The Must-Have Plus Size Swimsuits this Summer

Plus size swimsuit

In order for a plus-sized swimsuit to be considered a ‘must-have’, it has to really flatter your figure well, and it has to be aesthetically very appealing. There are plenty of swimwear outlets you can browse through to get some ideas for what you might want to wear this summer, but the best place to start your browsing is at Pizzaz Lingerie, where you’ll find a great assortment of attractive plus-size swimsuits.

All summer swimwear offered on Pizzaz Lingerie comes from recognized style authorities in the swimwear field. You can either purchase a complete ensemble which has been specifically designed to show off your curves, or you can assemble your own outfit using the mix-and-match approach. Either way, you’ll end up with a high-quality garment that you just can’t wait to show off at the beach.

How to Choose Flattering Plus-Size Swimwear

In the past, it was pretty easy to choose your plus-sized swimwear, primarily because there just weren’t many good choices available. When there isn’t much to choose from, selections are pretty simple to make. However, nowadays there are a great many more options being offered by swimsuit manufacturers in response to the growing demand. Now, you can actually do some serious browsing to find one or even several swimsuits, which are flattering for you and which appeal to your eye.

Before you start looking around for your ideal swimsuit, you should start by measuring your bust, hips, and waistline. Even if you knew those measurements from last year, it’s a good idea to re-check, in case you went up or down a size. Online shopping especially calls for precise measurements, and you won’t want to make a purchase based on inaccurate measurements. Next, look back at last year’s swimsuit(s). Were they tight or loose in some areas, and have you added or lost weight in those same areas? 

If you’re shopping in a physical store, you’d be well advised to try on a few suits, just to get the sizing right, and then to see what actually looks good on you in the mirror. There are now some new styles which literally run into the thousands and have been specifically designed for plus-sized women, and which strategically feature your curves. Don’t settle for the plain old mono-color fashions of the past – celebrate your plus size by finding and wearing the most flattering swimwear you can find in your browsing efforts.

What Trends are in This Year?

The days when plus-sized swimsuits were limited to single-colors and swimwear which tried to hide your curves are now in the distant past. New plus-sized designs are intended to accentuate and call attention to your curves, and there are not only a great many colors appearing in these new styles, but the styles themselves have broadened out considerably.

Now you can find plus-size swimsuits which have all kinds of cool embellishments, romantic ruffles, sexy straps, and trendy prints which have been updated from classic favorites to offer a new and contemporary look. You may want to opt for a sultry bikini, a one-piece suit featuring an off-the-shoulder design, or possibly a sporty swimsuit, depending on whatever kind of mood you happen to be in.

This year will be a hallmark year for women seeking plus-size styles, with more styles, colors, and fresh designs being offered. Women requiring plus-sized swimwear may have been largely overlooked in the past, but that will all change in 2020, with more appealing styles and colors than ever before becoming available.

Best Styles This Season

There are two basic approaches you can take to finding the perfect plus-sized swimwear for the upcoming summer season – either buy an all-inclusive ensemble, or mix-and-match your pieces to come up with the ideal swimsuit. Here are some of the best styles being offered this year for each type of swimwear:

  • Full ensemble – The Caribbean or the Mediterranean bikini are both hot trends in swimsuits this year, because they have that exotic look of foreign lands and waters, and the wearer automatically inherits that same sultry, mysterious look. The same is true of the Mediterranean Deep Plunge one-piece suit, which plunges all the way to the waistline, showing off your topside curves amply. If you’re not quite that daring, you may want to opt for the Mapale One-Piece V-Neck suit which doesn’t plunge nearly so deep. On those days when you feel like a healthy animal, you may want to try the Mapale Two-Piece Animal Print Ring Connector, which has a connector securing the two cups, and which is styled as a leopard print.
  • Mix-and-match – When you really want to show off your bust, you might match up the Perfect Fit Molded Cup top with the elegant Mapale South Beach Panty bottom, for an enticing combo that delivers enormous appeal. The Mapale Multi-Purpose Wrap swim top is extremely versatile, and can easily be matched with the Mapale Ruffle Ruche Hipster to achieve a unique and attention-getting ensemble. For days when you really want to be daring, you can match the Mapale Heaven Triangle top with the Sunny Days Thong, to create a dynamite look that will be unforgettable for everyone who sees you on the beach.

Purchase a Swimsuit You Will Love

This is a great time to purchase a plus-sized outfit for your swimwear attire this summer season. There are more brilliant colors, more bold designs, and more appealing styles than ever before for women who wish to wear plus-sized swimwear. You’ll have the option of choosing something which is meant to be a complete suit, or of mixing and matching tops and bottoms which are especially appealing.

Visit the Pizzaz Lingerie website so you can browse through some of the exciting new styles available now, many of which are hot trends for the coming season. You’ll want to look your very best on the beach this year, and you will certainly be able to find some flattering swimwear on our website, so make sure to pay us a visit to get your wardrobe ready for a season of swimming, sunbathing, and hanging outside with friends. 

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