Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.


Updated: January 27, 2022

The world is generally a competitive place. And the world of devices is not left behind in this healthy and often unhealthy competition.

With so many brand advertisements, choosing the right robot vacuums could be a real challenge. But we will strongly advise that you go for Roborock S7 whenever you find yourself sitting on the fence. We know you must be wondering why we are bold enough to recommend the Roborock S7. Well, it is because it is smart, powerful, and very efficient when it comes to helping you keep your home clean. The biggest selling point of this machine is that it is a combination of a vacuum and mop.

Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

But that’s not all, another reason the Roborock S7 is highly talked about is that this device can switch between the two on the fly (mop and vacuum).

In this guide, we will review the Roborock S7 device, and also give you reasons to include it in your shortlist. Are ready? Let’s start. 


+ Excellent and accurate mapping

+ Noiseless cleaning

+ Improved main roller brush with an over efficient 2,500Pa vacuuming

+ Detailed mopping with an included mop

+ Thorough drying with VibraRise to keep the carpet and flow neat and dry

+ Superb battery life

+ Auto-Lifting Mop

+ Dual functionality of mopping and drying simultaneously


X Absence of auto-empty bin (would be bought separately)

X Lacks in-built camera

X Tangling of rubber brush 

X Inability to use detergents


Upgraded floating all-rubber brush 

Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

The S7 Roborock vacuum cleaner comes with an improved floating brush that sticks closer to the surface and makes the effective eradication of debris fast and neat. It also has a new all-rubber design that is easy to use. It is durable in terms of how long you can get value back for the money invested. 


Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

This is defined as the production of a partial vacuum by the removal of air to force fluid into a vacant space or procure adhesion.

In harmony with the upgraded brush is a powerful suction system that tremendously works effectively with up to 2500Pa of power. The Roborock quickly gets rid of stubborn messes on hard surfaces, as well as pulling up accumulated dirt from the carpet. Automatically, the S7 will detect when working on carpet and optimize the suction to a maximum setting, then by default return to the previous mode when working on hard surfaces.


Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

The improvement on the Roborock S7 cannot be over-emphasized, in addition to the previously mentioned modifications; the S7 is equipped with LiDAR navigation and control. The machine is highly programmed to be able to swerve through the complex home and office space layouts and maintains top-notch cleaning results. Because the app is subjected to constant improvement, its virtual abilities are sensitive to boundaries such as no-mop areas, and suction power adjustments. The map of the LiDAR sensor creates an interesting degree of accuracy that can be used to select which rooms to clean per time.


One fascinating thing about the Roborock S7 is its stress-free maintenance system that can be achieved in a few, and easy steps. 

Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

First, lift the back compartment, then get rid of the debris bin and simply put it back. All thanks to the rubber roller that makes it almost impossible for hair to get attached to the wheels, unlike most other vacuum cleaning rollers. The maintaining structure is simple and encourages the durability of the machine.


Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.
Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

The vacuum competition is high, but there are sticking and distinguishing sets that give the Roborock S7 an edge over other brands. The box comes with a complete package these are, the vacuum, which is the cream of the box, the direct from manufacturers charging kit, a cleaning tool, which is directly underneath the flab that conceals the waste bin, a spiral brush roll, HEPA filter (two and a spare). Mopping pad (washable and comes with no alternatives). The user’s manual. The additional spare parts make a replacement purchase a distant goal. 


Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

The early users of the Roborock S7 can attest to the fact that the process of setting up the Roborock S7 is one of the simplest in the world. It is a straightforward process (even a child can do it). Yeah, it’s that simple. All that is required for you to do is to unpack and put together every component together. Next, plug the charger into a socket and fully charge the battery of the Roborock S7. This usually takes an average of six hours. 

Once you’re done with that, the next thing that is required of you to do so is to install the Roborock app (Android|iOS). To install the app, you will need to lift the lid on the S7, and then hold down the two buttons that are placed by the side of the robot’s power button. 

The indicator light for the Wi-Fi will flash, and after that, you be alerted by the machine that will say “resetting Wi-Fi”. 

Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

The next thing that you will need to do is to tap the + button in the app and tap the S7 icon once it has detected the robot. You will need to watch out for the steady glow of the Wi-Fi indicator. Only then can you be assured that it has paired with the Roborock S7 device. You will then need to follow the prompts in the app to connect to the Roborock S7 device. You will also need to regularly check for updates before trying to install any updates. 


You can control the Roborock S7 device with the help of a voice assistant. There are three famous voice assistants, and they are as follows;

  • Google Assistant
  • Siri
  • Alexa

Asides from the voice assistants, it can also be controlled through the Roborock S7 app. Other third-party apps are equally compatible with the Roborock S7 device, such as the Google Home app and the Mi Home app. Most people prefer the controlled method of operating the device by using a voice assistant, but then the Roborock app is well organized and detailed. You should learn how to control the Roborock device through the app first before using the voice assistant. 

When using the Roborock S7 device for the first time, it will create space for you to use the LiDAR. The rooms it will automatically create for you can be edited at your convenience. 

Note; Refrain from using anything other than water in the Roborock S7. To get rid of sticky particles, you can add hot water to the device. 


Several components are in the Roborock S7 device that can be removed, cleaned, and replaced. Before you become overly eager to dismantling the Roborock S7 device, read the user guide on how to clean the device. Regularly wipe the device with a cloth (towel) that is slightly damp.

Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

When it comes to how you can maintain the device, the Roborock app has a screen that showcases the working condition of virtually all the components of the Roborock S7 device. This will help you know when to replace a faulty component. 


Only a few things differentiate the RoborockS7 from the S6 MaxV robot vacuums. For instance, the S7 device was designed especially for people that seek unbeatable vacuuming and mopping capabilities, but on the other hand, the S6 MaxV stands out more in terms of security. All thanks to the dual cameras that were embedded in the front of the device. The only difference between these devices is that the Roborock S7 device is more advanced and does virtually everything that the S6 MaxV does. 


Just in Love Roborock S7, Why? Here is the Review.

No doubt the S7 is one of the more expensive Roborock vacuum cleaners in its class, but it is a thousand times worth the price that was paid to purchase it. If the value for money were a product, then it will be the Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner. Though the camera in the previous model was a welcomed development, it still doesn’t outsource the S7 even if it is absent.

The sonic mop, for instance, is a better and healthier improvement in the Roborock S7 over other previous models. If your space is not flooded with many hard floors then they are suitable alternatives to the S7, but if your home or office comprises a lot of hard floors then the Roborock S7 is your best bet.

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