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Be Bold and Beautiful with These 22 Insanely Cute Orange Nails Designs

Summer time means holidays and time to be cheerful. It is that time of the year when you feel confident, cheerful and happy, these emotions are associated with the warm sunny weather. It is also the time for bright colors and when you say colors there are hundreds of colors out there. The one color that is most close to the summers is orange.

There are so many different shades of orange that depending on what you choose you can still get away with wearing a separate orange into other seasons. The best way to include orange into every outfit is to get an orange nail manicure.

The following orange nail designs are so cute that they will brighten your day and prepare you for the summer months ahead.

Bright Matte Orange Nails

There bright and attractive orange nails are long stiletto nails. Each nail is painted in bright and vibrant matte orange shade. This bright orange nail is loved because it is bold and fun, making it perfect for the summers. You choose from glossy or matte finish and still rock the summers. The orange color will look great on any length nails and shape.

Orange Spooky Disney Nails

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Disney nails! Whether you’re looking for a fun and festive way to show off your holiday spirit or you’re just hoping to add a little bit of extra pizazz to your look, orange spooky disney nails are the perfect choice. Bold and eye-catching, they’re sure to make you stand out from the crowd. You can also add ghosts, bats, or other Halloween-themed images. Be creative and have fun!

Once you’ve added all of the details you want, simply top off your nails with a clear coat of polish and you’re all set. Orange spooky Disney nails are the perfect way to show off your love of both Halloween and Disney this year.

Wet Orange Nails

wet orange nails

orange wet nails can look amazing if they’re done right. The orange color pops out more and makes the nails look more vibrant. They are also easy to do and don’t require any special tools. Wet styles are becoming increasingly popular because they are quick to do. Orange nails in a wet style are the perfect way to show off your personality and style.

Ombre Orange Nails

The ombre orange nails are a great idea if you want to make a style statement. Here, in this picture you can see how the long coffin nails with colorful orange ombre has been combined for an elegant looking nail. The shape of the nail along with the bright color creates a bold manicure idea that is truly attractive. You can keep the look simple or go all out and add some colorful glitter and rhinestones if you like. Whatever you decide to go for your nails they are going to standout for sure.

Neon Orange Nail Design

The cotton candy nails with neon orenge nail shades are unique and one of a kind nail art. The nails here are short and each nail is different. One nail is styled in all green while the others are orange and green with different black line designs. The choice of colors like orange and green go very well. They are striking and attractive. Both these bright colors are a great match. Nail art like these can be created with neon colors like green, orange and black polish along with nail tape.

Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

This is a stylish looking ombre orange nail art. Three visible nails feature the ombre designs and the two accent nails are painted using matte finish paints and decorated with pink rhinestones. The stones along with the ombre effect gel well together taking the whole nail art to a different level altogether. You can learn to create ombre nails by learning from the online tutorials.

Orange Fall Nails

This nail art features the long coffin nails and some matte painted rust orange while the others are clear with gold leaf design. The orange and gold leaf match well and reminds you of the fall season. This is an easy to make nail art that is bold and attractive. You can either use nail foils or even hand paint the leaves.

Sparkling Orange Nails

This is also an wavy design, but the nails here are nude and then they are styled into peach tea with sparkling orange. This is a one of a kind and an interesting idea. The orange and the glitter look great together. This glamourous looking nail art is just ideal for that special occasion.

Metallic Nails Design

This orange nails design is cute and stylish. All the nails are styled in soft orange shades with sparkly glitter. The accent nail is decorated with rhinestones and pretty looking stripes. This design is popular because it is stylish and makes a statement. Rhinestones can be purchased online and stuck with a glue.

Cute Anime Nails

This is an elegant way to wear your nails in orange color. Nails featured here have anime style with soft orange shade and ombre. This nail design uses most popular anime character “Sailor moon”. This trendy and bold element makes the nail look chic and classy because of the soft orange shade. This chic nail design is suitable for special occasions.

Cute Orange and Blue Nails

This is a unique nail design that is great for the summer season. For this interesting look, each nail is painted in orange and blue french tips. There is a flower accent nail too. The colors have been inspired by the summer colors and just like the summer season they look stunning. If you love to sport fall nails, then you can easily create this design or choose a subtle shade for manicure by using shades like orange brown.

Short Orange and Brown Nails

Orange is a glam and great color for the nails. Here, most of the nails are styled in orange and brown. Three nails on each hand are decorated with butterfly pattern too. The soft orange used here along with the brwon and nude color complement each other beautifully giving it a chic and stylish look. If you want to create a glass nail that is chic and trendy or want to go for something ombre then try out the orange and brown style.

Fruity Nails Idea

This nail idea is the most favored because of its elegance and cute. The standout feature of this nail art is that each nail shade is different from each other. One nail is orange pattern, one is lemon, the next one is orange french tips decorated with leaves pattern, a unique and beautiful idea. You can check online for creating fruity nail art and try making these at home.

Animal Prints Nail Design

This is a statement making and a unique looking orange nail design. All nails are styled in bright yellow or orange shade and paint stylish artistic animal print designs with black. This is an artistic manicure that combines all the latest trends in nail design. You can create the whole look or go for one of the few designs depending on what you like.

Summer Vibes Nail Design

The above nail design is ideal for summer holidays. Most of the nails are styled in orange except for two. The accent nail features a nude color with parrot and flower design. This tropical design can be made using any shade of orange. For the design, you can use a stencil or even hand-paint a bird with guidance from online tutorials.

Pastel Orange Nail Polish and Flowers

This pretty orange nail design with flower art on one nail. The nails here are short and are of orange pastel shade. There is also a beautiful accent nail with flower art. This gorgeous looking manicure showcases how a pastel nails with orange shade can look beautiful even on a short nail. You can create this similar look with orange nail polish, nude nail polish and floral nail sticker.

Orange and Black for Halloween Nails

Halloween is the perfect time to break out the orange and black polish for your nails. This classic color combination is perfect for creating spooky, festive designs. Whether you want to keep it simple with a few strategically placed dots or go all out with an intricate spiderweb, orange and black polish can help you create the perfect halloween look. So don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your halloween nails this year!

Orange Matte Stiletto Nails

This orange nails design is a combination of orange and nude in swirls looks. The nails are long stiletto shaped, with orange shade and matte finish, making it a stylish orange nail design that is suitable for any occasion.

Blazing Flame Orange Nails Design

Blazing orange nails are the perfect way to add a touch of fiery flair to your look. For this design, start with a base of light matt orange polish. Then, use a bright orange and red striper brush to create Flame-like designs on each nail. Start at the tip of the nail and create curved lines that come to a point at the base. Repeat the process on all nails and then top with a clear coat for extra shine and protection. With this design, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Jelly Orange Nails Idea

orange Jelly Nails Idea

If you are a lover of jelly nails, then this orange gel manicure is just perfect for you. Every orange nails has a simple jelly design. This beautiful looking nail design with long square shape look amazing. If you need a complete transformation for your boring nails, then this nail design idea is ideal. Perfect for the summers.

Orange Watercolor Nail Art

If you are a lover of elegant nail designs, then this pattern is just right for you. These coffin shaped nails have three different designs. Matt orange is used along with some watercolor painting and French tip design that has a modern twist. This orange nail art is a creative and an artistic design idea. You can choose any color to create this beautiful piece of art.

Pretty Orange Nails

If you have loved the pretty nails idea, then you definitely should see this. For this look, most of the nails are in nude polish. There are two accent nails that display the soft marble design in orange. You can even use glitters to decorate a nude nails. It is a nice and unique way to wear the marble design that is glamorous and stunning too.

Different shades of orange to consider for your nails

When it comes to orange nails, there are a variety of shades to choose from. From soft and subtle pastels to vibrant and bold neons, there is a shade of orange to suit every style and preference. Here are a few shades of orange to consider for your next manicure:

  1. Coral Orange: This shade of orange is perfect for those who want a more subtle and feminine look. It is a softer and warmer shade of orange that exudes elegance and sophistication. Coral orange nails are perfect for both casual and formal occasions, making them a versatile choice for any outfit.
  2. Neon Orange: If you’re looking to make a bold statement, neon orange nails are the way to go. This vibrant and eye-catching shade of orange is sure to turn heads and grab attention wherever you go. Neon orange nails are perfect for summer parties and beach vacations, as they add a fun and playful touch to any outfit.
  3. Peachy Orange: For those who want a more understated and natural look, peachy orange nails are a great choice. This soft and delicate shade of orange is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset and adds a touch of warmth to your overall look. Peachy orange nails are perfect for everyday wear and can be easily paired with any outfit.

Tips for achieving a flawless orange manicure

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect shade of orange for your nails, it’s time to achieve a flawless manicure. Here are a few tips to help you achieve salon-worthy orange nails:

  1. Prep your nails: Start by cleaning and shaping your nails. Remove any old nail polish and gently file your nails into your desired shape. Push back your cuticles and trim any excess skin for a clean and polished look.
  2. Apply a base coat: To ensure that your orange nail polish lasts longer and adheres evenly, apply a thin layer of base coat. This will also help protect your nails from staining and promote a smooth application.
  3. Apply your chosen shade of orange: Using a steady hand, apply your chosen shade of orange nail polish to each nail. Start with a thin layer and allow it to dry completely before applying a second coat for a more opaque finish. Repeat this step until you achieve your desired level of color intensity.
  4. Seal the deal with a top coat: Once your orange nail polish is dry, apply a layer of top coat to seal in the color and add a glossy finish. This will help protect your manicure from chipping and extend its longevity.

Nail care tips to keep your orange nails looking fabulous

To keep your orange nails looking fabulous and vibrant for longer, it’s important to take good care of them. Here are a few nail care tips to help maintain your orange manicure:

  1. Moisturize your nails and cuticles: Regularly moisturize your nails and cuticles with a nourishing oil or cream to keep them hydrated and prevent them from becoming dry and brittle.
  2. Wear gloves when doing chores: To protect your orange nails from damage and discoloration, wear gloves when doing household chores or any activities that may expose your nails to harsh chemicals or excessive water.
  3. Avoid using your nails as tools: As tempting as it may be, avoid using your nails as tools to open cans, scrape off stickers, or perform any other tasks that may cause them to chip or break.
  4. Treat yourself to regular touch-ups: To keep your orange nails looking fresh and vibrant, schedule regular touch-ups or repaint them whenever necessary. This will help maintain their appearance and ensure that they always look their best.


What colors go with orange for nails?

Its stunning colors will elevate your fall wardrobe instantly and you will get compliments for the manicures too. Burnt orange is very suitable for dark blue and grey colors, along with white and gold too.

Conclusion: Embrace your bold side with these cute and stylish orange nail designs

In conclusion, orange nails are a trendy choice that allows you to embrace your bold side and showcase your unique personality. The vibrant and eye-catching color of orange not only adds a pop of color to your overall look but also exudes confidence and creativity. With a wide range of shades to choose from and endless design possibilities, orange nail designs offer a versatile and stylish option for any occasion.

So, whether you opt for a soft and subtle coral orange or a bold and vibrant neon orange, embrace your bold side and rock those cute and stylish orange nail designs. With proper nail care and a flawless manicure, your orange nails are sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. So go ahead, be bold, be beautiful, and let your orange nails do the talking!

CTA: Ready to embrace your bold side? Try out these cute and stylish orange nail designs today and let your nails steal the show!

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