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72 Best Selena Gomez Costume Were On Point

Selena Gomez is an American actor and singer. She came to limelight from children show Barney and Friends. Since then she has never looked back.

Her relation with Justin Bieber was famous. The name Jelena became very famous. However, one unique thing about Selena Gomez is her outfits. Selena Gomez’s Outfits were always a talking point. Here we will look into such 72 costumes.

Table of Contents

1.The vintage look of Selena Gomez’s outfits

Selena gomez vintageoutfits
Source : Gettyimages

Selena Gomez looks in this white vintage dress from the 90’s.

2.Selena Gomez’s outfit at prom 2015

Selena gomez yellow dress
Source : Shutterstock

She looks stunning in the high low yellow canary dress.

3.Uniqueness in night dress

Selena gomez full outfits
Source : gettyimages

A simple sweater with sneakers and silky dress. Perfect blend.

4.More towards retro

Selena gomez iconic outfits
Source : Gettyimages

Sel chose to go retro with old-fashioned tank top and jeans.

5.Perfect look

Selena gomez casual outfits
Source: Gettyimages

With high red heels and jeans, she chose a simple top for a sunny day.

6.Double layer dress

Selena gomez red short dress
Source: Gettyimages

She even looks stunning in chunky boots and layered dress.

7.Old granny fashion

Selena gomez casual dress
Source : Gettyimages

She is moving towards cardigans and sneakers with sunglasses.

8.Long coat girl

Selena gomez coat outfits
Source : Gettyimages

Ms. Gomez looks like a matured woman in simple long coat and black shoes.

9.Simple fabric with retro glass

Selena gomez with retro glasses
Source : Gettyimages

She again chose retro glasses with a pink top and bell pant.

10.Gomez’s Midi

Selena gomez red skirt

This time she looks like a kid with midi and side bag.

11.The Maxi look

She even tried maxi for her birthday. The old look new style.

12.Midi with trim

Selena gomez black outfits
Source :Gettyimages

There is a glamour quotient with this dress and heels.

13.Spectacular jumpsuit

Her pink jumpsuit was spot on for the day

14.Gingham Suit

Selena gomez outfits casual
source : gettyimages

When everyone was trying it, she tried it too.

15.Metallic Orange

Selena gomez orange outfits
source : gettyimages

Perfect outfit for the red carpet style.

16.Hot Minidress

Selena gomez minidress

Perfect smile with the perfect dress. She just made the change from retro to trending.

17.The floral dress

Selena gomez flower pattern
source : gettyimages

Her look in floral jacket along with bomber jacket was spot on.

18.Blue dress and pink glasses

Selena gomez denim outfits
source : gettyimages

Unusual combo but she nailed it for sure.

19.Full cut red outfit

Selena gomez red dress
source : gettyimages

She surprises us here and there with such uniqueness and trend

20.Disney princess

Selena Gomez’s outfits were always perfect and this white dress too.

21.All white

Simple yet elegant. All white with black spread hairs.

22.A bird look

She wore a feather dress and her stance was perfect.

23.Off the shoulder in black

This black dress shows her naughty side.

24.The glam dress

The perfect shiny glam dress for any event.

25.The navy cut

This is the prime example of her uniqueness

26.Thigh split

This mature dress with thigh split at a higher position is perfect.

27.The fire engine

Her shiny fire engine outfit is perfect for glamour awards.

28.Pure simplicity pink dress

Sometimes simplicity is better than glamour.

29.Mesh top and twirl skirt

This combination is definitely a trendsetter.

30.High thigh split

She completely nailed the look of grown woman at such age

31.Sparkle everywhere

The dark-colored shining dress lightens her face.

32.LBD and coat

The fall is near and Selena is already prepared for it.

33.Combo of skirt and sweater

Again a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.

34.Long black dress

With a long black dress, she looks gorgeous.

35.The LBD trend

With black LBD and glasses, she has killer look.

36.The white jumpsuit

She wears what she likes but impresses everyone.

37.Flirty LBD

This is a mature look of young Gomez

38.Series of jumpsuits

Her jumpsuit trend is amazing

39.Sweater cum dress

Short dress and sweater, perfect for evening.

40.Stunning in pajamas

Dark red heels with blue pajamas. Perfect Pair.

41.White Maxi

The princess look is gorgeous in this white full maxi.

42.Creamy fit

The dress just floats on her body like waves.

43.The bond girl

The unique grey dress with black thighs

44.Red and black

The red jacket with the black skirt is a perfect pairing.

45.Black and black

Completely covered in black and black

46.Shine in blood red

She shines in a red light with this dress

47.LBD in black

This asymmetrical dress suits her for parties.

48.The mix of white and black

This black swan, white swan dress is amazing.

49.Crop top and the skirt

No need to explain her charisma in this.

50.The jacket, top, and short jeans

Perfectness is easy in this pic.

51.The black look

She looks amazing in all black outfit.

52.Unusual up and downsize

She looks like a boss with this outfit.

53.Blouse and leggings

Perfect look with denim blouse and leggings


The look of cat girl with leather and boots

55.Again, in leather but stunning this time

Sometimes leather and boot can mess up but not this time.

56.The scarf and top combo

Selena Gomez’s outfits are unique. Look at this scarf on top of the crop top.

57.The jacket and wool

Here she is showing her style with perfect dressing combination

58.The printed dress

The perfect dress with light print is a perfect match for her.

59.The maroon skater dress

She has the fragrance of a maroon flower.

60.The metallic top

The night party look is a trend.

61.Black dress and white joints

Dress and the heels show her incredible fashion sense.

62.The maxi with belt

The yellow-black belted maxi suites her style.

63.Mixed print

These kinds of dresses increase her cuteness.

64.Black and gray combo

The black colored leggings and the grey sweater is a look of cuteness.

65.Sweater and pants

She looks, even more, cuter with high pants and the cropped sweater

66.The LBD ride

She always looks very comfortable in these dresses.

67.Sheer top and black pants.

Look for a right framed person.

68.Trench coat elegance

There is no way she looks just ok in it. The look is fabulous.

69.Moo jacket and jumpsuit

When it comes to the jumpsuit, she is the queen.

70.Print dress

She looks like a tourist attraction here.

71.Ripped jeans and Tees

The blue hat and dress combo give the pop feel.

72.A big necklace and simple outfit

As usual, her style is perfect.

Selena Gomez’s outfits were always right on the point. From her young age, she always dressed in a unique way. She is a trendsetter.

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