Bingo Lingo: 3 Most Popular Bingo Themes

bingo themes

According to Statista, bingo generated almost £500 million in revenue in the UK between April 2021 and March 2022, which shows a clear improvement following the COVID-19 pandemic. While the formats in which people play bingo have changed, now that online bingo has entered the gaming space, its popularity is clear. The London Economic reported that 8% of the UK play bingo in some way – and on top of this, 10% of all women in the UK and 5% of all men are consistent bingo players.

Bingo is a game that generates a unique sense of community. This is often emphasised with the integration of fun bingo themes that keep the game interesting for players. So, what are the most popular bingo themes? Here’s what you need to know.

Classic Bingo Themes 

Classic bingo is something many players find nostalgic. It’s a timeless game loved across generations. Common phrases you might recognise include the following:

  • ‘Legs eleven 11’
  • ‘Two little ducks 22’
  • ‘Garden gate 8’
  • ‘Unlucky for some 13’
  • ‘Dancing Queen 17’
  • ‘Life begins 40’
  • ‘Tickety-boo 62’
  • ‘Bang on the drum 71’
  • ‘Top of the shop 90’

The familiarity and humour embedded into classic themes can create a comforting atmosphere for bingo enthusiasts. The use of exclusive terms like these makes players feel as though they’re part of the club.

Modern and Unique Bingo Themes 

Today, bingo has evolved beyond the classic bingo halls we know and love. Players can enjoy the game on the go with online bingo, which can be played from a phone, tablet or desktop. Some bingo providers offer unique games like deal or no deal bingo, ensuring players are entertained.

Today’s bingo offers contemporary twists. Unusual themes, impressive prizes and spin-off games mean that a wider audience tends to be attracted to the game these days. Pop culture is often integrated into the game too, with terms pointing to TV shows, movies and technology often entering the bingo lingo.

Seasonal and Holiday-Inspired Bingo Themes 

Once a new season or holiday rolls around, it opens up new avenues for creative and fun bingo games. Games tend to follow a similar pattern to classic games; however, the prizes might be bigger and better than ever and there will likely be tweaks to how the games are rolled out. 

There may even be new holiday-related terms to keep things entertaining, as well as picture bingo rounds or new themed games with jazzy designs if playing online. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, keep an eye out for unique bingo events that offer something a little different from the norm.

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