25 Pastel Nail Ideas That Aren’t Boring

pastel nail art

Looking to style your nails this season; pastel nail is best for well-rounded nails. Even though you may be tempted to go for the bright and hot shades that has been the talk of the town for a long time, pastel nails are trending the internet too. Pastel nail shades are a hot trend at manicurist place these days. Pastel nails may bring to your mind the Easter egg hunts, but the new trends are not that predictable. With so many new patterns, designs and new shades out there you will find a perfect pastel nail shade that suits your personality.

Instagram is filled with pictures dedicated to pastel nail ideas, which is an indication of how popular pastel nail shades are. The following 25 pastel nail ideas are some of our favorite pastel nail ideas that are pretty and inspiring.

Pink Pastel with Gold tips

To achieve a pastel nail look you need not cover your entire nail with paint. Instead, here you can see an arched diagonal, some negative space and a metallic gold accent that is quite attractive. It is not only new, but something worth trying out.

Pastel Neon Flame Nail

Light up the room with the pastel neon nail ideas. The neon shades may be quite opposite to the pastel shades, but they are great to showcase your playful side with shades like electric pink and shining yellows. The vibrancy the neon shades bring to the nails is electric.

Bright Pastels

Bright pastels are a nice thing to add to your wardrobe after a freezing cold winter. Let your nails also have some fun and the bright pastel shades are just right for it.

Pastel Swirls

The yellow and purple manicure is just beautiful. You can choose to go for the pale peach as the background or just leave a negative space, whichever way, you will find a trendy looking nail shade that will make you groove.

Colorful Wavy Pastel Nails

The wavy pastel nails are cool and ideal for the summers. The choice of colors and patterns are made for each other.

Cool-toned Pastels

This nail art design will make you fall in love with the pastel shades every time you flaunt them. The choice of colors, patterns and the designs rocks.

Pastel Gradient Nails

Assemble the tools, apply lacquer, apply top coat, mix colors and then add thin layers. The process is simple. The nails look beautiful and full of colors.

Pastel Lavender Shade Nails

Pastel lavender nails are a trendsetter for the springs. Choose from the wavy patterns of florals and make your nail rule the spring season.

Pastel Sweater Pattern Nail

These are absolutely gorgeous looking pastel nail designs that will never disappoint. Wear it for any occasion and you will rock.

Pastel Matt with Leopard Print Nails

Leopard nails need not be neutral. Pastel Matt are also a great base to get the wild print on your nails. Using unconventional colors is all the more enjoyable.

Two-toned Pastel Tips

This is a type of diagonal nail art, but without straight lines. The curve lines bring in freshness to the nails. The choice of pastel shades on each and every nail is just beautiful.

Pastel Purple Accents

There are no hard and fast rules when nail art is concerned. A monochrome nail art that is nicely set on a white polish as background looks gorgeous. Grab a pastel shade and create your own accents.

Tutti Frutti Nails

The Tutti Frutti nails is one of the most happening trends this summer and the pastel shades rule the manicure market. To bring the multicolored nails to life a visit to a good manicurist is a must. Of course, you can do it on your own and an imperfect pattern is absolutely fine and trendy. Everything perfect need not be great looking and fashionable.

Pastel Ombre Nail

Finding it difficult to choose one color, then do not worry. With the use of Ombre technique create a new cool pastel hue between the shades to achieve the result.

Pastel Dots

This pastel nail art can be done without any professional help. Apply a nude color polish on the nails and use a dotting tool to apply a different color pastel shade to achieve the required result. Seal the final design with a top coat.

Pastel Heart Tips

These are pretty looking heart shaped tips that has a nice pastel shade on nude background that cannot be missed. To create this intricate look, you can use a thin striping brush to trace on the heart shaped arches.

Pastel Mismatch

pastel mismatch nail

The pastel mismatch nail trend is a good inspiration for different colored nails. It is a good entry point towards a beautiful nail art. Instagram is full of mismatched nail trends and choosing a few for the occasion can be difficult.

Pastel Cable Knit Nail

The best part of this cable knit manicure is how the empty nail space has been made positive and dreamy. The use of two different pattern on a nail stands out from the rest and breaks the monotony.

Pastel Diagonals

This is a pretty simple pastel nail art that can be done at home. You can choose to use different shades for all nails or use same shades.  The best part of this nail art is how easy it is to achieve the designs. Just cover a section of the nail with a striping tape and paint the other portion with your choicest pastel shade.

Pastel Apricot Accents

Pastel Apricot Accents nail

The combination of white and apricot color work wonders. Nails with an intricate design, Just use a striping tape and a touch up brush and you are set to go.

Abstract Pastel Green Nails

The abstract pastel nails will remind you of the 80’s and the 90’s era. If you are a fan of this time, then you will love to sport these designs. The green shade on each nail are different, which is a feature that attracts in this nail art.

Pink Pastel Stiletto Nails

This is sweet pink look that is ideal for the fall. All the shades are pretty and a must try for the season.

Pastel Summer Dot Nails

Combine color and dot if you like to enjoy some variety on your nails. This top trend allows you to play with different art accents too. A great way to be trendy.

Pastel Aqua Nails

Aqua manicures are perfect for the summers. With a brush you can easily create this mis-matched nail art for the season.

Pastel Wavy Tips Nails

Pastel Wavy Tips Nails

The choice of pastel shades is important here. The use of green, purple, blue, and yellow makes it all the more appealing. Experiment and re-create the wavy negative space nails using a striping brush.

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