15 Minion Nails That Are Anything But Despicable


Best Minion Nail Art Designs

Minions are very lovable and adorable characters. Minions are big stars now and there are movies coming up with these big stars. Even though their language was never understandable, they managed to capture the hearts of millions of people around the world with their funny antics. They have a huge fan base not only among children, but among adults too. Who doesn’t love these lovely yellow and blue characters?

Now you can carry your favorite minions wherever you go by bringing them back to life. The minion nails are so popular that they can stand out of the crowd. Fun nails like the ones with minions on it will make a lot of heads turn your way. So get creative and make a statement. These minion nail designs are easy to some very intricate to design. These super cute minion nails will make you go crazy over their cute looks.

Minion and the gang

– Each and every minion should be noticeable. Paint your nails with Kevin, Bob, Stuart, and the whole gang of these naughty little characters on your nails. No minion should be left behind. Show your love towards these great looking minions from the “Despicable Me”.

– If you don’t want to paint a minion on each and every nail, then you can paint these adorable characters on one or two nails on each hand and color the rest in a dark shade. The dark blue shade used here matches the minions overall. One or two minion drawing is enough.

– Minion nails is a fun way to showcase your love towards these adorable characters, so why restrict yourself to paintings. Instead of painting the minions on all the nails, you can take the simple route and do some writing. You can make one letter of the movie title on each and every nail. A unique way to hail the minions.

– Add fun and colors to your nails by painting them with blue and yellow polish, the signature colors of Minions. The polka dot patterns look very creative and one can easily associate these colors to the minions. It is enough to paint one or two nails with minions and the rest with polka dots.

– Minion pastel colors and minion stickers can be used to create a nail art that can achieve the cute minion look. The sky blue color nails look pretty and can be used for many occasions. Add a zest to the nails by putting the minion stickers on one of the nails.

Minion with contrast color

– Christmas minion nails immediately take you to the holiday seasons.These are ideal designs to sport during the Christmas season for holidays, parties and even for fun filled get together events. Sport these colorful red minions to brighten up your holiday season.

minion nails

– To add some zest to your nails choose one nail to paint it with the minion accent nail polish and the rest in glittery bright colors. The bright and dark color nails will make the minion accent nail stand out from the rest. There are no limitations to the color used to paint your minions nails.

minion nails

– Yes, minions can look classy. Add smartness to your minion nails by adding a moustache and suit to your favorite minion characters for a fun and classy look. The minion colors yellow can be experimented a lot here by adding black to make these characters look smart.

minion nails

– The minion decals are the latest trend used in nail art. If you don’t know how to paint your nails artistically, then don’t worry, use these minion decals to express your love for these lovely characters. These decals pop up by using the nail glue to stick the decals, giving it a 3D effect. With these festive designs you are sure to get a lot of attention at parties.

minion nails

Emotional Minion Caracter

– Drawing the minion is not complicated, but if you are too lazy to draw these on all your nails, then you can combine them with lines and stripes. Use the standard minion colors to create these stripes and the rest you can draw minions on them. Even a few lines and two black lines is all that is needed to create a fun minion.

– When you are drawing the minions you have to let your imaginations run wild. The minions need not look exactly like the way they are on screen. Capture their various emotions and expressions on the nails along with their favorite catchphrase.

– If you love the glittery polish, then there is no harm in painting your nails in the amazing minion colors. The glitter nails are easy to make and fun to paint. Simply paint the tip of the nail in blue glitter polish and the rest in yellow. Add a face on one of the nails and you are done.

– Googly-eyed minions look very funny and excited. Add some flower patterns on other nails and combine these two to create some unique minion nail art that is funny.

– The use of pink and yellow can be explored a lot in creating minion nails that not only looks cute and adorable, but also is pretty unique. These colors stand out from the rest. Use these adorable colors to convey a message on one or two nails. You don’t have to stick to the yellow and blue colors that are associated with the minions.

– The sad and happy minions are a great way to showcase the different expressions of the minions. Make them look sad, happy, ecstatic, surprised and outraged. Use different color palette instead of the regular blue and yellow.

Minion nails are a great option for girls all over the world. These nail arts add a lot of fun and excitement, so it is one of the best designs to try out. Even the simple and uncomplicated minion patterns can look fantastic, adorable and beautiful.