30 Most Popular Short Hairstyles For Women


The 30 Most Popular Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Hairstyles for Woman

This season has just begun and when you look at the latest fashion trend that has taken the world by storm, the first thing that immediately comes to our mind is the trendy short hairstyles for women.

Just like all fashion trends that keep coming back and forth, the short hairstyles that were a craze few years back, are getting popular from last year itself. With the New Year and the spring season arriving, short haircuts for women have started trending with several celebrities sporting them on different occasions.

The following article has a good list of some of the trendiest and coolest looking short hairstyles for women. Choose a hairstyle that suits your face and lifestyle. These trendiest hairstyles will put you at a centre stage and you are sure to get some very positive complements.

211.Lavender Pink Voluminous Bob

The voluminous bob is a latest and trendy short hairstyle for women with thick hair. The haircut sported here by Kelly Osborne is a great mix of color and cut that looks pretty whimsy with a good taste. This is a pretty bob cut hairstyle that is a good mix of pink-lavender and dove grey with blonde to create a beautiful looking feminine and trendy shortcut. This hairstyle is not the right style to choose if you have a wide face shape. By making the sides smooth and covering the edge of the face would be a good way to wear this short hairstyle as it will minimize the width at the cheek to the jaw line level. This is a short and thick wavy bob haircut that is ideal for women with oblong, diamond and oval shaped faces.

12.Trendy Blue A-Line Bob Hairstyle

The A-line bob hair cut is quite a trend these days. If you are comfortable with coloring your hair, then try out some rainbow colors just like here by Katy Perry. The color of the hair and eye shades goes hand in hand. So if you are open to coloring your hair, then choose the color that goes with the color of your eyes. This is a classic A-line short bob hairstyle for women that have a perfect hair color. This short hairstyle is ideal for adding length and also for slimming down a round face.

13.Spiky Short Pixie Cut

Halle Berry in the spiky short pixie cut looks pretty and gorgeous. The spiky short pixie cut is based on the popular pixie cut. If you have thick, coarse hair and are struggling to brush your hair because of this texture, then the short pixie cut is the best solution for anyone struggling with a thick texture hair. This trendy short hairstyle for women is suitable for women of all ages. It is easy to style and is among the trendiest hairstyles

14.Boycut Layered Short Pixie

The blonde spiky pixie cut is the latest popular short hairstyle for women. The layers and highlights used by Charlize Theron in this image create a beautiful textured finish. Cutting the long hair to create this chic and gorgeous looking short hairstyle is one of the ways to open up your face and make you look younger. For sure, a cheap option to look young and trendy.

15.Sleek bob haircut for women

If you are born with glossy and healthy hair, then styling and keeping them in shape is essential so that it complements your facial features very well. The sleek bob here has a nice side parting and pretty curves around the jaw line. This easy to style hairstyle is suitable for most face shapes, hair-types and age group. The simple and easy wavy Ombre colored bob cut is in trend lately. This is a nice cute haircut to try if you wish to sport a short hairstyle.

16.Pompadour Mohawk

The pompadour is a vintage haircut. The hairstyle below is a nice mix of pompadour haircut and a Mohawk. This is new and ultra-modern Mohawk that is perfect as an evening look with a short-back-and-sides short hairstyle with a longer top. The top is actually attractive and garners a lot of like where ever you go. This haircut is best suitable for anyone with low forehead or a round face or anyone with an oval face like Rihanna in this image.

17.Blunt Cut Bob for round face

This is a great looking short-hairstyle that is suitable for anyone with a round face. The advantage of this cut is that it slims down the width of your face into a perfect oval. This is a classic cut that is clean, simple and classy. The look here can be created by using a bit of straightening product, a good blow-dry using a large round brush, a little bit of backcombing through the crown and a bit of spray shine. The final result is a perfect looking short hairstyles for women.
Strong lines, choppy layers that allow the forehead to show, a long and uneven half-fringe and width around the chin combined together to make this a flawless short hairstyle for a round face.

18.Romantic Bob Cut for Heart Shaped Face

The celebrity seen here has simply centre parted the bob cut that suits her heart-shaped face perfectly, isn’t it? The wings of the hair trim the width of the forehead and the open wave at the end balances out a narrow chin. This messy wavy bob cut is in trend, so why not try them out.

19.Blonde Big-Fringe Asymmetric cut for round face

This short hairstyle for women is highly popular and has the potential to dominate the high-fashion asymmetric bob cuts this year. Women of all age groups are seen sporting this big-fringe asymmetric haircut. This haircut is most suitable for people with round faces. The hair here is combed forwards from the crown to create a gorgeous swept-over fringe. This short hairstyle is ideal for any weddings, proms and homecomings.

20.Merlyn Monroe Blonde Curly Bob

Platinum is the top blonde shade throughout the 2016 and its popularity has carried forward to 2017 as well. This is a big volume bouncy bob with faint pale gold highlights that soften the color around Gwen Stefani’s face. This hairstyle is a classic short bob cut that remains always in trend. The hairstyle comes naturally for curly and wavy hair, but if you have straight hair, then gets ready to use some heavy rollers to get these kinds of curls.