Wearing Pendants and Charms for Good Luck – Yes! They Work

Pendants and Charms for Good Luck

Throughout the ages, humans have been looking for good luck charms, amulets, mojos, or any other symbols that could help them achieve their hearts’ desire. The first charms were made out of plants, like the four-leaf clover, animal bones and teeth, or carved wood. Magic numbers that mean something or objects fashioned out of different metals are also worn as necklaces, brooches, or bracelets. Mojos, amulets, and metaphysical jewelry have held fascination because of mysticism and symbolism, along with the belief that wearing a specific shape or color can influence a particular sphere of your life. Read ahead for some more interesting information about how pendants and charms work.

Modern-Day Celebrities Believe In Superstitions That Bring Them Luck

Many celebrities swear by the power of certain superstitions to bring them success. For instance, tennis celebrity Serena Williams attributes her success on the court to a series of actions she performs before every game. Her mojos include her shower sandals, a pair of socks, and tying her shoelaces in a particular style. Then there’s Turk Wendells, who wears a necklace made with sharp animal teeth. Such superstitions may seem out of place in the 21st century, but their believers won’t give up on them.

Understanding the Power of Symbols

Symbols are closely linked to the belief that they can bring positive outcomes. No matter these irrational ideas, the ancients believed particular objects would help them attain their goals when used in a specific way. Science accepts that there may be some amount of truth in the theory that charms work. These objects might channel the wearer’s metaphysical energies and bring about the desired result. A more practical explanation could be that having a clearly defined goal in mind makes you work harder toward achieving it. 

Relevance of Different Charms and Pendants

When you go shopping for amulets and charms, you’ll likely come across different shapes, animals, birds, and objects. Each of them is designed for a specific purpose. For instance, the Bastet Cat with wings is an Egyptian deity known to bless the wearer with protection, fertility, music, dance, and good health. You could also wear the St. Michael pendant to repel the forces of evil and bring happiness into your life. If you’re looking to connect with a loved one who has passed on, the Moth pendant is believed to bring you messages from them, according to Native American legends. Here’s one more example, the Evil Eye Charm is a Kim Kardashian favorite and creates a buffer against jealousy and negative energies.

Amulets, pendants, and bracelets are magical objects that bring you lots of good things and help make your dreams come true. Wear the one that appeals to you to connect with the energies of the metaphysical world. 

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