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55 Amazing Religious Tattoos Ideas For Men

Religious Tattoo Ideas For Men

There are so many religious tattoo ideas these days that choosing can be quite challenging. Though sad, it’s very true that tattooing used to be taken as unreligious and disrespectful in those days. We should be grateful for changing times if not, this remarkable art form that needs just colored ink and a body would have been outside our experiences.

Religious tattoos have recently gained popularity. They are among the top tattoo choice for loyal tattoo lovers. Tattoo Religious show love and commitment to religion. This fascinating tattoos have been shortlisted here for you to choose. If you want to show off to the world your religious loyalty and the quality of your tattoo that gives you confidence, this is the best place to be.

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Table of Contents

Christian Tattoo Designs

1. Catholic Cross Tattoo Designs

Three Cross Tattoo

The cross is a symbol of love and affection for loved ones. Sleeve cross tattoo designs are admired as they effortlessly and openly satisfy the holy soul whenever necessary. You can wear Christian tattoo designs in company of the cross in tribal and Celtic arts. Additionally, they are the most popularly demanded in varying exciting colors that fulfill your wishes these days. A cross on your sleeve tells the world your belief.

2. Jesus Christ Tattoo Designs

Jesus Christ Tattoo on Arm

This is another design that comes to your mind immediately you begin considering going for a Christian tattoo design. You may prefer the christian religious tattoos designs drawings of Jesus watching out over his children sitting among peaceful birds high above in the blue sky. You can also ink Jesus on the holy cross and even detail the design with wings for emphasis. The ideas you can come up with and implement with this design are quite infinite in number.

3. Praying Hands Tattoo Faith Designs Sleeves

Praying Hands Tattoo faith Designs Sleeves

Praying hands symbolize a deep connection with Jesus Christ as well as the tremendous power of faith. Varying tattoo faith designs that include praying hands with a chain hanging down from them, praying hands with a cross pendant and praying hands drawn with angels are quite famous. You can also draw the two hands linked together praying for mankind’s wellbeing and ink in rosary beads. Prayer as we all know works miracles in lives.

4. Religious Quotes for Tattoos

faith tattoo ideas

Many times, you meet people who have notable encounters and experiences with certain portions of bible scriptures. For such people, they mostly believe that tattooing such scripture portions on their body is the best means of keeping the memory alive. A variety of quotes from the holy Bible are now the new fashion statement. They are tattooed onto the body and are sometimes detailed with rosaries and so on.

5. Virgin Mary Tattoo Designs

 virgin mary forearm tattoo

Without Virgin Mary, who gave birth to humanity’s creator, the latest trend of tattoos and complete details of Christian tattoo designs will surely be quite incomplete. It will be great to tattoo the silent Mary with her child Jesus, in her laps. Mixing floral designs in Mary’s dress up will appear elegant too. To give the virgin mary forearm tattoo further elaboration, you may also wish to add rosary beads and the sacred heart.

6. Christian Proverb Tattoo Designs

Christian Proverb Tattoo

Proverb tattoos which depict masculinity are wisely liked by men. They are indirect quotes of what such men look up to. It can be inked as the proverb was quoted in the Bible and sometimes detailed with a pigeon or praying hands. This is used to present the fact that anybody suffering any of the common challenges of life will surely be saved by Jesus. There are numerous variations you can choose from.

7. Christian Inspirational Designs

Christian Inspirational Tattoo

The strong and most powerful intentions of most people are represented by inspirational quotes. People are self-inspired and motivated to carry on and work towards overcoming any struggles they are facing, when they have the Christian inspirational quotes inked on their inner arm. They use the strength they derive from the tattoos to fight opposing thoughts and overcome all internal religious conflicts. They are inspired to more religious strength.

8. Last Supper Christian Designs

Last Supper Christian Tattoos

One notable event of Christianity is the last supper. It was the event at which Jesus himself predicted the betrayal from one of his own disciples which, will eventually lead to his death. It becomes more important since the predicted death turns out to cleanse mankind of their sins. The last supper still remains a way of worship up till today and most people consider inking this forearm tattoos christian as being devoted.

9. Cross on Cracked Skin

Cross on arm - Religious Tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

This is a Christian tattoo that shows a face enclosed in a cross which is laying on cracked skin. The idea and design is charming and makes the tattoo very attractive.

10. Boots and Cross

Boots and Cross Religious Tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

This cool cross mounted on the ground with cowboy boots on its front. It also has cap hanging on the top of the cross. If you’re looking for some cool tattoo religious this is certainly one to go for.

11. Back Tattoo

Religious Back Tattoo

This is an incredible tattoo that covers the whole of his back. There are three birds and woman with a round holy glow. The detailing is simply stunning especially the shades of color from her hair to her hands not leaving out her cloak. Every little detail is very symbolic.

12. Shoulder to Half Chest Tattoo

religious half chest tattoos
Source : Nextluxury

The emotion in this chest tattoo religious is touching. There is a feeling of sadness and great hope at the same time. The man, the woman and bird all have symbolical meaning. The religious half chest tattoos is also very detailed and perfect choice for you. This one should be in your shortlist.

13. Chest to Stomach Tattoo

tattoo design of god
Source : Nextluxury

The details and design of this tattoo is simply jaw dropping. Its shows good above and evil below. The quality of the tattoo is also outstanding not leaving out the color combinations. If you’re looking for more detail and symbolism for chest tattoos religious, this could be one of the best tattoo to go for.

14. Expressive Arm Tattoo

spiritual tattoo sleeve
Source : Nextluxury

This tattoos has beautiful coloration and shading of a cross. The skill used was top level. The names of his beliefs are strategically placed with some short verses. This tattoos is designed for the body certainly should be on your shortlist.

15. Jesus Hand Tattoo

jesus hand tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

This is a good way for Christians to show that they remember the death of their savior. The cross enclosed in the pupil of the eye is extremely symbolical. The eye has extreme detail.

16. Cross on Cracks Tattoo Art

Cross on Cracks Tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

The graphical detail on this tattoo surely required some super skills because the art is simply beautiful. The cross is enclosed in a platform that is cracked open by its emergence. This shows an approach to freedom. It is the perfect tattoo for you to take on the back.

17. Graphical Forearm Tattoo

Jesus Forearm Tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

One of the most captivating tattoo you will find in this list, it shows extreme graphical photo of Jesus on the cross with beautiful color contrast far background to the fore ground.

18. Famous Verses

amazing religious tattoo for men
Source :Nextluxury

For those who have favorite quotes from their holy books this is an amazing choice of tattoo.

19. Small Circles Religious Tattoo Ideas

Small Circles Religious Tattoo Ideas
Source : Nextluxury

This tattoo is placed below the arm close to the shoulder. It shows the principles that guide your belief. Take this tattoo and have it with you everywhere you go, you will always remember what you belief in.

20. Rosary and Bible on Chest

chest tattoo bible verse

The rosary and the bible are a must have for Catholics. With this chest tattoo bible verse you can carry them everywhere you go. They have clear detail and are a good way to show off what you are all about religiously.

21. Holy Detail

 religious  Back Tattoo

Extreme detail is used for this master art work. The level of color shading makes it more realistic. It is absolutely impressive and I have to give credit to the artist for the incredible art. Certainly of the best religious tattoos.

22. Mother and Son

 symbolic Christian Tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

This is a beautiful and very symbolic tattoo especially to Christians. The son is held who experiences torture is held up by his mother. You are free to interpret this tattoo in your own way and have it on your body art to display it.

23. Noah’s Arch

 Noah’s Arch Tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

Noah’s ark tattooed on the forearm is simply an excellent tattoo art. It come in a red as the major color or black. The dark finish has an almost intrinsic feel to it. A choice which will be yours to make.

24. Biblical Tattoos

biblical tattoos

An enchanting tattoo is showing two hands holding a bible close. Whatever religion you belong to, you can easily adopt this style to fit your religious connection. Probably on the most symbolic tattoo amongst the religious tattoo ideas for men.

Hinduism Tattoo Designs

25.God Portraits

Hinduism Tattoo

God tattoo designs appear marvelous when inked on the sleeves. This is because it is greatly detailed with the spellbinding holy outfit of Lord Krishna and the jewelry that was worn by Lord Ganesha. You can depict Lord Ganesha sitting on Parvati’s (his mother’s) lap among icy mountains, or Krishna playing his flute in charismatic nature. Vishnu, four strength signifying arms, pretty blue skin and a powerful cobra can also be inked.

26. OM Faith Tattoo Ideas

OM Faith Tattoo Ideas

As a symbol of calmness and faith, OM Tattoo Ideas have also remained another favorite of many tattoo lovers. It’s believed that the four different states of mankind are represented by the four OM parts. When detailed using two lotus flowers, just like the portion of Buddhist belief and tradition requires that one should always club two eternally beautiful things together, they are quite sexy.

27. Trishula Tattoo Designs

Trishula Tattoo Designs

Three great strengths; brains, will and deeds are represented by the great trishula’s three prongs. To ink a great tattoo, you could depict lord Shiva blessing someone while holding trishula in his holy hands or you could ink him just holding the trishula. The meanings of several Sanskrit tattoos are more soulful and they go much deeper than many people think. These days, people don’t bother to know these meanings.

28. Lord Vishnu Tattoo

Lord Vishnu Tattoo

Sometimes referred to as Hari or Naravana, this is a deity that represents one among the most important male figures of Hinduism. Followers of the religion believe that he is a strong protector and most times, he is portrayed with four arms holding objects like a discus, conch, lotus flower and skin interestingly pale blue in color. As a religious tattoos object, he is commonly inked as a powerful symbol of extra security.

29. Lakshmi Spiritual Tattoos Sleeves

Lakshmi spiritual tattoos sleeves
Source : tattoo-journal

Lakshmi is an important goddess in Hinduism. She is believed to give good fortune and wealth as well as great spiritual and material prosperity. She is believed to be Lord Vishnu’s wife and a popular tattoo object nowadays. She is normally depicted often standing or sitting comfortably on a huge lotus flower. She is also usually inked with four arms with each holding varying objects sometimes.

30. Kali Tattoo

Kali Tattoo

In Hindu religion, Kali is believed to be the goddess of creation, power, destruction and time. She is taken to be a great protector as she is believed to continuously battle against all evil. She is a famous tattoo subject of modern times. She is mostly portrayed standing over Shiva who is her consort. Most of her tattoo depictions show her inked on the sleeve with a blue face and a pointed, long tongue.

31. Nandi Design

Nandi  Tattoos for men's hand

The bull which Lord Shiva used to mount is known as Nandi. The name translates into joy or happiness as a meaning. Followers of Hinduism believe that his image certainly offers contentment and good fortunes. The mount is half human and half bull. Although the design is not the most popular, it appears quite incredible when rendered in full color. It is a design with a growing popularity too.

32. Ganesha Tattoo

This is a beautiful recreation of the Hindu God called Ganesha, who is the giver of Knowledge and wisdom. He also protects his people from the obstacles of life. This tattoo gives confidence and maybe might make the one having it feel smarter and braver. The color combination makes it very attractive and cool for men.

Islamic Religious Ink Designs

33. Holy Scripture Tattoos

Holy scripture tattoos on arm

Quran scriptures together with some symbols for details are often inked on the sleeve. Fire and earth are two vital religious symbols as mother earth has several colors that blend to become beauty itself. Amazing blends of numerous shades of yellow in natural fire appears simply authentic. Inspiration is drawn from inking these symbols of the scriptures on the sleeve by lovers of tattoos from the Islamic.

34. Crescent Moon and Star Tattoo

Another religious symbols for tattoos with a rise in popularity over a few years is the crescent moon with the stars above. The popularity of the design as a tattoo is progressively on the rise. It is an Islamic symbol that is gaining more political meaning with each passing day. The political meaning is turning it into a symbol for majority of nations that follow the religion these days. Significant symbols can make this design truly rock.

35. Arabic Designs

Religious Tattoos Arabic Designs

Arabic writings are also becoming more trendy and gaining popularity even in the west nowadays. They are linked to Islam as it is the language in which the Islamic holy book was revealed in. Apart from Quran verses, a lot of individuals tattoo their names, their lovers’ names or most favored quotes in Arabic script. They look amazing on the sleeves.

36. Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand religious tattoo design
Instagram @miss__jsl

Hamsa Hand Tattoo design is another tattoo that is inspired by Arabic writings. The hamsa (Fatima’s hand or her eye) – Fatima is Prophet Muhammad’s daughter – is a symbol that is believed by followers to safeguard them against any evil eyes. The Hamsa is also believed to be the Hand of Miriam in Jewish culture. It is used on certain charms, painted in homes and inked as a sleeve tattoo design.

Buddhism Tattoo Designs

37. Buddha Tattoo Symbol For Faith

Buddha Tattoo Symbol For Faith

Gautam Buddha is the only lord with a global following of several monks. Numerous tattoo lovers portray him in the divine meditation position. Another symbol related to Buddha is the wheel with several stokes. Another design explored by Buddhist monks are San Yant tattoos. It’s believed that anyone with this tattoo has inner powers. Gao yord (nine spires is among Sak Yant tattoos with magical mantras written in pali sanskrit.

38. Buddha Statue Tattoo Design

Buddha Statue Tattoo Design
Instagram @sorae_tattooer

Buddha statues are all time global favorites used for inspiration for Buddhist lessons. The great hues benefit the tattoos of the brilliant Buddha as they get to grace so many sleeves the world over. Buddha designs detailed with a shiny golden haze can be beautifully outlined . In most cases, you can get the best gleam from your Buddha tattoo by using light and further shading.

39. Buddha Raised Palm Tattoo Design

Buddha Raised Palm Tattoo

This design, in which Buddha is depicted with a raised palm, blessing whoever happens to see him portrayed, is perhaps the simplest form of the Buddha religious tattoo design you can get. Depending on the size of your sleeve and what you want, the design may or may not comprise the full Buddha figure. Whether is does or not, the design still looks amazing on the sleeve and is gaining popularity.

40. Famous Buddha Finger Gold Design

Buddha Finger Tattoos
Source :Stylecraze

Over the years from when Gautama Buddha died, many varying statues have been created to depict one of the foremost personalities that ever lived. Two of these depictions stand out from the rest. They are the most popular of them all. They are found in the Ellora and Ajanta caves. In them, Buddha folds his fingers in varying shapes called Mudras with each symbolizing a different meaning. This is a beautiful sleeve tattoo design.

41. Meditative Buddha Design

Meditative Buddha Tattoos

Many followers show their devotion to Buddha’s meditative mind and the religious sect by using amazing tattoos of Buddha in a meditative pose on their sleeves. Buddha is generally portrayed sitting on a lotus-like seat holding an expression the shows deep satisfaction on his face. Golden Buddha meditative statues are in virtually every monastery in the world. The tattoo design of god symbolizes power, happiness and prosperity.

42. Laughing Buddha Design

Laughing Buddha Tattoos

This is most popular in Chinese fables. The depiction of the jovial looking pot bellied Buddha is quite notable. It is an exciting choice for people who desire to have a carefree version of Buddha as against other popular renditions. It is a reasonable outline for people who like being light and amused in the way they look at things generally. This aesthetically pleasing religious tattoos design can be inked on the sleeve too.

43. Bodhi Tree Design

Bodhi Tree Tattoos

The bodhi tree Buddha tattoo design appears quite marvelous when inked on the sleeves. It is indeed one great tattoo design that is rising in popularity these days. As the bodhi tree was the one under which Buddha is believed to have received enlightenment, the tattoo has a lot of meaning and significance. It is loved and worn by many followers all over the world. It is among the foremost Buddha tattoo designs.

44. Buddha Symbols Design

Buddha Symbols  Religious Tattoos

There are many symbols that are related to Buddha and the life he lived. Many followers of Buddhism use these symbols for tattoo designs. Most of the symbols have a lot of wisdom in them. They are among the best Buddha tattoo designs being popularly used in the last few years. They make great designs for the sleeves. When detailed properly with the right colors, the design is among the greatest tattoo designs.

45. Japanese Religious Tattoo

 Japanese religious Tattoo

This tattoo required lots of ink, this means it was really painful. The skill level used was beyond expert since tattooing the whole body and getting it right is difficult. It is an amazing work of art and should be in your shortlist if you want to fill your body with religious love.

46. Buddha Tattoo with Free Hand Background

Buddha Tattoo with Free Hand Background
Instagram @a_gak._

The mixture of buddha tattoo design is unimaginable. The skill level was definitely on point. If you think about your religious you can choose this or modify it to fit you beliefs.

Other Religious Tattoo Designs

47. Star of David Tattoo Design

Named after the famous king David, the Star of David is one of the foremost symbols of Judaism. It is also a notable symbol of Zionism and the Israeli nation. The star prominently features in the middle of the Israeli national flag. Star of David tattoo designs are increasingly becoming more popular as a means of expressing a strong Israeli identity. It is sometimes detailed with Israel’s map, lions or the word ‘Zion’.

48. Hebrew Faith Tattoos

Hebrew faith Tattoos

The most popular of Hebrew faith tattoos are those that are inked in the Hebrew script. Inspiration, spiritual and meaningful quotes from the bible is the mostly used element for tattoos. Names and non-religious quotes are also used but inked in Hebrew script. “I’m my Beloved’s and my beloved’s is mine”, is a bible quote that is progressively becoming more popular as a tattoo.

49. Judaism Designs

Judaism Tattoos

Opinions differ on whether Judaism forbids tattoos or not. It is not an edict that all adherents follow even if just occasionally. The menorah tattoo is the design you see on most followers of the faith. The menorah design when detailed very well can look quite great on the sleeves. Many tattoo lovers nowadays opt to have the menorah design inked on their sleeve and it looks just amazing.

50. Go Native American

Native American Tattoo

Lots of ink color is used in this tattoo. The tattoo represents love for the native culture and, or religion. This tattoo is for those who want show their love for their heritage by tattooing their backs full.

51. Bizarre Tattoo

Bizarre Tattoo

No matter your belief there is a tattoo for you. This tattoo of a creature with two horns catching a snake by its hands is bizarre but unique too. There is freedom of belief, if this is your sort of thing, then try this cool neck tattoo.

52. Simple Reminder

 simple religious Tattoo

This small Arabic writing tattoo from a holy book serves as a quick reminder, in case some situation requires the remembrance of the words. This is a good way for women’s small religious tattoos carry important verses that serve you best.

53. Wings on the back

Wings on the back tattoo

This is very descriptive with scary aspects. The body of the winged man is highly details which is excellent work from the artist. Color is majorly black with different shades. It is actually an amazing tattoo and should definitely be among your choices for the back of your body.

54. Foo Dog on The Sleeve

foo dog tattoo
Instagram @sumok_tattooer

This is another tattoo that fits well on the arm, majorly on the sleeve. It shows incredible body art skills by the artist especially in describing the skin of the foo dog. This is one religious sleeve tattoo to think about.

55. Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Tattoo
Source : Nextluxury

This tattoo shows an angel armed with a sword and wielding a shield. May be he protect you. A good choice if you like angels.

The top 55 most amazing religious tattoo ideas for men is shortlisted of a whole lot tattoo ideas out there. This tattoo can be easily modified to adjust to your beliefs, but it would require a very skillful tattoo artist. You can be stylish and simultaneously remain religious with well designed religious tattoos. There are so many designs and options out there that making a choice becomes a challenge most times.

Ensure that you go through all the varying options listed here before making your decision. You should choose one you are comfortable with which you will be able to love forever. Whichever you decide to use, remain religious, stylish, fashionable, and blessed with any of these amazingly eye-catching religious tattoos designs.

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