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30 Short Hairstyles For Older Women That Are Definitely Always In Trends

When you want to use short hairstyles meant for older women to look younger and more stunning, there are surely more than a few options you can choose from. The challenge is that most of them are implied to be for young women. Nevertheless, you don’t have to look at it from that point of view. The spirit of feeling young is what matters as age happens to be nothing but a number. You have seen 30 year-olds looking and feeling 60+ and old women looking and feeling quite young. Let the following short hairstyles for older women inspire your inner young spirit.

For women, they review their hairstyles and fashion style as they become older which is quite normal, since it will be quite boring, unstylish and ancient to look the same through several decades. Age never prevents a woman from being a woman. However, as they become older, they pursue more comfort, and short hair is a great foundation for low-maintenance and stylish hairstyles that are not labeled as ‘old-women’s-dos. Age has little to do with hairstyles. If you love a cut you saw on a 30 year-old, go for it as it will certainly work for you. Who said you must be a youth to wear great short hair?

1.Lovely waves

30 Short Hairstyles

It’s an absolutely gorgeous, soft-textured short hairstyle. For a flattering shape, longer pieces fall exactly at your jawline from around the face. It’s styled by brushing strands out, using an iron on long strands for short waves, breaking curls with fingers and spraying to hold. This style suits square and round shaped faces having curly or wavy hair. Inform your stylist if you desire daily part line changes so she cuts for versatility.

2.Full fringe effect

30 Short Hairstyles

There are layers upon layers in this dense pixie. Swooping lines and a soft finish are used to keep the look polished, but a spiky texture also keeps the top fresh. Entire hair is pushed forward with dry strands blown along to style. The ends are then flicked out with a flat iron for swooping shapes before shining and defining with hair cream. It works well for rectangular or oval shaped faces with truly thick hair.

3.Two toned short hairstyle

30 Short Hairstyles

This pixie which is brightly colored has hair cropped short about the neck and ears, but elongates around the face and crown, is both fun and daring. It gets more character and personality with some short sprouts around your part line. It’s styled by using a blow dryer to finger dry and organize hair in desired direction while pushing bangs over the side and to the front. Best for round shaped faces having straight hair type.

4.Romantic waves

30 Short Hairstyles

‘The Bob’ (long bobs) is still trending. It’s a great flattering mid-length choice with a lot of versatility for everybody. The bob is tousle-textured and softly curled for extra romance. Begin by slightly parting dry clean hair to a side, then use larger-sized iron to grab and coil hair sections before spraying fully using your medium hold spray. Works for all face shape types and all hair thickness. It adds extra thickness to your looks.

5.Double knot

30 Short Hairstyles

It’s quite a chic and creative playful ‘updo’. Who says all fun lies in long hairstyles? A cleanly swept back curt a-line bob with two knots and twists on each side. It rocks on heart, round and square shaped faces with naturally textured straight hair. Ensure hair is sprayed prior to styling as well as after styling to pile it on.

6.Well rounded pixie

30 Short Hairstyles

This pixie with soft texture and sweeping bangs has lots of pizzazz and personality. It’s a pixie that surely offers class. Countless layers provide nice volume quantity without appearing too outrageous. Best pixie and oval shaped faces with straight or vaguely curly hair which are easily styled to give this look. For a faster blowout, lasting hold and extra shape use a round brush that’s ceramic vented.

7.Waterfall pixie

30 Short Hairstyles

The cascading pixie offers a fresh and new appearance. The fun style has smooth texture and asymmetry blending together for it. Create the waterfall outcome by blowing smooth dry hair strands and pushing your entire hair forward, then, detail bangs using a flat iron. Best for heart and oval shaped faces having slightly wavy and straight hair. Ensure that your hair is dry before using hot irons on them.

8.Modern Gatsby

30 Short Hairstyles

This 1920s hairstyle fresh take is fully wearable and ultra chic. Jaw-chiseling, swooping bob is blended with baby bangs to create the fresh look. Avoid all puffiness or volume by blowing dry hair strands down straight. The style works best for round shaped faces with vaguely wavy or straight hair. If you are greatly ambitious, you can put on great character by using this same haircut to try on the finger wave.

9.Tomboy chic

30 Short Hairstyles

This extremely short pixie has excellently cut out bangs as its best highlight. The vaguely masculine cut gets its feel of girliness and softness from the sculpted, longer bangs. Every face shape with hair that’s not too curly and not too straight can successfully execute this appearance. Ask for an instant styling lesson from your stylist while in the saloon if, you are unsure of the quantity of product to use.

10.The short and long of it

30 Short Hairstyles

If your mind is unmade whether to chop it off or keep a long bob, this asymmetrical, edgy style offers you a taste of both sides. The look is framed out with help from a front-facing fringe and a deep side part. The double-edged short hairstyle works best for square, heart and round shaped faces with straight hair. It gives you healthier, shinier and much better looking hair.

11.Gatsby glam

older women short hairstyles

This perfect mix of soft curls and swirls is a truly seductive short hairstyle. Its elegant shape surely offers a fancy worthwhile night out. Square and round shaped faces get truly supplemented by the soft style. This hot rollers look is perfect for thick or medium volume, vaguely curly or wavy hair. Plan your preparation. While waiting for the cooling of the hot rollers, you can dress or wear your makeup.

12.Sexy pixie

30 Short Hairstyles

This pixie is sassy and styled straight up and curly. For lots of attitude and a no fuss, no muss appearance, hair is actually trimmed short around your ears and on the sides of the head. Quite ideal and work for heart and round shaped faces with curly, thick hair strands. Styling this appearance sometimes causes product buildup. You can break it down by using a quality refining shampoo once weekly.

13.Tapered beauty

30 Short Hairstyles

This slimming style which has it ends tapered comes with a lot of volume at the top. The fringe which is textured in a fun way is quite flattering too. The forward-facing bangs do well in balancing out oval shaped faces. The style works best for vaguely wavy and naturally straight hairs in medium to thin volume. For mature women that desire covering forehead wrinkles, bangs are among the foremost means of doing that.

14.Classic cut

30 Short Hairstyles

This is an ageless style which comes with tapered hair layers and chin-length bob. It is quite flattering for most matured ladies. The appearance is kept modern by the beveled ends and the side part. It’s great for round and heart shaped faces due to wavy hair falling right at chin lines. Thick and thin volume, wavy or straight hair all matches the style naturally. Ceramic irons give strands deserved love.

15.Layered bob short hairstyle

30 Short Hairstyles

This style is given a feathered and soft texture in appearance by the numerous layers cut right into the tapered bob. The hairstyle has square, heart and round shaped faces as excellent candidates. Medium to thin volume on the wavy or strong side are naturally ideal for the style. The cut will also appear gorgeous if you tuck hair behind you ear too. With the style, you must be adored.

16.Classic bob

30 Short Hairstyles

This bob is chin-length, comes with least layers and is cut really bluntly. It is spiced up to give you the gorgeous look with bangs and a deep side part. It’s best for heart and round shaped faces. With an extra oval shaped and longer face, you should include some bangs. Thick to medium volume naturally straight hair is best. If need be, get a flat iron out. Bangs really hide forehead wrinkles.

17.Full fringe

30 Short Hairstyles

With lots of textured bangs and layers, this short cut ends in a style of high volume which comes with tons of body and interest. Use you favorite volume boosting product then use fingers and a dryer to take out most of hair moisture. After, use a round brush of medium size to brush for extra body and for directing hair in preferred direction. It fits round faces with thick or medium volume hair well.

18.Stacked bob

30 Short Hairstyles

As hair is held off your neck and kept up, this cute short hairstyle feels quite cool and nice. Stacked, short layers are softly blended into chin length, sleek strands out on the front side of the face. With the sides kept slender and sleek, a bob makes round faces appear especially great. Thick or medium volume hair a bit straighter works best. You should keep all hair appointments up as short hair loses shape fast.

19.Layered bob

30 Short Hairstyles

This style with sassy, sweet layers all through comes with its length cut at the jawbone. The face gets framed and extra interest added to its appearance with the help of bangs and a side part. It’s a good choice for lengthy oval shaped faces since the bob is chooped exactly over the chin. It’s ideal for thick straight hair though you could use an iron for curls. Bangs balance long faces and foreheads.

20.Perfect pixie

30 Short Hairstyles

This short style, tapered closely about the neck and ears, is kept feminine and longer at the top. For women not wanting to spend much time on the hair, the soft and sleek styled pixie is a true stylish choice. The long bangs make the haircut ideal for longish oval faces. It benefits round shaped faces too. It’s fine for medium volume, wavy to straight-textured hair. Always relate cut to color when deciding.

21.Textured treasure

30 Short Hairstyles

Think of lots of fun-offering texture all through, think of this edgy pixie. It gets added drama and style with the help of the sandy colors and longer bangs. It’s made quite great for extra oval shaped faces and longer foreheads by the longer bangs. Pixie haircuts are very ideal for round and heart shaped faces. It’s good for thick and medium straight hair. Ask if supplementary bang trims are offered for fresh looks.

22.High contrast

30 Short Hairstyles

Use this bravely colored style to make a clear statement. Long layers of hair are left at the top while hair around the perimeter is tapered and cut short for fun and full figure. This style complements every face shape. If yours is longer, then add extra bangs facing forwards. Thick straight hair is the most ideal for this cut. Use the correct details to acquirea great short haircut that appears truly feminine.

23.Copper cut short hairstyle

30 Short Hairstyles

Its textured layers, vibrant color and piecey bangs keep this super short pixie new and fresh. Use it to stand out clearly from the crowd. It’s perfect for heart and round shaped faces with medium or fine volume, wavy or straight-textured hair. You can make an impact even with short hair. Employ the bold color punch to amp up the power of your style. You’ll definitely feel younger and appear fresher!

24.Beautiful asymmetry

30 Short Hairstyles

Give your short style an asymmetrical figure to add extra edge to it. A side of your face having long shaggy layers greatly contrasts tapered pieces about the ear on the opposite side. This short shag can be greatly achieved with thick or thin hair which is naturally straight on a square, oval or round shaped face. Preserving a side of the short cut on your longer side assists in keeping a true feminine appearance.

25.Spiked up

30 Short Hairstyles

This classic style is both timeless and fashionable, and it can be customized to suit any face shape. Pixie cuts can be styled sleek and polished, or they can be tousled and textured for a more casual look. Short bangs are another popular option for older women. Bangs can help to frame the face and add visual interest to a short hairstyle.

26.Pure blonde

30 Short Hairstyles

A dusty blonde coloring keeps this short cut truly modern and fresh. For a girly, sweet feel, your hair is styled wispy and long around your perimeter. With tons of hair that’s fine textured, this wispy, cute pixie will really be excellent for you. It’s perfect for oval shaped faces due to the fuller length left on top and the neck that’s tapered. Boost your style with lightweight products.

27.Auburn glow

30 Short Hairstyles

This style is an asymmetrical cut. It shows off magnificent flips and lots of texture because it is layered all through. The style for slimming faces will look best on older women with round shaped faces with wavy or straight hair which is thick. It surely makes older women appear much younger than their real age. For a style that will appear entirely different, flat iron or curl the hair under.

28.Stacked bob

30 Short Hairstyles

This bob that’s chin-length is stacked and comes with layers that are medium in length and a textured cut. It acquires drama and interest from a streak of blonde at the front, and side bangs. It’s best for heart and round shaped faces with thin or thick volume hair. The more naturally straight the hair is, the better it becomes for this style. Short layers around the neck make it greater in summer.

29.The perfect part short hairstyle

30 Short Hairstyles

This style, tapered at the neck, has its volume enhanced at the very top by blending with short layers meant for doing just that. The face is gorgeously framed by beautiful side bangs created from the front which is kept longer. It’s a wearable, soft appearance. The extra flattering cut is ideal for heart or round, and maybe faces that are slightly oval shaped. Every hair volume works with it. Opt for shorter bangs if you dislike long ones.

30.Sweet sophistication

30 Short Hairstyles

This is one of the greatest ideas when it comes to extra formal short hairstyles. It is a curly bob that is swept to one side and excellently cute. The curly classic will surely flatter every face shape. All hair volumes with naturally vaguely curly or straight hair will work for the formal cut. When going for any outdoor event wearing this cut, you can just add a vibrant flower to the hair for extra attention and fun.

The Bottom line is, Whenever you feel you have had your current look for long enough, you can always switch to another you know you will enjoy. There are thousands if not millions of haircuts and hairstyles to choose from including short styles. No matter your age, you can use short hair to look sophisticated, fresh, sexy and young. You can rock any of these short hairstyles for old women using what nature has endowed you with.


How do I choose a short hairstyle that will flatter my features?

When choosing a short hairstyle, it is important to consider your face shape and which features you would like to accentuate. For example, if you have a round face shape, you may want to consider a Short Hairstyle that includes layers or fringe to help create the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face.

How do I style my short hairstyle?

Once you have selected the short hairstyle that you would like to wear, there are a few different ways that you can style it. If you have straight hair, you can simply let it air dry or use a diffuser on low heat to lightly style it. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can use a curling iron or flat iron to add definition and texture. You can also use products such as mousse, gel, or hairspray to help style your short hairstyle.

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