20 Beautiful Shiplap Wall Ideas To Try



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The DIY-friendly shiplap wall wood boards will be perfect for the living room, office, kitchen, kids’ room, or anywhere else you choose. Shiplap is a versatile product that can accommodate any style, whether it is farmhouse, modern, rustic, chic and refined, or, if you’d like to create something more artistic or whimsical, you can design it yourself. Check out these 20 accent shiplap wall ideas: 

1. Children’s Room Shiplap For Walls

Children's rooms shiplap for walls

The hype effect of vertical shiplap in a child’s room is instant – comfortable, cozy, and relaxing. A Two tone white and dark gray of shiplap wall which add texture and depth to the room.  

2. Wall Shiplap In a Bunkbed Room

The white shiplap creates a great backdrop for these custom bunk beds that are designed to feel nautical. This fun and cozy sleeping room has a serene sense of symmetry thanks to the smooth texture of the shiplap and flooring. For a perfect finishing touch, the navy stair, white bedding and colorful cushions provide depth.

3. Kitchen Backsplash Shiplap Paneling

Kitchen Backsplash Shiplap Paneling

Try installing shiplap paneling on a backsplash, if doing an entire room is too overwhelming for you. Shiplap enhances the area’s brightness and depth. Shiplap, however, should be protected from excessive moisture because it retains moisture, becoming damaged if not properly sealed. Before painting or touching up pre painted shiplap like Metrie Complete, Metrie recommends protecting cut ends with primer.

4. Shiplap Kitchen

Shiplap Kitchen accent wall adds a sense of homey to the kitchen, with horizontal patterns on the subway tiles, the door, the blue sink counter, and even the blue kitchen island. In addition to making the room appear larger, these patterns and layers contribute to harmony and tranquility.

5. Shiplap Board Behind The Shelves

An added touch of texture and personality is provided by the white shiplap Vertical lining the black shelving. Additionally, shiplap creates a sense of width since the eye is drawn upward, while the upholstered furniture add depth to the room.

6. Green Shiplap Wall Panels

Green Shiplap Panel

A bold statement is created by this pastel green shiplap paneling, which adds warmth and texture to the space. In addition to adding interest, the contrast of bright white vertical around the window lets more light into the cozy livingroom. Floor and ceiling colors that are light add to the space’s brightness.

7. Horizontal Shiplap in the Foyer Area

Horizontal Shiplap in the Foyer Area
Source: Instagram@thefarmhouseboys

White horizontal shiplap makes a foyer look wider and more spacious, thanks to its clean lines that draw the eye upward. 

8. Shiplap Wall Bathroom

Shiplap Wall Bathroom

Using white shiplap as a backsplash, this modern farmhouse bathroom gives the room a feeling of cleanliness and crispness. The horizontal shiplap renders the small space appear larger. 

9. White Shiplap Wall Panels Around Fireplace

White Shiplap Wall Panels Around Fireplace

You can quickly and easily use DIY shiplap panels to create an accent wall around your fireplace, creating a focal point and a comfy seating area for you, your family, and friends to enjoy. You can install shiplap yourself if you have quality timbers and a couple of power tools. 

10. Bedroom With Shiplap – Horizontal Blue

You can create a dramatic and unique bedroom with an accent wall made from shiplap painted a blue, rich color. You can create a distinctive space that reflects your own individual style by adding a color.   

11. Install a farmhouse staircase

shiplap wall for a farmhouse staircase
Source: Instagram@farmhouseidea

Vertical elements and diagonal lines in the staircase combine beautifully with the horizontal shiplap walls to create a farmhouse atmosphere. White wall treatment, banisters, risers, and moldings make your eyes focus on the wood steps, which prompt you to climb or descend them. Continuations of horizontal lines extend from the shiplap to the staircase to give the impression of a more expansive space. 

12. White Shiplap Wall For Bathroom

White Shiplap Wall For Bathroom

Shiplap adds warmth and charm to a small bath as it makes the room appear bigger and brighter. Solid white walls are given depth and texture by the dark wooden mirror. It creates the illusion that the room is larger thanks to the mirror.

13. As an Accent Wall for a Headboard

With the addition of a black vertical shiplap accent wall, the pair of plush headboards and contemporary ceiling lamp give this bedroom personality and texture. It appears inviting and fresh thanks to the shiplap and the monochromatic color scheme

14. Ceilings

Shiplap Ceilings

The wooden shiplap ceiling provides harmony and continuity to this modern, sleek kitchen, resulting in a harmonious, contemporary look. In addition to providing a sharp contrast with the fixtures and countertop, the shiplap also adds an element of sophistication. The shiplap runs parallel to the longest width of the room, making the area look more prominent and enhancing the room’s focal point — its window and outdoor view. 

15. Diagonal Shiplap Accent Wall Idea For Living Room

Diagonal Shiplap Accent Wall Idea For Living Room

This living area is transformed into a cozy and modern area with the addition of a natural colored shiplap accent wall. Adding shiplap to the wall gives the room texture and depth as well as increasing the feeling of space. As seen in this photo, diagonal shiplap applied perpendicularly to the accent wall creates the illusion of length. 

16. Two-Tone Half Walls

Two-Tone Half shiplap from plywood

A modern yet rustic resting area is given texture and warmth by two-quarters of the wall covered in dark shiplap from plywood and topped with several feet of white-painted wall. In this room, the minimalist design emphasizes the natural environment created by the leather armchair. 

17. Simple Shiplap In the Dining Area

Simple Shiplap In the Dining Area

The vertical shiplap panels in a dining area make it look modern and homey at the same time. Adding texture to the room are the vertical lines that contrast with the dining table and the ceiling lamp. The use of white for the walls, window treatments, trim, baseboards, and cabinets makes the room feel cohesive and allows the table to stand out. 

18. Reclaimed DIY Walling

Reclaimed DIY Walling

19. Around the Backsplash

Adding pattern and texture to this contemporary farmhouse kitchen is an accent wall made of shiplap. This kitchen space will be a place you want to gather your family for a meal with the unique lines of the vertical shiplap, black countertop, and marble backsplash. 


20. A Shiplap Wall With Fireplace

shiplap wall with fireplace

This fireplace is a focal point due to the horizontal shiplap on the overmantel, surround, and outer hearth, drawing the eyes upward and giving the room a sense of height. Natural and raw barn wood grains give the room a rustic style with depth and texture. 

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