30 Modern Exterior Paint Colors For Houses


1 Finding The Right Combination

exterior paint colors

Selecting the best and suitable paint schemes for your home and painting your loving abode can be quite a daunting task. Finding the right kind of combination for painting the exterior of your house that not only looks beautiful, but also that will gel well with the surroundings requires quite a bit of thinking.

Choosing the right paint colors that will highlight the architectural design of your house or simply finding the matching shades for the shutters and the trim is extremely important for any house owner. Good exterior paint colors will make a big impact on the overall look of the house. For the ease of selection, consider a home style and scale as well as the architectural design that is characteristic of the region or your neighborhood. An ideal exterior color should blend well with the surrounding environment. Once you get the exterior paint colors right, it will make your home completely new and shiny.

The following are some of the eye-catching home exterior paint colors that are visually very appealing. The paint colors range from inland, coastal, classic and modern, which is some of the best in the market that showcases your style outside your home.