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12 Non Working Fireplace Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

Non-Working Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Non working fireplaces can be an eyesore in any home. If you have a Non working fireplace, here are some ideas to make it into a beautiful feature in your home. You could use it as a bookshelf and fill it with your favorite novels or family photo albums.

Another idea is to turn it into amini bar by stocking it with glassware and your favorite liquors. You could also use it as a display case for art pieces or heirlooms. Whatever you decide to do with your Non working fireplace, make sure it reflects your personal style and taste. With a little bit of creativity, you can transform your Non working fireplace into a stunning focal point in your home.

If you have a non working fireplace that is not in use, then it is a good opportunity to decorate this place and transform the defunct hearth into a feature in your home that can be admired and around which family and friends can spend their holiday season. The non-working fireplace can be turned into a glamorous corner for reading your favorite books or allow the textural details to take center stage. A non-working fireplace can spark several design and creative ideas.

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1. Use the space for showcasing a treasured memento

A non-working fireplace Decor as a showcase

A non-working fireplace can be made to look beautiful and artistic by filling it with some exceptionally beautiful objects. If you love to have some greenery inside the room, then you can consider some lush green plants like fern or flowering plants or as in this image it is beautiful collection of corals. To make it attractive paint the place with a contrasting interior paint color and your non-working fireplace is ready to rock.

2. Display your love for books

book display non-working fireplace

Love books and want to store them nicely in your living room, then the non-working fireplace can be converted to accommodate your literary friends. Books can be stored in this place as a tiny home library if you have shortage of space to store your ever growing collection of books and have real space constraints. You can decorate the fireplace to make it look aesthetically beautiful for your books by adding glass inside the hearth and fill the fireplace with special and large folios.

3. Stack Firewood Non-Fireplace Idea

Yes, you will be surprised by this idea, but the stack of firewood is a nice classic route to take. The pile of wood in the non-working fireplace will give your home a rustic and homely feel. A contrasting setting to the lives we all lead away from nature. Make sure that other décor in the room goes well with this idea.

4. Accessorize in Style

Non-working firplace
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Even if you are not using your fireplace for what it is intended to be, then turn this non-working fireplace into a nice place for adding a few accessories like an ornate grate, a brass tool set, andirons, a brass tool set, stacked logs like in the previous picture and beautiful looking birch branches. Decorate your non-working fireplace into a grand place, as if it is the most important area of your house.

5. Framed Non Woking Fireplace the place like an artwork

To turn the attention of people towards the non-working fireplace, include some metal like stainless steel used for the mantel here. The use of metal made this place the main focus point in the room. Here, in this house, the fireplace is painted in matte black and the textured detail shone creates a glamorous effect in the room. It looks like a piece of art at an art gallery.

6. Stove Filler

Stove Filler

Just because your non-working fireplace does not hold fire for whatever reason, it doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Find a small wood stove that will fit easily into this place and enjoy the coziness and warmth in your living room.

7. Create Mock Fire

Mock Fire Non-working fireplace

Do you still miss the charm and warmth of the flickering fire? If yes, then add-in some twinkling lights inside your non-working fireplace to get a romantic glow without any fire. Add a curtain in the front to create this effect. The whole fireplace area will turn into a cozy corner where you can sit and enjoy your evenings with your friends and family over a nice movie.

8. Light Candles

Non-Working decorating with Light Candles

Just because your fireplace is not working, it doesn’t mean the place should stay dark and empty. Place some perfumed candles in the space and see how the place glows up. Include different size candles for maximum effect.

9. Create a Makeshift Bar Non Working Fireplace

A non-working fireplace can be converted into a makeshift home bar. Hang up a wine rack and place a cocktail shaker, few tumblers and various others bar accessory on the mantel to create a bar like feel.

10. Display your wares

A display non-working fireplace

A piece or art, shell, large sculpture or a bust can create a stylish flare to your dark and non-working fireplace. Any piece of art or treasure you have collected from your travels abroad can be placed inside the hearth. The place can be looked upon as a cabinet place that just happens to be on the floor. A large trophy full of flowers, copper pots or a large planter, pine cones, and an over-sized bowl of ornaments are all possible candidates that can be displayed in your hearth.

11. Add in Flowers /Plants

A fresh and smelling home always makes everything beautiful and refreshing. A fresh flower decorated home is always welcoming and provides a lot of positivity. Place a large vase of flowers to enhance the fireplace area. The flowers not only add a nice perfume, but also add color and vibrancy to the room. You can keep changing the flowers according to the season. During the holiday season, replace fresh flowers with branches of pine or holly.

12. Fireplace Storage Space

A non-working fireplace as a storage

Are you falling short of storage space, if so, and then you can convert your non-working fireplace into a nice storage space by adding a few shelves. Add in printed wallpaper in the background for fun and a new design element. This idea is great for an apartment or small spaces where storage space is a major concern.

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