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Red Carpet Hairstyles: 25 Stunning and Exclusive Looks

Red Carpet Hairstyles

The most important part of creating a perfect red carpet look is probably the hairstyle, which can make or break your entire look. If you want to look your best for that special occasion, whether it is at a wedding or a serious date, then the classic red carpet haircut will work wonders for you.

In addition to makeup, your hairstyle is the best way to draw attention to your best features. You should choose a hairstyle that accentuates your pretty eyes, such as a layered bang or an asymmetrical division. If you want to achieve a similar effect while having long hair, you may want to hold an updo to enhance your facial highlights. Keep your face shape as well, and choose a red carpet hairstyle that shows off your features.

Celebrities’ Red Carpet Hairstyles feature a wide range of beautiful hairstyles. Almost all magazines will feature you if you wear a fabulous gown or outfit and have fabulous hair. An ugly hairstyle will, on the other hand, bring you the trolls on Facebook. It is therefore important to choose the right hairstyle.

Celebrities pay thousands of dollars for a haircut and style because they have celebrity hairstylists. As part of their entourage, some even bring their stylist along wherever they go. It has become very important for celebrities to have great hairstyles on the red carpet to complement their entire style and fashion.

Listed below are twenty five fashion trends for hair that are easy to achieve and require neither heavy makeup nor  jewelry. With these fashion trends, all you need is a simple leather band on a sensual, small neck. This Celebrities hairstyles and fashion trend will remain popular throughout the year.

Here are some exquisite Red Carpet Hairstyles that you can try:

1. Classic Center Parted Straight Hairstyles

Candice Swanepoel with Classic Center Parted Straight Hairstyles
Credit: Candice Swanepoel

There is nothing complicated about this style. You just need to apply some gel or mousse to cleanly adhere the hair to the scalp if you have fabulous blonde hair. Adding some hair accessories such as clips and other hair sticks will make the look more pronounced. This style is very popular among celebrities. Keeping things simple is important, and it’s a fact. This look will work best when paired with bold jewelry and no heavy makeup. The addition of a simple chain necklace or long earring provides mystery and will boost the sensuality.

2. Messy Low Bun Hairstyle

Paz VegaMessy with Low Bun Hairstyle on the red carpet
Credit : Paz Vega

Currently, this hairstyle is prevalent on the red carpet. To create a messy appearance, the hair is first hand-collected. A Loose low bun adds an air of charm to the hairstyle. An excellent hairstyle for women with long, thick, voluminous and even thin hair, this one is full of feminine grace.

3. Long Bob With Side Swept Bang

Taylor Hill - Red carpet Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, we’ve used a medium length, making styling this hairstyle a very straightforward process. Compared to the minimalistic sweeps on the side, the waves on the front are more dynamic. It is, therefore, a versatile and great style that can be rocked at any event.

4. Top Knot Hairstyle

Bella Hadid with Her top knot - Red carpet style

Celebs at events like the Red carpet sport styles that can be copied later as trends. Despite using fewer styling objects, this iconic look appears just the opposite, due to the minimalistic design. It gives the look an enigmatic touch when paired with a unique design necklace.

5. Crown Braid Hairstyle

Milla Jovovich on the red carpet

This style is quite popular among red carpet actresses. If you have this hairstyle, you might want to wear some rich makeup. You can wear this look with a long vintage gown and a lip color in nude. It gives the look a touch of royalty, especially for an event like the Red Carpet.

6. Simple Back Brushed Hairstyle

Elsa Hosk Hairstyle on the red carpet

Hairstyles like this are very easy to do, in fact, they are the easiest. A minimalist hairstyle like this is very appealing. Back brush the hair and add a nice headband. Apply a little hair gel for a stiff appearance. It would be even more glamorous if it was studded with stones. It has a great appeal because the length hits right below the shoulder.

7. Side Swept Long Wavy Hairstyle

Peta Nemcova  with wavy hairstyle
@Petra Nemcova

Wavy hairstyles are one of the hairstyles that never go out of style. Women of all shapes and sizes can look absolutely stunning when they wear wavy hairstyles. It usually gives your hair a lot of volume and frames your face. This is a hairstyle you will see many celebrities sporting. This is a style that requires little makeup and does not require much maintenance. Plain jewelry works best here, so dainty pieces are ideal. Simple calfskin locket and band chain will do wonders. It is also considered one of the most sensual haircuts.

8. Simple Ponytail Hairstyle

Selena Gomez Hairstyle on the red carpet

If you have long hair, this perfect ponytail hairstyle is a great option. For celebrities who are always on the go, this style can also be swift and effortless. A slit rubber band or some out-of-sight clip can be used to hold the hair up when it is done in this style. Makeup should be understated. Before putting the ponytail in, the hair is usually straightened. Ponytails can be made suitable for red carpet events if done right.

9. Romantic Loose Wave

MAHLAGHA  Hairstyle

In addition, curls, which have remained a timeless hairstyle for many generations, make for an ideal red carpet hairstyle. It is a stunning look to have curls like this. This hairstyle is known for its volume-inducing qualities. Aside from that, the hairstyle is so rumpled-looking. You won’t have any difficulty maintaining a hairstyle like this. Add a small amount of hair mousse and crumble it. You’re so damn ready with your hairstyle.

10. Bob with Curl Lock

Lea Seydoux with Curl hair
@Léa Seydoux

This particular Curl is one of the most exquisite vintage hairstyles. There is something particularly appealing about this classical style because of its rich history in theatre. This hairstyle was very prevalent in a lot of stage performances and award functions between the early 1970s and the mid-80s. The fashion and style of the rolls have changed with the present time and scenario, they have become a bit more supple and fluffy.

11. Shaggy Short Hairstyle

Sharon Stone Pixie cut Hairstyle
Sharon Stone @Marieclairebr

There is nothing like this style to be found anywhere else. While the lower parts are thin and trimmed, the upper sections are spiked to add volume and keep at a height so that they look huge. This is an overall smart and bold hairstyle. Lastly, give your hair a final touch by brushing it out with a wide-tooth comb and finishing it off with a good hairspray.

12. Simple Braid


This simple braid adds an exciting twist with its beautiful simplicity. With this braid, a smooth first division and magnetic waves are the ideal blends for creating a show-stopping look. Clothes, footwear, and associates will be enhanced by the haircut. First impressions are great with this hairstyle. The simple factor must be seen when you look at a celebrity walking the red carpet. A lot of journalists cover initial impressions since they travel well. It’s crucial that every component of your look complements the others. You should match your hairstyle, dress, and accessories. This hairstyle is the inspiration for Elsa’s from the Disney movie Frozen.

13. Half up Ponytail Hairstyle

Malagha with Ponytail

It’s a very pretty hairstyle. Your hair should be sectioned into two halves. Keep the rest open and tie the first into a Ponytail. The hairstyle should be complementary to the wispy, divine dress and not a harsh and severe style, even if the fashion calls for it. If you want to look posh and elegant, Just try Weave Ponytail. You can get more styles in Weave Ponytail . Furthermore, you ought to make sure all your jewelry matches your hairstyle, so it’s a good idea to wear anything golden or silver jewelry or a sunny colored dress.

14. Afro Curls

Afro Curls Hairstyle on the red carpet- Didi Stone
Didi Stone

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A funky undertone permeates this red carpet hairstyle. The curls look dense. This hairstyle can be worn with long gowns. Probably the most attractive feature of this hairstyle is that it is not in any way feminine. Creating contrast in the look provides a scope of bringing balance to the whole appearance.

15. Tousled Hairstyle

Agatha Maksimova  - Tousled Hairstyle
Agatha Maksimova Photo By Marc Piasecki

In the case of a celebrity, the hairstyle makes a huge difference. Simple and easy to make hairstyles are very important especially for the celebrity who is always in a hurry and trying to meet both ends. Hairstyles like this messy tossed up style continue to be very popular over the past few years. The look evokes a feeling of being fresh out of the shower.

16. Pixie Short Hairstyle

Lovely Hairstyle Kate Hudson

The gorgeous locks don’t appeal to all women. The cropped hairstyle is a new trend in today’s contemporary styles. Despite wearing an exaggerated fancy gown, many celebrities have cropped and short hairstyles in contrast with the rest of their appearance. This contrast intensifies their appeal and makes them look even more intense. An attractive headband can be added to a hairstyle to add some sparkle. Simple yet sophisticated, the style exudes sophistication. The lovely hairstyle seen here is worn by Kate Hudson.

17. Straight Hair with Bang

Taylor Swift on the red carpet
Taylor Swift

Red carpets are a popular place to see this hairstyle. There is one hairstyle that will never get old, regardless of what happens. Straight hair never goes out of style, and it looks so chic when it is neat and tidy at the same time as it looks pretty. Additionally, these parlor straightened hairstyles don’t fly around or get messed up when turbulence occurs. Additionally, the front fringe gives the outfit an adorable touch and adds to its cute factor. Hairstyles that cover the forehead area can be worn by women who need to enlarge their foreheads.

18. Slicked Back Hair with Baby Bang

Luma Grothe -  Slicked Back Hair with Baby Bang
Luma Grothe

Through the use of Baby Bang, this simple look is elegant and spirited. Slicked Back Hair are a classic and elegant addition to the classical look. Side Swept Baby Bang enhance the look of carefree chic. The right hairstyle complements specific facial shapes more than the wrong one. Therefore, it is better to start testing hairstyles a few months prior to your event.

19. Grey Wavy Hair

Jennifer Lawrence Style
Jennifer Lawrence

Hairstyles or, more accurately, the overall look, aren’t just about the style but also about the color. It is often seen that celebrities pose for a very shocking color on the red carpet in order to steal everyone’s attention. When carried with poise and grace, this gray color is the safest and classiest choice. In this style, all  you need is an indomitable outfit to complement this hair color. If you have this type of hair color and a white dress, you’ll look stunning. Gray looks grave or bold because of its undertones, which are Gothic.

20. Modern Bob Hairstyle

Kat Graham Fashion on the red carpet
Kat Graham

Fashion plays a significant role on red carpets. A fashion like this is also unique. One benefit of hairstyles is that one small change can completely change a person’s appearance. Kat Graham on Cannes Film Festival 2021 is seen flaunting a bob hairstyle. Almost invisible, this Flip end bob a uniqueness to the  otherwise common bob look hairstyle. You can complete the glamorous look by wearing a shimmery dress with this hairstyle.

21. Layered Shag Hairstyle

Cate Blanchett Hairstyle
Cate Blanchett

These days, layering is much in vogue. Short hairstyles combining shags and layers look chic. Hairstyles like this are sensual and cute at the same time. A frame is subtly present for the face, and the hairstyle can be enhanced with flowers or other styles. Additionally, this hairstyle is very easy to maintain.

22. Upsweep Layered Hairstyle

Daily Mylène Farme Modern Hairstyle
Daily Mylène Farme

This is a modern style. A busy star can also do it quickly and easily. It consists of rolling the hair up and holding it at the top of the head in a sort of bun, with light curls in front. Put some dazzling accessories on the hair top to make it more decorative.

23. Bouffant Ponytail Hairstyle

Bella Thorne with Bouffant Ponytail Hairstyle
Bella Thorne

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This can be your bid if you have gorgeous Red hair or any hair length that is slightly on the longer side. Almost any age can wear ponytails because they are always sensual and feminine. In addition to being a very versatile hairstyle, the ponytail hairstyle can also be worn by dividing the hair into multiple sections and tying the top of the ponytail with  a band. The remaining hairstyle is left intact together with the pony. It is, therefore, extremely charming and petite. One canal does add some hair accessories to this.

24. Classy Hairstyle

Bella Hadid red carpet Fashion Style

Infinite glamour and glitz are found at Red Carpet events. During the event, all the newest trends in fashion are on display.the Minimal Red carpet hairstyle is one of the most popular trends. The bouffant, as it is commonly known, is a puffed hairstyle on the crown area that allows for added height. By modifying the bouffant in this way, the height becomes subtle, in fact, minimalistic. Divide your hair in the middle and make a subtle bouffant section at the crown. Red-carpet events can benefit from a smart, simple style that has impact.

25. Long Kinky Twist for Red Carpet Hairstyles

star's Hairstyle

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A hairstyle that is different from others has a higher chance of becoming trendy, and a higher chance of being spotted in the fashion world. This hairstyle features classic braids – however, it is unique. It emphasizes several features of the star’s face and enhances their overall appearance. Hairstyles like this one are mellow in appearance. Stars’ hairstyles are usually either mild waves, locks, or a straight flush and delicate appearance. The hairstyles on the red carpet will be delicate and  refined.

There are many easy hairstyles as well as fashion trends that don’t require a lot of  makeup or jewelry. In conclusion, red carpet hair styles offer many options for styling the hair for occasions like award shows and such. Be the stunning diva you are by creating your own red carpet look. What’s the deal with the wait? Pick the style you prefer.

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