Top Modern Bungalow Design


Have you ever dream to have your own Bungalow somewhere in the world? like in the beautiful beach or up into the mountain with the superb view. I am the one who dreams about this, A beautiful modern bungalow house exterior design with a nice view and place brings you a great imagination and inspiration.

So, This time We would like to show you a cool and outstanding small bungalow design ideas. You can adapt this idea for your tiny house , second home or even small house in your garden.

Luxury Modern Bungalow Design

WOW WOW WOW !!! It is only word that I can say for these luxury bungalow design. It’s a dream house that we treasure hunted around the world for you. It has an elegance look. Try to imagine yourself stay in these house with a glass of wine or cool beer. Such a perfect relaxing day!!!

Minimalist 2 Stories Bungalow

If you have big family, 2 stories beautiful bungalow designs is best for you. With the concept of minimalist. It create a modern look, Clean and Simple.Here are some best 2 stories design that will inspired you.

Top Modern Bungalow Design

Minimalist Box Style

Use simple shape of a box, Simple but modern look. It will look more beautiful, If you put your house  high up from the ground  with grass field around  and add a few tree. Recommend to decorate with less furniture in the house to get a concept”Less is more”.

Top Modern Bungalow Design
Top Modern Bungalow Design

Barn inspired Bungalow

This concept get inspired from Barn or Pentagon shape, it gets modern look and unique. You can renovate your old barn to be a nice modern bungalow design. If you like an open plan, just put the glass window and glass door around the house.

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