6 Creative Ways You Can Personalize Your Dearly Departed’s Funeral

Losing a loved one is never easy on anyone. Once the person you care about departs, your emotions are likely to get the best of you and it can be quite challenging to plan a funeral all by yourself to properly say goodbye. However, trying to plan a creative funeral for the person you were close to that celebrates their life can help you overcome your sadness and allow you to properly say goodbye to your loved ones in a unique manner that shows your respect to them. Here are some creative ways you can personalize your dearly departed’s funeral and pay your respects in a unique way. 

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Create Story-Telling Time

One of the best ways to say goodbye to your departed loved ones is by telling stories about them. You can create a story-telling time during or right after the funeral service where everyone can share their special memories and stories with the departed person in a way that celebrates their life. People can read letters they have written for the departed or can simply stand up and tell their favorite memory with them to spread the love in the funeral and remember the person who passed away for all the good times they have had. 

Choose a Personalized Urn or Coffin

When you say goodbye to a loved one, you either cremate them or bury them in a coffin. An interesting way to make their funeral more creative would be by personalizing their urn or coffin so that it is unique and special just as they were. As seen on, you can personalize urns or coffins by having them engraved or having them specifically made out of certain materials you know your loved one would have appreciated. You can also ask the funeral attendees to sign the urn or coffin or share in coloring it to make it as special as possible. 

Make a Quote Corner

Everyone has their own set of sayings or quotes that they are usually remembered for. When you are trying to plan a creative funeral, you can allocate a special corner or board where people can write down their favorite quotes from the person who departed. The quotes can be anything people remember the deceased by that has made an impact on them or simply made them smile at some point. This will make the funeral more special and can help the family of the deceased greatly. 

Bring in Colors and Lights

Nothing celebrates a person’s life better than colors and lights shining at their funeral to show just how lively that person was. You can bring in colors in the form of clothing where you can tell the attendees to dress casually and to steer clear of wearing black for mourning. You can also add certain elements of decoration and hang them around the location where the funeral is held or the memorial service after with some colorful lights in the surroundings. This will make the service more lively and help you celebrate the departed person’s life in the best way possible. 

Embrace Their Communities

If your departed loved one was a member of any kind of community or group, then you should certainly embrace those communities and groups and allow them to pay tribute to the departed in their own way. This can be done by allowing members of those communities to share their memories with the departed and mention their role in the group. They can also pay tribute in their special way by bringing in certain decorations or food or do a certain performance that relates to the activities of the community. 

Play Music

Music is one of the most creative ways you can celebrate someone’s life. Music quickly gets to people’s emotions and makes them nostalgic about their loved ones. That is why playing music, whether it is recorded or live, on the day of the funeral can make the service special and memorable to all of the attendees. The key is choosing the right kind of music that is relevant to the departed and their loved ones. 

Planning a funeral for someone special to you can be quite challenging. You will want to ensure you host a service that celebrates their lives and shows respect to them in the most creative and unique way possible. To do that, make sure you plan a lively service that is all about the life of the departed and their special memories. Try to allow the attendees to share their own stories and memories with the deceased in their personal ways so that the funeral service can become a unique celebration of life and a respectful farewell. 

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