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16 Tips for Choosing The Best Paint Color for House Exterior

Try following these suggestions below and you may see and feel a great difference in relations to your house.

best Paint Color for House Exterior

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# Paint Color for House Exterior Does and Don’ts

Having that great exterior paint can take your home to the status of being picture perfect. Here is a quick list of the do’s and don’ts for that best​ exterior house colors.

1. Don’t overlook colors in place of plain neutrals.
2. Do look to your environment for inspiration.
3. Don’t always blend in.

When it comes to your home the look, feel and smell should be very important. Ensuring it looks good is essential. Your house should look welcoming. And, it should still be attractive. The color house you use on your home can make or break you. The right combination of exterior paint colors use on the exterior of your home will create appeal. Selection of the best paint color for house exterior can be somewhat tricky.

# How do I choose a color scheme for exterior of my house?

You should firstly never try to do too much. Sometimes we overdo and cause disappointment more than enhancement. Thus it is best that you keep it simple your house is not a signal station. Try following these suggestions for house paint colors below and you may see and feel a great difference in relations to your house.

# Selecting The Best Paint Color For House Exterior

Paint Color for House Exterior

Make that big decision about which exterior house colors is great for your home is always challenging. It is a time consuming venture that requires great determination. Initially you need to review the parts of your home that cannot be painted.

For example any stone or brick accent or the roof. Ensure the colors you select will blend with these areas. Then you need to get inspiration from your surroundings. Look at the houses around you and the combinations used. Document those that you like. You should also find out whether there are any neighbour restrictions on the types of colors used.

Selecting the Perfect Paint Schemes

The style of your house determines the the exterior paint used. A three color exterior house paint color is the norm for most homes. You may also check for color suggestion given by a paint manufacturer. Finally make sure you buy small quantities of your colors and test them on smalls areas of your house. Then view the at various times of the day.

# What factors should be considered when choosing a house paint colors?

1. Depend on the Classic Exterior Paint Colors

As it relates to the exterior, Your certain ​paint color for house exterior ​have stood up through the ages. That flush beige for the sides and a sunny white on the rails and about the windows always looks great. Additionally, you can add some colored fixtures. This enhances the look and adds a bit of flavor.

house paint schemes,

Sticking with the classics not only looks good but it shows you are not a show off. Your home should speak for you and it will, once you select the perfect paint scheme. Let the exterior of our house say you are classy, yet simple and stylish.

2. Select Hues that differ in Brightness for Impact

House color scheme
source : coastalvirginiamag

Sometimes you have to step outside of the box. Break those traditions. Many of the very outstanding looking house exteriors move away from the classic styles. Consider those Colonial type house originally they were painted in one solid color, quite often it was white. However modern times can call for a change. An outside house can look very stunning with a mixture of light gray and a outstanding turquoise. The gray could be applied to the shutters while the door can utilize the turquoise paint. Trying different paint schemes is okay once you do not do too much. You can always use non traditional paint colors on areas such as the shutters or doors.

3. Experiment with Primary Colors

The primary colors form the base for all others. That blue, yellow or red are the essential colors. Very few individuals would paint their house in red. But if used correctly the base colors can enhance the look of any home. They are the foundation for the hues. Thus they automatically highlight your home. Once these colors are used properly they can be very outstanding and ultra satisfying. The trick is to select a color that stands out. It must be distinctive but still used sparingly. Once you are using the primary colors for your hues make sure your base color is complementary and neutral.

– Exterior house paint colors photo gallery

Yellow House White Trim

Exterior Scheme

Red house White Trim

Blue House White Trim

4. Try using wood, brick and paint color combinations

Modern exterior paint schemes for homes - black and wood color

It is not often that you see individuals with that steely gray color house. However if it is your choice it can be brighten with the addition of wood. It can also be given that warmth by adding bright colors such as orange. But the addition of the contrasting wood, brick and paint color combinations is an excellent choice.

best paint schemes for house exterior

This looks great usually when the wood is stained in a medium color. You may also use the combination of a rich gray as a link between the other hues. Try wood if you have this type of steel gray paints scheme it will work wonders.

5. Use one color but different Shades

tan house color schemes
brick and paint color combinations

Your house can have the best paint color for house exterior just by using one color like tan house color schemes in above picture. The only disadvantage is that it can have somewhat of a boring feel and and seem ancient. You need to plan carefully when you are doing this. You need to use a specific accent like the trimming or shatters then paint them in a lighter or darker shade of the that base color. Do not be afraid to use this suggestion. As stated earlier it merely requires careful preparation. Once you have selected your particular accent then paint. Do not forget that accent is to be placed in the lighter or darker shade. Not the same vase color. Your house will come alive.

6. Use the standing out paint color as an Indicator

Use the Paint Scheme as an Indicator

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having only one area that stands out in your color schemes for homes. It is usually the front door color. Its position should be known and clearly visible. It indicates exactly where a visitor should go. Other areas that can possible use a bright hue could be the garage door.

When applying this method you should ensure you use a main color that will complement the bright hue used. Never use a bright base and hue color. Be stylish remember that it take time to come up with that perfect look. So do not rush. Take your time and select that captivating look.

7. Use the Color Stain

The use of the stained finished can be applied your paint color for house exterior. The use of stain also has an added benefit. It can enhance as well as, protect the surfaces it is used on. It is perfect for the porch, or deck but can be used on trim plus the siding. The walkways and the driveways may also reap in the benefit of stain. You should always do a test before you decide on the the type of stain you want. Select several different shades and see which looks best to you. Check at various times of the day and see which one gives the best feel.

8. Try using Materials and Paint Color Combinations

single house - using materials as an alternative to paint

Sometimes it may be better to use materials as an alternative to paint. You may use wood or brick and paint color combinations the decision is totally up to you. If you are adding to your home or building that new home modern home designers recommend the use of a mixture of materials for the exterior.

If you use brick as an accent it can be perfect for the addition of that different color. Using this method wisely would add some well needed style and uniqueness to your home. You can sometimes use materials like copper pipes. They are distinctive yet they enhance the look of the home.

9. Select a paint scheme as contrast to your surroundings

If you have a house that is surrounded by lots of plants and trees, there are two main options for you. You may be radical and select a bright color such as pastel green painted house that calls notice to your home. Conversely you can select hues that cause the house to appear as if it is more so in the background of the the natural environment such as a navy blue houses. It is simple. You decide. Once you have a good sense of your environment the select becomes easier.

There are instances where you may need to combine something for one suggestion to that of another. But just remember if you reside in a community where there are neighbours, try not to be the brightest house on the block in terms of color of course.

10. Be Eccentric in your Paint Schemes

Perfect paint scheme for house exterior
green modern exterior house paint

We have given you many suggestions. These are not rigid rules that cannot be broken. There are some of you who will select the colors that you like regardless of rules or what people have to say. This is your right. But you can do this. Once you are not actually breaking some neighborhood law.

You can get those house paint colors combination that you like such as green modern exterior house paint This approach is usually perfect for people with houses in the outdoors. They often look great with a different type of approach. But we know you will take the environment into consideration because that is why your house is in such a place.

12. Always Consider Size in Relation to Paint Scheme

The size of your house should determine the number of colors and the extent to which each color is used on the exterior of your home. Consider the following, a huge house painted in a dark color may seem scary. Also a small house that has a light paint scheme may look strange. Thus it is extremely important to consider the size when you are painting your exterior. Try to get that great blend. Ensure your front door has a color that allows it to be seen. This is one feature that holds true in most cases.

13. Remain Classical

Single House with classical white  exterior paint schemes
Luxury House with white paint
source :

Often we try to quickly get away for the tradition. But there are times when there are the best or the perfect way to go. As it relates to ​paint schemes​, white is still an extremely a recognized color for the exterior of your home. It does not matter the style of your home. White allows your surroundings to be clearly visible.

It also gives those huge homes a small appearance. But do not be fooled. There are various shades of white. Form the very bright to the extremely light. As is the case with all other paints test your selections of white on a section of your home. Then see which one best speaks to you after viewing them at different times of the day.

14. Use a single color as the accent

Paint Schemes for House Exterior
Paint Schemes for House Exterior

It is suggested that in order for you to get the best paint color for house exterior you should only use three colors. But this is not necessarily true. What you can do is to make sure you have different shades of that particular base color. This is important to note since you may have been told that you need to have three ​paint schemes​.Try this method and see your house transformed.

15. Abide by the color paint schemes rules of materials

black paint ideas for home

The materials used on the exterior of your home can be used as a guide. These materials can be used to show you how the other sections of the exterior should be painted.

Try to match your colors well. Know which paint scheme is perfect for the brick finish, the limestone finish or a wooden finish. Use a paint color schemes for homes that complements the the color of your material.

16. Restrict Those Outstanding Highlights

You should try to limit the use of those bold highlights. If your use accents sparingly you would be surprise at the way your home stands out but still appears reserve. This type of paint scheme works well. It often works best with the those traditional homes. This is especially because the house is not overwhelmed by this combination. The ​paints schemes you select are fully your right but we want you to make the right choice.

One that does not cause regret. Following our suggestions should give you that warm and appreciative smile. You want you home to look inviting. Particularly for those who reside there. Make sure you monitor the use of accents and the trimmings.

To conclude selecting best color for houses exterior can be a lot of work. It requires lots of time and effort. You do not need to stick rigidly to the rule of three different colors to create that outstanding ​paint scheme​. Always consider the surroundings when you are selecting.

Sometimes you may not even need to use paint. You can use materials if you are building on an additional room to your home. The use of brick or wood shows diversity and looks great. Remember to abide by your neighborhood house color guidelines if there are any present. Following these suggestions should give you a an idea of to how to choose the best painting schemes for your home.


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