40 Stylish And Natural Taper Haircut For Afro Hair


Updated: March 12, 2022

Cute Natural Taper Haircut

Spring season is around the corner and you will be eager to get rid of some few winter stuffs like the heavy warm clothes and the warm protective hairstyles that you have had all through the winters. You might be itching to try some new hairstyles so that you can let your hair-free. There are numerous stylish and natural taper haircut that are perfect for women who are eager to sport a short hairstyle. A good and suitable hairstyle will give you the confidence and style that is in tune with your lifestyle.

Natural Taper Haircuts

The following is a list of taper haircuts for Natural Hairs that are of different lengths with some very cool hair color ideas. The natural hairstyle looks stylish and fashionable because of the tapering.

Natural Spirals

If you have natural spirals and do not want to undergo any hair processing, then it is best to let it be. Sometimes it is best to be natural than treating your hair with various products and trying to make it look different can spoil the overall look. Instead of working on your hair and spoiling the natural look, take a little bit of molding pomade to work around your hair. Focus on other facial features like using false eyelashes and a highlighter.

Tapered Rainbow Hairstyle

With a bit of good luck and a correct combination of colors you can transform your natural taper haircut into a rainbow hairstyle. Since the hair is short, it would not be ideal to include too many colors on your hair. The rule is to stick to one or two complementary hues like burgundy and caramel.

Side Bangs for Natural Curls

To attain a cute retro look, channel the Late Princess Purple Reign hairdo with a long side bang and a tapered nape. This iconic hairdo looks fresh with an ornate nose ring and the chunky hoops.

Tapered Straw Set

You can work around with their natural hair and texture as long as you know the right set of tools to use. To achieve the real tight and thin curls in the short hair styles, you only need the commonly found item in your house “Straws”. The drinking utensil is used to get this unbelievable look when you finally go for setting the wet hair.

Natural hair with curves

Adding softness to an angular or square face can be difficult if you don’t have loose layers or waves. To mimic the wavy pattern of delicate curls, the easier solution would be to have your hairline cut into a curved shape that will suit your face frame so that you can direct the eye to the fullest part of the cheek.

Short natural burgundy hairstyle

Why waste so much of your hard-earned money on various hairstyle tools like the weaves and hair relaxers, when you can look simply gorgeous with just a twist on your natural hair? Taper haircut on natural hair is not only sexy but easy to care too, which most African women will appreciate. To make the hair more exciting, color your hair with soft burgundy hue.

Make a bright statement

A tapered haircut doesn’t necessarily have to be discreet. Instead, go for some bold and vibrant colors that will convey a statement. It is one of the advantages of having a short hair. It is cost effective and easy to care too. Come out of your comfort zone when you make a trip to the saloon and try out some very funky color hues like cool turquoise, hot pink or bright orange.

Red tipped twist out

If you don’t want to go extreme and also want to sport a taper haircut, you can sport this trendy hairstyle without being too loud. Girls with curly hair look gorgeous with just the tip of their hair colored. To maximize the effect, just cut the hair in short taper to give maximum coil to the curls and then add any temporary or permanent color according to your liking.

Full taper haircut style

Shearing or shaving the sides of the head is not a compulsion in taper haircuts; you can choose not to shear the sides if you wish. A taper haircut can still look like a closely cropped signature hair style without tampering with the curls. Simply tell your hair stylist you would not shear the sides and leave the head as it is without any major modifications.

Natural cut with bangs

Natural cut with bangs

If want to style your hair with a taper hair cut that looks soft, then the best hairstyle would be to try the long bangs and crown section. Allow the curls to occupy the forehead for a nice softer and a feminine twist to the short hair.

Natural hair statement style

Want to go wild? The tiger orange locks with the combination of tapered twa on the natural hair may cause you to fall in love with your hair all over again. The teeny weeny afro style allows the hair to flow naturally and prevents any damage that may be caused due to the daily styling regime. It is so easy to maintain that you just need to wash and go.Thick and straight tapered hair

If your hair is not naturally curly or you prefer to sport the relaxed tresses look, you can still experiment with the tapered natural hairstyle. A good Mohawk haircut with cropped sides and tapered length towards the nape of the neck looks very stylish and beautiful. The top section of the hair needs to be brushed straight backwards and set them up with an all-day holding spray.

Ombre Taper

A short hair cut is often thought to restrict the creativity, but this is not true at all. Ombre hair color is a very popular trend these days. To make the short hair cut look all the more exciting, you can even consider the use of Ombre hair color on your curls like green, red, blue and purple that will work wonders on your hair.

Cropped cut for natural hair

Cropped cut for natural hair

For women who want to cut their hair short, there are numerous hair styles that one can experiment with. Tapered afros hairstyles are stylish and easy to care. Without sacrificing the natural curls you can simply improve the hair style by getting a modern cut that looks absolutely feminine.

Mountain of Curls

The tapered natural hair is a niche and beautiful style statement. It not only conveys to the world that you are stylish, modern, and chic, but also one of a kind. Did you know that no two tapers are the same when you combine them with the natural curls?

Blonde tapered corkscrew curls

Blonde tapered corkscrew curls

If you have tiny and tight natural curls, then it is best to consider this cute hair cut that is simple to maintain and also keeps you fashionable and stylish. Consider coloring your locks in honey blonde to liven up the hair and bring in a lot of excitement.

Tapered hair with colored coils

Want to try out a short tapered haircut without any compromises? Then, it’s time to check out this taper haircut for the corkscrew curls. Upgrade your coils with deep colors like dark purple, burgundy and caramel brown.

Natural descending taper style

A tapered natural haircut can be long or even short according to your wish. Try out the longer fluffy curls on the top of the hair with short twisted coils on the side and on the back. The final hair cut looks girly that descends in both texture and in style.

Faded Sides

Highlight your tapered hair cut with a side fade that beautifully runs on the temples. This hair style is an ultimate in the wash and go styling with a small afro feel on the top and the barely cropped sides.

Natural curls of gold

Afro hair styles need not stick to a fixed or certain pattern, you can experiment a lot with your locks as long as it suits your face. There is no need to stick to the black color. Actually, any color hue looks gorgeous on black hair, providing you with ample options to choose from. To add the luxurious feel to the natural curls, try out these golden hues that have the ability to stand out from the rest.

Taper Haircut color block

If you are one of those who love to look bold and beautiful, try out some of these interesting looks. Instead, of coloring the whole head, select certain areas where you want to add color. You can use bright colors at the nape of your neck, to the side or even in bangs. In case of tapered afro styles there aren’t any set rules that you ought to follow, the choice of color and style absolutely rests on your individual preference.

Loose long curls

Loose long curls

The long hair taper is extremely popular among woman and men. It gives you a lot of hair to work around and experiment with. It gives a lot of hair to curl and set in any position that you are comfortable in. Large curls look great if they are set free of sticky and crispy styling products.

Teeny tiny ringlets

If you want to try out the afro with taper style, experiment with an accent color and the teeny tiny ringlets that are easy to care and fun to wear. This hairstyle is great for people with natural tight curls; if not then, you can get them done at a saloon easily.

Natural Wave

A wavy afro taper hair style looks absolutely gorgeous even though it may look a bit subdued. Like always with a lot of taper haircuts this style certainly looks professional and smart.

Taper Curly Bob

The best part of this particular haircut is that you can easily carry them from an office to the party with a lot of élan.

Leaving it long and natural

Leaving it long and natural

Your natural hair style is the best to sport for any occasion with just a little bit of help. Allow your tresses to grow on its own in its natural direction and texture. Once the hair reaches the required length, taper the sides and the back to make it look all the more chic. Simply add in some hues and you have a breezy and laid back natural hairstyle.

Tapered twist out

Twist outs are an ultimate hair style for the natural hair. You just have to wash the hair, condition and twist your tresses in sections, allowing them to dry all night. For short curls, twirl some hair with your pointer finger to create instant coils.

Red hot natural hair

Like some fun? Take the natural tapered hair to a higher level by using some fun colors. Red color is just perfect to brighten up your face with a lipstick that is of the same color. Make sure you wear a neutral outfit to even out the overall appearance.

Tapered shaved designs

Shaved designs for black hairstyles are extremely popular among men and they have been getting these unique haircuts for decades. This trend has gotten up with women too. The tapered shaved designs for women have a lot of feminine flair like the petals in the hair style.

Soft Tapered Ombre

Soft Tapered Ombre

You do not have to sacrifice the length just because you have a natural tapered haircut. By getting a small section shaved and the rest allowing it to grow chin length or even longer, you can work around with various different styles. Blow dry and make a partition in the middle for a bob. Fun lovers can even pull it up for a flirty fun look.

Tapered Shapeup

Tapered Shapeup

Tapered shapeup is for people with a round face, who want to wear their hair in short afro style. This is the right hairstyle for them. Often, this hairstyle is referred to as shape-up hairstyle; by shaving a small tapered edge around the hairline adds sharpness and structure to the curvy cheeks.

Golden natural curls

A natural curl actually looks good without the use of the heavy hairstyling products. To make your curls look more prominent, you can get soft highlights done by a stylist. The soft hues give your hair a good shape and dimension.

Wide tapered Mohawk

Whatever hairstyle you may decide to do, always make sure the haircut suits the shape of your face. This is especially true for the taper haircut. If you have a round or wide face, a narrow Mohawk hairstyle will make your overall facial appearance fuller. To compensate this aspect, you can increase the width of your hairdo that matches the high points of your cheekbones.

Tapered Flat top

If you have short, thick and coarse hair, then it becomes difficult to highlight your curls. To make the haircut more prominent you can create an Ombre effect by coloring only the crown of the cut, instead of just coloring the fine sections throughout. A few shaved lines on the sides also increase the visual appeal.

Pixie cut for natural hair

Some hair styling tools are a real boon for the African hair and one of this is the Flexi-rod. With a flexi-rod you can create sleek spirals without using heat, which can damage your hair in the long run. The easiest thing to do is to just wrap the hair at night and wake up the next day with nice bouncy curls.

Bold Bordeaux tapered style

It can be pretty difficult to find the right color combination that can stand out on the short tapered natural hair without compromising on the sophistication. Mixing brown with red creates deep wine hue that is rich and vibrant.

Extra short tapered cut

Mature women tend to be busy or have less time to maintain long hair, which is understandable. Some women don’t have the desire to spend time on caring their tresses, but still want to look stylish. A tapered haircut is perfect for such ladies as there is less time spent on caring the hair. Just a nice shade of lipstick is what is required for the day to begin.

Short and sweet natural hair

A good haircut should always enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Soft cropped curls and slick baby hair are just a perfect combination for those beautiful eyes and thick eyebrows. Moreover, this hairstyle is easy to maintain and there is no major care required. Just wash and you are ready to hit the streets.

Tapered cut for glasses

Tapered hairdos have long hair on the crown and shorter tresses on the back and the sides. You can even decide to sport a look that is slightly spiked in the front with an even hair length around.

Golden brown tapered cut

The natural tapered hair can be easily transformed by simply adding an etched line, making the overall design look contemporary and stylish. Whenever you get tired of this style, you just have to let your hair grow out for an altogether new look.

Edgy tapered two-tone cut

Edgy tapered two-tone cut

The more the hair in the tapered hairstyles for natural hair, the better it looks. Design a haircut that gels well with your personality. Bright blonde hues and a stylish new design is all that is required to set your tapered haircut stand out from the rest.

Edgy tapered two-tone cut

The taper haircut are a versatile style that is suitable for curls and afros and blonde to Bordeaux. The taper haircuts is just perfect for any natural hairstyle. There is an endless list of possibilities with a taper haircut. You can go for simple, classic, bold, short, long and even intricate without worrying much about how it will look. Whatever may be the style, make sure it matches your personality. A positive personality can easily carry off any haircut with élan.

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