Ranch House Exterior Dream Home Plans


I am the one who love the Ranch house. Because I feel like it is very homey,

The Meaning of Ranch style House originally it is a single house in a farm. When The world change, People put more technology and more design to make their ranch style look modern. Some people use these design for their vacation home.

Here are some ideas for you to make a nice Ranch Style House.

The Blue House with Grey Color roof. It such a perfect matching with the surrounding. L-Shape Designed, It makes this house has 2 wings. For Living and Multipurpose Area.

Ranch House
Source : Pinterest

The Cozy  White  House.The exterior is a wooden house mixed with brick in some part, one layer painted white, A balcony with 2 chairs for relaxation. It is like a little big house in a farm.

Source : Pinterest

The Rustic Style Ranch House with 3,700 square feet of Living Area, This Idea concept for this house is bringing the natural breeze throughout the structure.

Source : onekindesign

The house is designed in modern style. But still some of the unique features of traditional Ranch style home. With open living area that get an open view. The interior can see the beauty of nature invisibly. The exterior of the house is designed to be close to the living room. The house has a square size swimming pool. Get the breeze blowing the moisture from the water in the pool.

Ranch House
Source : Trendir

This beautiful home is a two story house. The whole house Paint Schemes is white. The roof is covered with a metal sheet a light blue tone. The area of ​​the house is a grass area on a wide farm. The house itself is designed to have a balcony surrounded. A sofa and chair to sit comfortably in almost every corner of the house.


You might  dream and goal  your life is a job with high salary or living in a  big city with comfortable things. But Actually, living in nature, Surrounded by peace is simplicity that can be enjoyed. The simple life give you a real happiness. Just imagine Having a farm and watching the growth of all surrounding nature. It makes a happiness blossoms in your mind. Owning Ranch Style Homes It is my Life Dream, And you ?

Ranch house exterior photos

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