6 Common Causes of Premises Liability That You Should Know About

When you are running a business, there’s a lot that you need to familiarize yourself with. At the top of the things, you need to get familiar with its premise liability. This aspect of your business may leave you scratching your head to get the right answers. 

But it’s something that applies to any premise you have, and it’s legal. There are some common causes of premises liability that you may need to know about. And another aspect of it too, below are some of the answers you are looking for regarding premises liability. 

Things you should know:

  • Commercial General Liability Can Help

For any business, you may need to purchase a commercial general liability insurance cover. When you have this, it will protect you against claims involving property damage and personal injuries. You need to shop around for the ideal one, and it should cover up to $1 million. It’s not only about slip and fall accidents.

Any injury will fall under the premise liability and not just the slip and fall incidents. Numerous types of accidents fall under this category—for example, dog bites, water leaks, and so on. 

  • Accident Prevention

With premises liability, these are preventable accidents. You need to ensure that you prevent each one of them from happening, and here’s how you can do it. 

  • Warning Hazard

When you can’t fix the hazard immediately, you need to warn against it. this should serve both the clients and the employees – for example, “‘ wet floor.” And this shouldn’t stay on for long; you need to fix this issue as soon as possible. 

  • Inspection

When you inspect your business, you get to find out what the hazards are. This isn’t a time-consuming effort as you may think; you need to do this to ensure people are safe within your premises. 

It will save you lots of money when you inspect and can find the problems early enough. 

  • Correct the Issues

An inspection alone won’t solve your problems; you need to fix these issues as soon as possible. If possible, you need to address the hazard immediately you notice it. If you don’t rectify the issue, you are opening yourself up for a lawsuit that you don’t want. 

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Poor lighting

For proper vision within your premises, you need to install adequate lighting around the premises. This is particularly crucial as it will help people, not trip or miss stairs. It may also enable your business to be less susceptible to security concerns. 

Coupled with great lighting features, you can also add cameras all around the business to help the clients feel secure. 

Inadequate Security

Security concerns are also a common cause for premise liability. And you need to ensure you beef up the security around your business. You have already added lighting as part of your upgrade; you now require a security guard. 

People want to feel safe when they go to public places, and if you run such a business, you need to ensure your safety. Also, seek to trim the bushes and add more security features such as CCTVs. 

Animal Bites

A dog may attack and bite you at a premises, and the owner of the dog needs to take full responsibility for it. As business owners, they are responsible for training and securing their dogs. Premises liability holds property owners accountable for such incidents. 

You may need to get yourself a lawyer in this case as it can be complicated. Check out this site for more info. And it would help if you had people who have done this before.

Building Code Violations

Before a building gets any occupants into it, there needs to be some codes followed. It is mainly for the safety of the occupants, but also a great way to avoid suits. The principles and regulations are:

  • Safe location and material
  • Proper design
  • Safety features – smoke alarms, motions sensors, CCTV camera. 
  • Quality maintenance


There’s a risk of drowning whenever there are large bodies of water around. The business owner will be liable in this case as there are several things they can do. For example, have properly trained lifeguards and proper life jackets. 

Health Hazards

Some buildings have health hazards that can be avoided. The best thing you can do, if there are any, is to fix them immediately. It needs to be something you have power over as health is quite broad – for example, toxic chemicals being improperly disposed of. 

There are several causes for premises liability that you need to know about. These are just six of the most common, and you need to watch out for them. 

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