Moving To A New House? Here’s How To Make It Stress-free

Having completed all the planning for moving day, it’s impossible not to be excited about your new home. The house itself is a symbol of your new life and a new chapter. However, you first need to deal with the actuarial move to get to this stage, which can be highly stressful, especially for first-time movers. It is, fortunately, possible to reduce the amount of stress involved in the process so you can be excited about the prospect rather than scared of it all. So what are these magical steps that will turn moving house from a terrifying, stress-inducing nightmare into a pleasant and painless task!?

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Get Rid Of All Of Your General Clutter

Apart from the legal aspects of moving house, packing is one thing that keeps you up at night. Therefore the best thing you can do to make packing easier is to reduce the number of items you have to transport in the first place. The best thing is that you have several options at your disposal as to how you can go about it. For example, you could merely dispose of older and worthless items. Before doing this, you should check your local regulations regarding waste. Depending on where you live, you might want to look for skip bin hire in Perth or wherever you are moving from, who can provide a dumpster as well as dispose of the waste accordingly. It is often beneficial to hire a company to deal with this as they will know how to dispose of the trash correctly, which can take a lot of worry off your shoulders. Alternatively, if your items are still in good condition, you could donate them to charity. The added benefit is that most countries allow you to deduct charitable donations from your annual tax bill. Therefore you are not only doing a good thing but saving some money at the same time!

Find A Quality Removal Company

Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially if you have to pack up and ship your belongings. Consequently, many people choose to hire a professional house removal company. House removals can be a stressful undertaking, but the removal company will do all the work for you, so you won’t have to worry about heavy lifting or transporting your personal items. The benefits of hiring an experienced house removals company are numerous. Firstly, they provide packing services for all of your items, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of boxes or packing materials. Secondly, they will take care of any transportation required from Point A to Point B, eliminating any hassles or hold-ups. The idea here is to remove as many things from your to-do list that will result in stress and anxiety. If you find a company that can provide you with a quality service, you will have won half the battle.

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Create A List Of Your Belongings With Photos

Essentially, you should create a full itinerary of your belongings. In addition to helping you keep track of everything, it makes unpacking and putting away most things on the other end of the move far easier. You can take photos using your phone and add them to a spreadsheet that you share with your partner. In this way, you’ll both be able to keep track.

Create A Plan For When You Move In

Most people are concerned with moving out of their homes and often forget about what they should do when they move in. To that end, you should put together a checklist for moving out and one for when you arrive and begin the unpacking process. The quicker and more hassle-free you can make the process, the faster you can start to enjoy your new home. You should include the following on your moving in list:

  • Clean the house before setting up large objects like beds and wardrobes.
  • Which rooms should be used to store the boxes.
  • Which rooms will be a priority for unpacking.
  • When you arrive, what will you do with your children (if you have any)?
  • Where your nearest grocery shop is so that you can buy food.
  • Check if your locks need changing. If they do, then do it as soon as possible.
  • Ensure the utilities are working correctly. If not, you should have a phone number of a tradesperson on hand to get it fixed immediately.
  • Get your internet set up and ready to go.
  • Prepare your kitchen.
  • Get all necessary hygiene products ready in the bathroom.

Although some of these points seem small, it is the detail that creates a sense of calm. For example, you might have everything moved in and the boxes ready to unpack, but it is late at night, you are exhausted, your kids are whining, and everyone is hot and sweaty. Merely having soap and toothpaste read in the bathroom can make a big difference in happiness.

Prepare A Survival Kit

This tip is especially helpful for parents, but anyone can benefit from doing it. Effectively, you will pack a day’s worth of items you need to make your life that much easier. It can include snacks and drinks for your family and other virtual things like your chargers for electronic devices. There Is nothing worse than packing away your charger only to discover your phone runs out of battery halfway through a conversation with the removal company. You should keep everything in a small, easily carryable bag that you have with you at all times. However, you should also refrain from storing valuable items like money or treasured items because things will get lost in the heat of the move.

Keep Valuable Items With You At All Times

If you lose some pillows or cushions in the move, it is annoying but ultimately no big deal. On the other hand, you will never forgive yourself if you lose valuable jewelry or personal heirlooms. Therefore, you must keep any item that you deem valuable on your person at all times. You shouldn’t put them in your survival kit, as mentioned earlier, but in a bag that will stay with you throughout the move.

Moving house is always stressful, no matter what you do. However, if you follow some of the steps outlined in this post, you might come out the other end feeling less stressed and perhaps even joyful that the process is over without a hitch.

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