49 Cool New Hairstyles For Men


Men’s hairstyles have not been so trendy with various styling techniques and tools, the hair styling industry has been going through a very exciting and interesting phase. The new cool haircut styles are some of the very popular trends that we are seeing from the best hair stylists around the world.

These new hairstyles for men that you will be seeing are the ones you will see during the holiday and party season and even beyond the New Year. The New Year has just begun and the trendy New men hairstyles are a good combination of long hair hairstyles with wild texturized hair, short sides with high fades, low fades, bald fades, with and without partition and short hair styles. The Pompadour is the most popular new male haircuts this year.

Now we are seeing various trendy versions of the Pomp style that are looser, longer and even blow dried to give hairstyles with long hair some movement. The following cool hairstyles for guys are brand new, while some of the men’s hairstyles undercut are so popular that they still feature in our list of trendy new haircuts for men..High Fade Pompadour Hairstyle

Originally invented for women, the pompadour hairstyle was popularized for men, by Elvis Presley. Since Elvis, this hairstyle has become the torch bearer of men’s trendy hairstyles for years. The fade haircut has been catered to men with short hair, but of late men’s hairstyle have combined the high fade pompadour hairstyle with long or medium length hair on top.

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Longer Cool Hairstyles for Men

The longer hairstyles look nice on men with thick long hair. The longer men’s hairstyle was in style in the past year, but the popularity of this hairstyle seems to have crossed over to this year as well. According to stylists, this hairstyle is still very trendy and admired among the youth.

High Fade with Long Hair on Top

The high fade hairstyle is suitable for guys who want and trendy hair cut without much styling. This good hair cut is for men with thick wavy or curly hair. The long hair on top is grown out long to provide some movement.

Medium length Skin Fade with Beard

This is surely a low maintenance haircut that is ideal for the summers. The skin fade look is clean and stylish. You can decide whether to go for longer hair on top and play with the textures. This medium length hairstyle for men is quite a craze with or without a beard. The beard here offers a lot of charm and class.

Bald Fade Medium Hair Pomp

Men’s hairstyle undercut here, is nicely slicked back with a bald drop fade. To add some extra volume upfront, use a blow dryer. The slicked back hair gives a very polished look and the undercut allows you to experiment with the hair on top.

Short Sides Longer Hair with Texture on Top

Textured hairstyles are very popular from last year itself and this trend has carried forward to the New Year as well. This is a messy hairstyle with spikes and a quiff. This new hairstyle for men is edgy and fun. You need some good styling products to hold the hair up.

Fine Hard Part and High Fade

If you want to look like a happening guy, then this hard partition and high fade is a slick and cool style. This is a classic haircut that looks just perfect for men of all ages. The short and trimmed buzz at the sides adds to the overall look, making you look smart.Bald Fade/High Fade Pompadour

The unique quality of this hairstyle is the high bald fade and the long hair on top. The thick and wavy hair here has been nicely styled with a styling product into a pompadour. For men with good sense of style, this hairstyle will never let you down.High Fade with Long Wavy Hairstyle for Men

The undercut is a great style that goes with short as well as the long hair. Here, the undercut looks perfect with a long wavy hair and the length of the hair on top is balanced with the nice and full beard.

High Low Fade with Medium Pompadour

The skin fade haircut is very popular, so if you want to put a stamp of individuality to your haircut, then you have to try out something new and that sets you apart from the rest. The double partitions separate a step from the mid fade and the pompadour hairstyle on top. This new hairstyle for men looks great for people with medium length hair.

Medium Length Textured Haircut with Short Sides

This is one of the most popular short haircuts for men. The spiky and textured shortcut is edgy and fun. A good styling gel can be used to get height and spread the top of the hair evenly.

Medium Slicked Pomp High Fade

This is a high fade haircut with a sharp and step comb over pompadour hairstyle. This hair cut works perfectly for thick hair men and to achieve this look you need to keep your hair slightly wet. Strong hold wet pomade will darken and give that extra shine to your hair. The pompadour can be sculpted by using a comb.

Disconnected High Fade with Long Hair Blown Dry

This is another type of pompadour hairstyle. To create this pomp look, use light hold pomade and work it into the wet hair. Use a blow drier and a brush or your hand to move the longer hair on the top backwards and to one side.

High Fade with Longer Hair Blown Dry on Top

This is a very stylish hairstyle for men. The fade is so crisp that it blends perfectly into the thick long hair on the top of the head. The well trimmed and cool beard adds a perfect balance to the haircut.

High Fade with Cool Long Pomp Quiff

A very youthful haircut, this haircut looks a bit wild. A very high blade fade is a nice combination to the long hair pompadour with a stylish looking quiff.

High Fade with Long Separated Hair on Top

High Fade with Long Separated Hair on Top
Source: menshairstyletrends

This hairstyle is best for long hair men. The high fade and the long hair on top are in sharp contrast in this hairstyle. Hair is neatly set backwards in sections with matte pomade.

Cool Faded Mohawk

Accent an Afro Mohawk with cool fades that highlights the curls on the top. This is a very cool and youthful cut that increases the overall vibe look without any distraction. Mohawks are always in trend that can be created with short, long and even curly hair.

High Skin Fade and Longer Hair on top

This new men’s hairstyle has many different patterns for the long hair types this year. This is a very stylish looking and disconnected men’s hairstyle with high bald fade and a thick and long wavy hair on top. The hair can be set with a styling product and set to shape with your fingers itself.

Bald Fade Hard Part and Disconnected Beard

Hard part is the common demand by men in most saloons this year and even last year. This haircut works really well on thick black or thick brown hair. The bald fade hard part along with the disconnected beard makes you look smart and cool. The puff at the top of the head completes the overall look.

Balded Fade and Long Loose Hair

Balded Fade and Long Loose Hair
Source: menshairstyletrends

The Balded fade and the long loose hair is a great combination that works on medium sized hair. The longer hair at the top is styled wild and is contrasting to the high skin fade. The beard combination works well here.

High Fade with Long Hair Slicked Back (Blown) Dry

This is great for long hair men with nice volume on top to work around. The high fade with the long volume hair nicely slicked back with a light or medium hold pomade is awesome. To add movement and volume to the hair blow dry it before you apply any hair styling product.

Skull Fade with Loads of Texture Through the Top

Skull Fade with Loads of Texture Through the Top
Source: menshairstyletrends

This is an interesting shorthair cut for men who want minimum hair maintenance and styling routine. The textured hair here can be easily styled with various looks. You need to only blow dry or towel dry your hair and then apply a small quantity of medium hold matte pomade into the hair just using your fingers. You are ready to move or shape your hair in any desired direction of your choice.

High Balded Fade Undercut with Disconnected Beard

This is a cool slicked back undercut hairstyle with a disconnected beard. Suitable for long hair men, you can achieve the slicked back hair by using strong hold wet pomade. Apply the pomade onto the wet hair with your fingers and use a comb to style. The combination with the disconnected beard is just perfect.

Tight Skin Fade with Longer Separated Pompadour

There is no need to choose one particular cut or length, when you can combine everything into one. The tight skin fade along with the pompadour looks very smart and cool. This style is suitable for medium to long hair men. This pompadour hairstyle works when the wavy hair is separated and set with pomade.Low Skin Fade Pompadour Men’s Hairstyle

Pompadours never go out of style. This hairstyle looks absolutely fabulous if you have thick long hair. The drop skin fade in this style gives a nice contrast between the sides and back with the long hair on top that can be set with a good styling product.

Longer Natural Hair Slick Pomp

Slicked back look makes you look polished. It gives you a very neat appearance. This cool slicked back look can be achieved by styling with a brush or comb after you blow dry your hair for that extra volume.

High Bald Fade with Medium Hair

While the top of this haircut is technically short, you can choose the length of your choice. The medium length hair on top and the undercut here along with the tattoos shows a nice edgy look. The high bald fade is perfect to show off the tattoo.

Medium Length Pomp

Pomp is a lot more than a vintage cut. This is a classic new hairstyle for men. A simple and slicked pompadour with medium length hair works wonders. This haircut is best for a man who knows his style.

High Fade Medium Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyle never goes wrong, if you know how to wear it in style. The Pompadour can be worn on formal as well as for casual occasions with style and the high fade medium pompadour achieves that. The longer fringe here is nicely slicked back.

High Fade Loose Pompadour

It’s hard not to like the different cool angles of this cut and how it gains length at the top. This is a stylish and disconnected pompadour haircut for men. The beard offers a lot of class and charm.

Short Sides Long Natural Looking Hair on Top

These short sides’ hairstyles have been popular, but its popularity has not decreased making it one of the most accepted new men’s hairstyle. The long hair trend is catching up and more and more men are looking forward to grow their hair long.

Disconnected High Fade Long Hair on Top

The fade haircut here is a nice example of a hard part pompadour hairstyle for men. The top long hair can be styled with pomade and slicked back with your fingers. This is a very low maintenance new hairstyle for men.

Medium Length New Hairstyle For Men

Medium length men’s hairstyle looks great at all times. This hairstyle shows off an all natural look with hair length maintained at all sides. This is a low maintenance style that can be set to suit according to the occasion.

Low Bald Fade Quiff Haircut

The quiff hairstyle has been one of the popular haircuts of the year. The low bald fade cut, along with a nice long quiff makes you look stylish and cool. A good hairstyle for the youngsters.

Cool Choppy Spiky Quiff

The quiff has been in trend since the 1950s and the quiff hairstyle suits men of all age groups. The choppy spiky quiffs were a trend, but still it is popular among the youth. The Ombre color gives the cut a contemporary look.

Textured Crop

For men with short hair, the textured haircut works great. There is a lot about this textured crop and this hairstyle is going strong even in this year. This is an in-style choice even now and the short spiky look will be seen this year too.

Bald Fade Undercut with Wild Long Hair

This haircut is always in trend and the volume of hair on top sets this short haircut apart from the others. The bald fade at the sides gives more height to the top hair. The hair here looks very nice with an undercut. The long and wavy locks on top is nicely set backwards with a styling product.

Long Texturized cut for Men

This new hairstyle for men is best suited for men with longhair. The coat on top is super long with a nice textured fringe. The thick long hair on top allows plenty of movement. Use a matt gel to set the top hair and give that texturized look.

Bald Fade Medium Length Pompadour

The high fade with a hard partition along with a medium length pompadour is just perfect for any occasion. This new hairstyle for men was one of the most fashionable trends. The reason being most men are preferring the long hair and more natural look.

High Fade Crop

This is a perfect texturized crop haircut with a medium length hair that looks great for both young boys as well as for men. This hairstyle is suitable for casual occasions and is easy to maintain too.

High Top/Flat Top

If you have thick hair and want to try out something cool and funny, then this hairstyle is the one for you. The High top hair cut is best suited for youngsters. The small size trim at the side allows a lot of prominence for the hair on top of the head.

High Fade with Separated Choppy Hair on Top

Messy fade hairstyles are for those men who want to chill and prefer low-maintenance hairstyles that still look cool. For this hairstyle you need long hair to achieve that texturized choppy look. The hair on the top is nicely separated to create sections that can be set with pomade.

High Fade Texturized Hair

The messy kinds of hairstyles along with high fade are very popular hairstyles nowadays. These are popular because of low maintenance as you can allow your hair to behave on its own by just running your finger through your hair to attain that texturized look. Medium hold pomade will work wonders here.

High Fade with Big Pomp with Movement

High Fade with Big Pomp with Movement
Source: menshairstyletrends

If you have natural long hair, then this pompadour hairstyle is just ideal. This is a big pompadour. The top hair especially at the front is left medium to long length and styled up and backwards. A great vintage style.

Hard Part Bald Fade with Spiky Texturized Hair

This is a short hairstyle that looks pretty cool and chic. The small beard adds a lot of class. The hair on the top is separated with a side hard partition and combed slightly upwards. Use hard pomade on the wet hair to achieve this style.

High Fade with Long Hair Blown Dry for Movement

Most suitable for long hair men, this new hairstyle for men has a nice high fade that blends with the long hair on top and the long fringe in the front. Style it with your fingers for movement and you are set for the day.

Hi-Lo Fade Pomp

This is a cool haircut with medium length hair on top. The cool high fade with a mini hard partition and a small cut on the side makes this haircut ultra cool and stylish.Hi Fade with Curly Hair Men’s Haircut

This haircut is best suited for men with curly hair. The perfect skin fades and the long fringe looks super cool. The waves in this cut can be texturized to suit the occasion.

High Fade Texturized Pomp Quiff

There are many different ways to style a quiff and it depends a lot on the type of hair texture and finish you have. The high fade combination with the texturized quiff was popular., but the popularity has carried forward to the year as well.

Some of the new cool haircuts for men featured above are trendy and extremely popular among men. Some of the men’s hairstyles are so trendy that they are still followed in the year. The undercut is quite a trend these days and with the combination of various hairstyles it has become one of the most sought after haircuts. Now that you have an idea of the most popular new hairstyles for Guys choose the right hair cut that is best suitable for you according to the length and texture of your hair.

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