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13 Waterfall Braids for Your Next Event

Waterfall Braids

Introduction to Waterfall Braids

When it comes to hairstyles, there are countless options to choose from. However, if you want to make a lasting impression at your next event, look no further than the stunning waterfall braids. This elegant and intricate hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a wedding, prom, or even a casual night out. In this article, we will explore the beauty and versatility of waterfall braids, and provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own stunning waterfall braid.

How to Do a Basic Waterfall Braid

Creating a basic waterfall braid may seem intimidating at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to master this stunning hairstyle. To start, make sure your hair is clean and free of tangles. Begin by parting your hair to one side and selecting a small section of hair near your hairline. Divide this section into three equal parts – the top, middle, and bottom.

Take the top section and cross it over the middle section, then take the bottom section and cross it over the new middle section. Now, instead of crossing the top section over the middle section again, drop it down and let it fall. Pick up a new section of hair from the same side and incorporate it into the middle section. Repeat this process, dropping the top section and picking up a new section of hair each time, until you reach the back of your head. Secure the braid with a hair elastic and you’re done!

13 Inspired Waterfall Braids

1. Mermaid Waves

Mermaid Waves
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nicely putting up wavy hair into the string of braid makes a perfect mermaid hairstyle. It is quite popular among the brides and bridesmaid. On parties, it is highly recommended to adopt this style with the friends to get the best feel of it.2.

2. Waterfall braids with curls

waterfall braids with curls

One thick central-braid and two thin side-braids conjoin together to a fishtail braid give these ashy waves, just like a white burning wood. The style is equally sexy and perfect for a date.

3. Chestnut water braid

 Chestnut water braid
Photo Credit: luxyhair

Chestnut brown is basically a combination of reddish brown, brown and golden colors. As a light brown shade complimented by golden brown braid in centre, hairstyle looks elegant. It is a must choice for spring.

4. Wedding waterfall hairstyle

Waterfall Braid for Wedding
Photo Credit: Pinterest

For brides-to-be, finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is crucial. The waterfall braid offers a romantic and elegant option that is sure to complement any bridal look. Whether you have long, flowing locks or a chic bob, there is a waterfall braid style that will suit you.

If you have long hair, consider a cascading waterfall braid that starts at the top of your head and flows down towards the nape of your neck. This style is perfect for showcasing your luscious locks and can be adorned with delicate flowers or sparkling hair accessories for a touch of bridal glamour.

If you have shorter hair, don’t worry – you can still rock a waterfall braid on your wedding day. Opt for a side-swept waterfall braid that starts at one side of your head and drapes across to the other side. This style adds a touch of whimsy and is perfect for brides who want a more relaxed, bohemian look.

5. Braid on top of head with curls

braid on top of head with curls
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Brown on top and golden on ends makes for a mesmerizing waterfall braid that also boosts horizontal braid on top-centre. Interlocked hair fibre provides for a picturesque scene, something that comes up to the expectations of its name.

6. Waterfall braid on short hair

waterfall braid on short hair
Photo Credit

This style is a proof how short hairs can be modified for a perfect wavy style. Here, two side braids, rather than one central, are used to create the waves. A half circles festoon depicting the autumn colours, runs through the head making for an exact party look.

7. Cute waterfall braid

 Cute waterfall braid
Photo Credit: Weddingforward

This unique ash coloured waterfall braid is an idea to look more graceful and unique on the wedding day. Usually wavy, interwoven hairs are trendy for brides, but here is something against the odds but in favour of class and glamour. A braid whirling into a pattern from centre and going down on straight hair falls would be a treat for eyes for the onlookers.

8. Braided flower waterfall hairstyle

 Braided flower waterfall hairstyle
Photo Credit: diyprojections

A braid-cum-flower running through the centre is something new; very few people give it a try. Straight waterfall braid that features a nice looking braid in the shape of flower, a natural festoon, is the perfect choice for every occasion. For wedding seasons it is a worth considering option.

9. Loop braid hairstyle

A straight hairs-waterfall can never be perfect any more than this one. It actually resembles the scene of the water drops falling straight of glass walls of some aquarium. Even the working is quite simple, Braiding for beginners, one just needs to take out two strands and interweave them while leaving wide wave like structures, end product is already in front of your eyes.

10. Hair water fall with braided rings

Hair water fall with braided rings

Well, this one is beyond amazing. You must have seen any sort waterfall braid, but this is something different. Braid with rings on top are making hair look like water falling through the gates of a dam. This is indeed a spectacular natural scene; just imagine an impact you can make with this look. Never forget to get a right dress for the occasion.

11. Plaid waterfall hair

Plaid waterfall hair
Photo Credit: Pinterest

This middle braid hairstyle is an epitome of creativity; an ultimate way to lock eyes on you. This nicely whirled braid that makes a plaid pattern in middle of the hair has taken the waterfall hairstyle to the next level; perhaps it has counted the herbs too.

12. Waterfall curls hairstyle

Waterfall curls hairstyle
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Who can survive entangling in this intricate web of lucrative waterfall braid? Obviously it is very hard for a man to stop himself from falling for such a fascinating look. These blond wavy hairs complimented by the thin braids, ending up in fine tails are a treat to eye. Women can try this style in every season.

13. Dark balayage waterfall hairstyle

Dark brown waterfall twist hairstyle
Photo Credit: lizmarieblog

If you have black hair and want to add some dimension to your waterfall braid, why not try incorporating balayage highlights on black hair? Balayage is a French highlighting technique that creates a natural, sun-kissed effect. When paired with a waterfall braid, it adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your hairstyle.

To achieve this look, start by creating a basic waterfall braid as described earlier. Once you reach the back of your head, select a small section of hair from the top layer and apply the balayage technique. This involves painting the hair dye onto the selected section, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Choose a shade that complements your black hair, such as caramel or dark red. Continue the braid as usual, incorporating the highlighted section into the middle section each time. The result is a stunning waterfall braid with beautiful balayage highlights that will turn heads at any event.

Accessories to Enhance Your Waterfall Braid

To truly elevate your waterfall braid, consider adding accessories that complement your style and the occasion. Delicate hairpins or jeweled clips can add a touch of sparkle and elegance, while boho-inspired headbands or floral crowns can create a whimsical and romantic look. Don’t be afraid to get creative and let your personality shine through with your choice of accessories.

Celebrity-Inspired Waterfall Braids

Looking for some inspiration? Take a cue from your favorite celebrities who have rocked stunning waterfall braids on the red carpet. From Blake Lively’s ethereal and romantic waterfall braid to Jennifer Lawrence’s edgy and modern take on the style, there are plenty of celebrity looks to draw inspiration from. Search for red carpet photos or tutorials to recreate these stunning hairstyles for your next event.

Conclusion and Final Tips for Mastering Waterfall Braids

In conclusion, waterfall braids are a versatile and stunning hairstyle that can elevate your look for any occasion. With a basic technique and a little practice, you can create beautiful waterfall braids that are sure to turn heads. Remember to prep your hair properly, take your time, and have fun experimenting with different variations and accessories. Whether you’re attending a wedding, heading to a festival, or simply want a glamorous everyday hairstyle, waterfall braids are a perfect choice. So go ahead and embrace your inner hairstylist, and let your creativity flow with these stunning waterfall braids.


Ready to elevate your hairstyle game with stunning waterfall braids? Grab your hairbrush and start practicing with our step-by-step guide. Whether you’re attending a wedding, heading to a festival, or just want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, waterfall braids are the perfect choice. So go ahead, unleash your inner hairstylist, and turn heads with these beautiful and versatile hairstyles.

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