
cat face and flower tattoo

This cat tattoo design is a good tribute to this little furry animal that stays with us through the thick and thin of our life. Cats develop a life-long bonding with us and their love and affection towards their family is second to none.

26. Cat Sitting On Moon Tattoo

Cat Sitting On Moon Tattoo
cat and moon tattoo

This is a nice and new combination tattoo with cat and moon, which is quite rare. Exploring new ideas and creating something exceptional is what cat tattoo artists are good at. Get yourself inked and try out these new combinations for your thigh tattoo.

27. Puss in Boots Hand Tattoo

Puss in Boots Hand's Tattoo

Puss in boots is a very popular character, and those lovely and heart-melting large eyes are simply irresistible. The tattoo designed on the hand is gorgeous looking with the use of various colors and shades. This is one of the best cat tattoo design for any free spirited women.

28. Cute Cat Tattoo

cute cat tattoo on stomach
Instagram @kittytattoos

This is a pretty simple cute tattoo on stomach with a very strong message that conveys your love and affection towards these little furry creatures. A cute tattoo is a great way to showcase your feelings and feel inked.

29. Patterned and Regal Tabby Cat Tattoo

tabby cat tattoo

This is a small and cute little cat tattoo design ideal for upper hand and thigh region. The patterned cat look is great if you are planning your first tattoo and of course you can add to the list.

30. Geometric Cat Tattoo Design

Geometric Cat Tattoo

This is a cool geometric cat tattoo design if you like geometrical shapes and patterns. This is a nice cat tattoo if you want to have a standout cat design.

31. Tiny Cat Ankle Tattoo

Tiny Cat Ankle Tattoo

This tiny cute cat is a perfect tattoo for the ankles. The tattoo here looks like as if it is peeking out of a curtain and trying to say hello.

32. Curled Up Cat Tattoo

Curled Up Cat Tattoo

Even though this may seem like a small tattoo, but it is ideal for an ankle tattoo. The design here reminds you of the cat lazing around and stretching up, especially on the floor. The way they pose themselves is very cute.

33. Hello Kitty Tattoo Outline

hello kitty tattoo outline

Hello kitty is a very famous cat brand and most girls absolutely love them. Have them simple hello kitty tattoo outline on your ankle and showoff your love for this adorable kitty.

34. Minimalist Ankle Cat Tattoo

Minimalist Ankle Cat Tattoo

This is a simple cat tattoo design that is sure to attract a lot of attention. The way the cat tattoo artist has designed it is quite simple and beautiful.

35. Pusheen Ankle Cat Tattoo

Pusheen Ankle Cat Tattoo

If you are a fan of Pusheen and love healthy looking cats, then this is a great looking ankle cat tattoo to have. Pusheen cat stickers are quite a rage.

36. Cat Looking Up

small cat outline tattoo

This look can be witnessed quite a lot of times in a day by cat lovers. It is a nice sight to see your cat looking up in this position for you to fill his feeding bowl. This small and cute looking tattoo sums up the whole story.

37. Cat Paw Prints Trails

Cat Paw Prints  tattoo

Tiny little paw prints trails starting from the calf and extending up to the ankle looks neat and attractive. These small paw prints are more than enough to convey your feeling towards these felines.

38. Stretching Cat

Stretching Cat tattoo

This lazy stretch of the cat and the tail spelling out enjoy is quite a new design for a tattoo. This is perfect for an ankle tattoo. An expert cat tattoo artist can create this curly pose to make it look gorgeous.

39. Jumping Cat Tattoo

Jumping Cat Tattoo

This is a circular looking tattoo design depicting a cat jumping over a bed of flowers. The jumping cat is perfect for the ankle as the jumping pose makes you feel active when you are down for the day.

40. Mysterious Cat Tattoo

Mysterious Cat Tattoo

This black cat with red eyes has a lot of curiosity hidden within. Cats are curious by nature and the way this feature has been highlighted in this tattoo is just awesome.

41. Tribute to the Black Cat

3D cat tattoos

3D cat tattoos designs require a lot of skill and some of the popular 3D cat tattoo designs are unique and beautiful. If you love black cats, then go ahead and get a tattoo inked, so that he stays with you forever.

42. Various Color Cat Tattoo

Various Color Cat Tattoo

There is a lot of work involved in getting this design done. This tattoo is a great combination of a lot of elements making it look absolutely gorgeous. The cat tattoo artist has very cleverly used various colors to create a stunning image.

43. Four Eyed Psychedelic Kitty

Four Eyed Psychedelic Kitty tattoo

It is the use of various colors and combinations that makes this 3D cat tattoo design awesome. The use of pastel colors along with fluros makes this a truly outstanding psychedelic cat.

44. Sphynx Cat Tattoo

3D Sphynx Cat tattoo

This 3D Sphynx Cat tattoo is an awesome way to showcase your love towards this amazing looking hairless cat breed. The use of blue to enhance the eye color is just incredible.

45. Cat Tattoo Cover Up

Cat Tattoo Cover Up

Tuxedo cats are very popular around the world and these smarty cats are equally popular on the cat tattoo scene too. Take your love for these Tuxies further by getting a 3D Tuxedo cat design inked on your body.

46. Kitten Tattoo

Kitten tattoo

A full and alert cat design as a tattoo is something that always garners a lot of attention. Get one of these made on your upper hand or on your thighs and get ready to flaunt your love for these furry creatures.

47. Japanese Cat Tattoo

japanese cat tattoo

Yes, a cat holding a guitar dressed up in a robe is a classic way to provide a human touch to these lovely little animals. Adding the entire body of the cat and the right mix of colors makes this tattoo look grand and lively.

48. Gray Cat

cat tattoo  on forearm
Source : tattooeasily

A gray cat holding a pot and with a cup below may be sign of prosperity for some. The rich and energetic looking cat on the tattoo will certainly attract a lot of attention.

49. Decked up Jaguar

inner arm cat tattoo

We have always talked about small sized cats; why not include large sized cats? To make your preference for these large cats clear try out designs of a tiger, leopard, jaguar or a panther.

50. Two sides of life

2 cats tattoo

Cats can display dual nature at times and most cat lovers are aware of this behavior trait. One second your cat can be happy and loving and also can suddenly turn into a feral the next second. This cat tattoo design created by a cat tattoo artists very aptly displays these two emotions of a cat or even life in general.

51. Tom and Jerry Tattoo

Tom and Jerry Tattoo

Tom cat is a very famous american traditional cat cartoon character that is etched in our memories. This particular cat tattoo is surely going to bring in a lot of cheer on your face every time you look at it. This cat tattoo will surely encourage you to be energetic and happy throughout the day.

52. Sylvester Cat Tattoo

Sylvester Cat Tattoo
Small Sylvester Cat Tattoo

Sylvester is often seen chasing the cute little Tweety. This famous tuxedo cat with its black and white coat pattern and nice and cute looking red button nose is a popular cartoon character. Anybody who loves the childish and carefree nature of Sylvester should go for this cat tattoo to bring in a lot of fun into your life.

53. Salem Black Cat Silhouette Tattoo

Salem Black Cat Silhouette Tattoo

Those who all have watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, must be aware of Salem the Cat, a fictional character in this animated series. This cute black cat silhouette tattoo is a great tattoo design to have.

54. Garfield Tattoo

Garfield Tattoo

Who doesn’t know this world famous cat? This domestic tabby is famous for its rounded body and his passion for food. This famous cartoon strip character is fun to have imprinted on your body.

55. Oggy Cat Tattoo

Oggy Cat Tattoo

Oggy, from the Oggy and the Cockroaches fame is a blue colored chubby cat, who is often being harassed by the three naughty cockroaches in the series. Oggy is a nice cat tattoo to have if you love these cartoons and of course the cats.

56. Cheshire Cat Tattoo Ideas

cheshire cat tattoo ideas

Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland is a pink and purple striped cat with a wide smile. He is a mischievous cat who likes to misdirect Alice. He is capable of invisibility and enters the scene with parts faded except the eyes and his grin. The color cheshire cat tattoo ideas with flower is cutes tattoo for women.

57. Felix Cat Tattoo

Felix Cat Tattoo

Felix the cat is a cute, black and white cat from the silent era cinema. Later on he was shown to possess a magic bag of tricks.

58. Figaro Cat Tattoo Design

Figaro Cat Tattoo

Figaro is a pet cat of both Mister Geppetto and Pinocchio. He was seen in Disney’s short series as Minnie Mouse’s pet cat. This figaro kitten tattoos is cute.

59. Puss in Boots Tattoo

Puss in Boots sherk2 Tattoo

Puss in Boots is a stylish looking cat in Shrek2 with a deep voice. This cat with a feathery cap and sword is a nice tattoo to have.

60. Top Cat Tattoo

top cat tattoo

Top cat is a yellow furred, laid back and smart character with a purple vest and hat. Often taking credit for the work done by others, top cat is extremely clever.

61. Tribal Cat Tattoo Design

Tribal Cat Tattoo

A Tribal tattoo design looks great when it is created on the entire back. Although the tattoo looks gorgeous when they are done in black, but there is no harm in trying out different colors to brighten things up.

62. Sitting Cat Tribal Tattoo

Sitting Cat Tribal Tattoo

The sitting cat tribal tattoo is an elegant tattoo design created by a master artist. The use of black and patterns makes this tattoo perfect for arms.

63. Simple Tribal Cat Tattoo

Simple Tribal Cat Tattoo

A paintbrush stroke feel for a cat tattoo has an artistic look to it. Instead of the single lines used to define the cat image, one can effectively use brush strokes that are not joined to each other, but flow freely.

64. Black Cat Tattoo

Small black cat tattoo

Small and traditional black cat tattoo looks very attractive. This cat tattoos are great for cat lovers who love their black colored cats and want to keep the tattoo design small and simple. These are one of the best cat tattoo designs that can be made on ankles, behind the ear and on wrists.

65. Simple and Artistic Tribal Cat Tattoo

Artistic Tribal Cat Tattoo

Cats are clever and independent animals. Their secretive and selective behavior is best captured in this simple yet artistic tribal cat tattoo.

66. Simple Cat Silhouette Outline

Tribal Cat Tattoo
simple Tribal Cat Tattoo

This is a rather simple cat tattoo with a tribal element that is equally popular among men and women.

67. Paintbrush Stroke Tribal Tattoo

Paintbrush Stroke Tribal Tattoo

Cats are mystical creatures in the various Western cultures. They are associated with witchcraft and in Celtic tales the black cats are even considered evils.

68. Protector Tribal Cat Tattoo

Protector Tribal Cat Tattoo

Cats are also considered the symbol of goddess and protector in some Ancient Roman cultures. In Norse Myths, these cuddly little creatures are depicted as drawing the chariot of goddess of fertility Freyja. That is reason why it is a blessing for the newborns.

69. Cat Face Tribal Tattoo

Cat Faces Tattoo

Cat face tribal tattoo design looks cool and can be designed according to your liking. You may even opt for some colors and flaunt this artistically created tattoo that looks very regal.

70. Cat line Drawing Tattoo

cat line drawing tattoo

This looks like a futuristic art that is rather unusual, but if you are one of those who love something different, then this tribal cat tattoo design will do the trick.

71. Angry Cat Tattoo

Angry Cat face Tattoo

An angry cat tattoo may look a bit scary, but this particular facial expression is the natural look of a cat, which may be intimidating, but for any lover it is just an expression of discontent. This tattoo is ideal for the biceps.

72. Cat Head in a Frame

cat cartoon tattoo

This formally dressed cat tattoo with a tall hat looks like he is in a detective mode. The clever use of different colors adds to the overall curious cat image.

73. Geometry Cat Head Tattoo

Geometry Cat Head Tattoo

The arm is the best place to have a cat head tattoo. This black and grey cat head tattoo is designed using the geometric patterns for a better effect.

74. Cat Tattoo with Flower

cat tattoos with flowers

Cat head tattoo with a blue flower surrounding the head is an ideal design on arm. The use of colors enhances the feline features making it look like a 3D image.

75. Color Sphynx Cat

Color Sphynx Cat tattoo

Sphynx is a hairless cat breed and a lot of people are not fans of these cats because of this unique feature. This colorful Sphynx cat head looks stunning and attractive because of the attractive color of the eyes and its striking appearance.

76. Black and White Cat Head Tattoo

Black and White Cat Head Tattoo

This is a cute cat outline tattoo, small black and white cat head sitting pretty on the collarbone. Get inked and showoff to the world that you are a cat lover and can go to any extent to care for these furry little animals.

77. Green Eyed Cat Tattoo

Green Eyed Cat Tattoo

An eye of a cat is known to have different colors and usually they match with their coat. This green eyed cat sits nicely on the shoulder and almost looks like it is trying to say something.

78. Tabby Cat Tattoo

Tabby Cat Tattoo

Tabby cats are very popular and if you are one of those who prefers a tabby cat, then this grey ink tabby cat tattoo is the one for you. Get your shoulder inked with a tabby cat head and flaunt your preference.

79. Egyptian Cat Head Tattoo

Egyptian Cat Head Tattoo

Ancient Egyptian cats look mystical and have been mentioned in ancient folklores a lot. These mystical cat designs look majestic and fascinating.

80. Cat and Moon Tattoo

Double Eyed Cat face Tattoo

The double eyed cat head may look dizzy on first look, but on careful observation the design is very intricate and the use of shades and colors is smart to get the effect. The half moon on top adds a lot of mysteries to the design making it look dark. The cat and moon tattoo meaning for life is mystery and luck.

81. Simple Cat Outline

Simple Cat Outline back ear tattoo

Behind the ear tattoos look very beautiful especially for women. Other than flowers and stars, cat tattoos are very popular as ear tattoo. This cat lady tattoo is minimalistic and easily conveys the message of love for these furry little animals.

82. Full Black Cat Tattoo

traditional cat tattoo

A small and full black cat tattoo is eye-catching and beautiful. This peeping style cat tattoo behind ear is sure to garner a lot of attention.

83. Minimalist Cat Tattoo

Minimalist Cat Tattoo

Just a few lines and curves here are enough to ensure there is lot of love and affection towards these felines. Ideally placed this cat tattoo looks neat and gorgeous.

84. Line Art Simple Cat Tattoo

line art simple cat tattoo

Love these balls of fur, then go ahead and get the top portion of the ear tattooed with a black cat. The walking black cat is a symbol of movement in life in general. You need not pierce your ear, instead get it tattooed.

85. Tiny Black Cat Tattoo

cat tattoos silhouette

Cat tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women. They are also one of the most versatile, as they can be small and discreet or large and eye-catching. Black cat tattoos are particularly popular, as they look stylish and classy. If you’re looking for a tiny black cat tattoo idea, why not try a simple tiny black cat? You could also add some special details, such as a bow tie or a set of whiskers. If you want something with a bit more impact, you could go for a larger design that covers more of your arm or shoulder.

86. Cat Memorial Tattoo

cat memorial tatoos

A five cat face also looks beautiful cat tattoos. The expressive and talking eyes in this tattoo says a lot of meaning words.

87. Black Cat Tattoo Behind Ear

Black Cat Tattoo Behind Ear

This small black cat surrounded with moon and a musical note pattern looks very sleek and stylish. It runs from the top of the ear to the bottom highlighting the cat behind it.

88. Cat Tattoos Silhouette

Silhouette Cat tattoo

This is a beautiful cat tattoos silhouette that is suitable for behind the ear. The red bow around the neck makes it look all the more cute. This tattoo is quite popular in their celebrities’s tattoo.

89. Orange Tabby Cat Tattoo

Orange Tabby Cat Tattoo

The orange tabby cat tattoo behind ear is the best and original design. This tabby tattoo is sure to please everyone.

90. Cat with Butterfly Tattoo

Cat with Butterfly Tattoo

The cat with butterfly Tattoo and flower looks uplifting and cute. You can choose any color and make it look attractive. The green cat eyes looks stands out.

91. Walking Cat Tattoo

Walking Cat Tattoos

Cat paws are absolutely cute and who doesn’t like to touch them, but of course your cat may not agree with this. Why not get these cute little paws inked forever as a symbol of affection towards your feline friend.

92. Simple Paw Tattoos

Simple Paw Tattoos

Just a few cat paws are sufficient to display your love for cats. A few small paws on any part of the body are enough to convey the message.

93. Cat Outline with Paws

Cat Outline with Paws tattoos on arm

No need to color the whole cat black, but a simple cat outline that is shown as walking followed by the paw prints looks gorgeous.

94. Black Cat Tattoo Ideas

black cat tattoo ideas

A small black colored cat on the wrist along with the paw prints cover the whole insides of the hand, but also looks attractive and chic.

95. Little Colored Paws

 Little Colored Paws tattoo

The little colored and heart shaped cat paws here are sure not to miss any attention. They look absolutely adorable and cute.

96. Dog and Cat Tattoo

dog and cat tattoo
Instagram @tattoosbyeloise

If you love small tattoos that convey a lot, then this dog and cat memorial tattoo is one of them. The inner arm is an ideal place to get a dog and cat tattoo, which you can, showoff whenever you want to brighten your day.

97. Tiny Cat Paws

minimalist tiny cat paws tattoo

Tiny cat paws are suitable for girls who prefer classic and cute tattoo designs. This cute design and shape will certainly get a lot of appreciation.

98. Name Paw

simple paw tattoo

You can combine your initial or initial of your loved ones and combine it with a simple paw tattoo to achieve that cute ankle tattoo

99. Colorful Paw Tattoo

Colorful Paw Tattoo

Paw tattoos are simple, but look very beautiful and are great at conveying a message without being loud. This is a very elegant paw tattoo that is cleverly designed with different colors that makes it all the more attractive.

100. Cat Tattoos with Flowers

cat tattoos with flowers

A single paw print within a brightly colored flower pattern sits perfectly on the biceps looks stylish and gorgeous.

Cat Tattoo designs are loved by both men and women, though the patterns may vary a bit. The tattoo is just a way to express your love and gratitude towards these little balls of furs. It is a small technique to return their love and affection. A cat tattoo design is an ideal way to show your nature, so go ahead and get the services of a good cat tattoo artist to get yourself inked with anything related to your favorite feline friend.

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