Blissful Beginnings: your guide to the perfect honeymoon


Believe it or not but the history of one of the most romantic holidays is somewhat bleak. Traditionally, the honeymoon refers to the husband whisking off his bride to an isolated location and keeping her away from her family until she fell pregnant or until they found her themselves.

Fortunately, the 21st century honeymoon has little to no similarities with this shocking tradition. Instead, couples take to the open road to enjoy some quality time together as newlyweds before normal life, with all its unromantic responsibilities, resumes. 

Here’s how to make the most of this very special time.

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Choose a date

Unlike in Hollywood movies where the married couple practically leave for their honeymoon as soon as the wedding is over, in real life, things don’t happen so fast. Most couples prefer to have a little downtime after all the stress of the wedding before they think of hopping on a plane somewhere.

At the same time, you don’t want the wedding excitement to wear off before you get on your way. By planning your honeymoon a week – or even a half week – or so after your wedding, you will have recovered from the wedding itself whilst also still enjoying the high of the big day.


Depending on the kind of weather you want to enjoy and the activities you want to do, your honeymoon destination needs to be a place where you both enjoy, as this will become a place of significance for the rest of your marriage.

Make sure to check the seasons and weather of your destination before you book. With many tropical countries undergoing wet and monsoon seasons for a significant portion of the year, you definitely don’t want to be caught in these turbulent weather patterns. You also don’t want it to be too hot or cold, so plan your honeymoon with the seasons in mind.


For many couples, all they want to do it collapse on the beach after all the wedding-related stress. Finally, without all the responsibility of organizing the big day, they want to properly relax before they go back to work.

For some couples, however, honeymoons offer the chance to get active and try out things that have been on their bucket list for a while. Something like a hiking holiday guarantees uninterrupted time together in some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. No digital distractions; just you two and the mountains!

Plan for nothing

The whole point of a honeymoon is to slow down after the wedding, so make sure to leave lots of time for doing nothing. Allow yourselves a bit of spontaneity too!

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