20 Most Popular Short Hairstyles For Women


Updated: March 12, 2022

We all want change of hairstyle every few months. If you have decide to go for a hair change over, then take the help of a professional hairdresser rather than cutting your hair on your own. Hairstyle change ideas are usually inspired from the celebrities who pull off new hairstyle with style. The short hairstyle is a big change and everyone wants to try them out. There are a few risks involved in a short hairstyle, it may not suit everyone. Short hair style if gone wrong will take some time for the hair to grow long, so before you decide to cut your hair short, get a good idea about whether it will suit your face and personality with these popular short hairstyles for women.

Kylie Jenner

Check out these following celebrities who have definitely nailed the short hairstyles. Kylie Jenner has made some dramatic changes regularly, but this time we are only talking about her super cool hairstyle. Kylie is also into wigs, so we are not sure, how long this phase will last. This celebrity short hairstyle has enhanced her features very well. Since Kylie has a beautiful face, the short haircut has made her nose, eyes and lips more visible. The blue color hair looks super cool on her, but some may argue.

Margot Robbie Short Hairstyles For Women

Margot Robbie had successfully pulled off the red and brown hair before, but she looks gorgeous in the blonde hair. When she had brunette hair, she was carrying long wavy locks, but she looks beautiful in the short blonde hair. The short haircut with red lipstick makes her look smart and sexy.

Kristen Stewart has also experimented with various hairstyles. When she was Bella Swan, she had long, wavy and messy hair. The famous Twilight actress was supposed to be waiting for the right moment to cut her hair short. The short and choppy hair cut looks like has been invented for her. The advantage of this hairstyle is that she can style it however she wants.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is blessed with good hair. She looked great in long hair, but the short hair looks equally good on her. Maybe her friend Taylor Swift may be the inspiring factor in her life. The short hair looks healthy and fresh on Ellie Goulding without those extensions.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been recently seen with a brand new bob haircut. Previously this actress was sporting a blonde hair, but with summer arriving, she has obviously decided to change her style. Jessica shared this information about her new bob cut on her instagram account.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian surprised her fans when she cut her long and shiny tresses short. Her long hair was one of her trademarks, but her short hair cut also didn’t disappoint. This dramatic hair style change made us realize that Kim can pull of different hairstyles with élan. The hair color and style really looks cool on Kim Kardashian.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone looks younger in a short hair style. Emma has experimented with various hair colors and she looks great in all of them. She sported blonde to red, and Ombre colors to chic red crop. She shocked everyone when she arrived at the Venice Film Festival in her brand new bob hair cut. This is one of the best haircuts of this young celebrity for sure.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco definitely surprised her fans in 2014, when she cut her hair short. The new cool pixie hair cut got the whole world talking about it. Of course, a lot of her fans didn’t like this change, but she cut her hair twice in that year. Kaley had recently revealed that she intends to grow her hair again and keep it till her chin.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one such celebrity who has gone through various hair transformations. At the start of her career she sported lot of curls, but her haircut changed when she got popular. Taylor explained that she was planning this change for a long time.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal has changed her hairstyle a lot of times before she decided to cut it very short this time. Maggie Gyllenhaal celebrity short hairstyle is now into a scruffy pixie cut and this time she colored it blonde. It may sound weird, but if you notice it, the short hairstyle suits her to the tee. This celebrity short hairstyle was initially cut into a bowl cut for a movie, she then asked her stylist to cut it short, which turned out to be too short. Even though this may sound dramatic, Maggie Gyllenhaal new haircut has worked for her.

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne celebrity short hairstyle is a sleek bob with few long and soft layers around the front. The charming and beautiful looking Rose Byrne had long brown hair before she cut it short. This type of hair is great for styling. It is perfect for straight style and longer waves. Rose also has a peek-a-boo fringe that makes her look attractive. This celebrity short hairstyle definitely looks romantic.

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig likes to experiment with a lot of different hairstyles. She is natural brunette, but she has used different colors to dye her hair in the past. This celebrity short hairstyle is blonde and cut into pixie style. Fortunately, this new hairstyle looks really great for her face.

Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect example of celebrity short hairstyles that has transformed from the long hair to short in Hollywood. At the start of her career, Jennifer Lawrence had long and blonde hair and I must say we all were great fans of her look. Later, she decided to experiment with her hair and eventually cut it into shorter clavicut. Then, JLaw cut it into side swept pixie cut, which we all love for sure. She looks absolutely pretty in this short hair style.

Gorgeous looking Shailene Woodley has great natural hair. This means, she can experiment a lot with different hairstyles and still look good. She knows this and has experimented with her hair a lot in the past. The last time she cut her hair into pixie style was for Divergent series. Shailene looks beautiful in the long as well in short hair; she is a very lucky lady.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is one such celebrity that you would not expect to see in a short haircut. Even Pamela was worried about how she would look in a Pixie cut, but she pulled off this short hairstyle without any glitches.

Jamie Alexander

Jamie Alexander is seen here sporting a layered bob that is cut perfectly and suits her angular face. The hair length and style is cut ideally to match the features. If you have straight her, then a flat iron can be used to create waves.

Jessica Chastain

Celebrity short hairstyles like the one sported by Jessica Chastain is one way to keep things interesting if you are going to cut it short. You can curl and tease it and introduce some messy ringlets to make this short hairstyle look absolutely beautiful.

Zoe Saldana  Popular Short Hairstyles

Zoe Saldana has been seen sporting long hair for quite some time, but in this haircut she has bid bye-bye to the signature long hair to adopt the asymmetrical hair cut and a matching red lip color. Zoe Saldana looks absolutely gorgeous in this short wavy haircut.

Diana Agron

Diana Agron, the glee star cut her hair short and simple. The light and feathery bob cut is sweet and easy to care with the right amount of layered texture.

Katy Perry  Popular Short Hairstyles

Pastels color shades looks great on this short hair style by Katy Perry. Pastel shades goes well with short hair cuts instead of the long hair. This celebrity short hairstyle by Katy Perry looks like it has been designed for her.

Celebrities keep changing their hairstyles to suit their character in a movie or series, but you need to be very brave if your want to sport one of these celebrity popular short hairstyles for women. Whatever style you decide to give your hair, make sure it goes well with your personality and style.