40 Short Asian Men Hairstyles To Get Right Now

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41. Haircut with Cropped Quiff

This simple haircut is great for people with thick hair, something that many Asian men of mixed origins have. It’s a low-maintenance haircut that despite being a clean cut, gives you a mature look. Try it and you may fall in love with this cool style.

2. Spiked Short Hairstyles

Among all the short Asian men’s hairstyles, the spiked style is suitable for all ages and that, apart from its great looks, could be the reason for its huge popularity over the years. Anyone with the average Asian hair can go for it without a second thought.

3. Top Ponytail and Shaved Sides

If you want a hassle-free cut that does not need too much maintenance, this is a great haircut to have. All it needs is the hair to be shaved on both sides and the top section has to be pulled up into a ponytail. Put on a great looking pair of glasses and you will make heads turn.

4. Party Top Up Short Asian Men Hairstyles

short asian mens hairstyles Party Top Up

This is a great style for young people and will make you stand out whether you are at the gym, hanging around with friends or attending a college lecture. The hair is kept long at the top, but the back and sides are shaved. The funky style rubs off on your personality as well. It makes anyone look hip and attractive without giving a childish appearance. It’s perfect for fun-loving Asian men who love short Asian men’s hairstyles.

5. A Simple Cut for Thick Hair Short Hairstyles

short asian mens hairstyles

If you have thick hair and want a casual look that still works for formal situations, try this hairstyle. It is common with men of Korean origin, who have thicker hair than other Asians. It is a combination of cropped sides and nicely shaped, stylishly cut hair.

6. Rugged Men’s Cut with Beard

If you have a thick beard and want to project a tough look then this is the hairstyle that you should go for. The beard and the loose hair stylishly arranged in layers will invite a lot of attraction from the opposite sex. Try it and you will like this style, which takes inspiration from the lumberjack look.

7. Hairstyle with Side Partition

The side partition was always popular and it can suit almost anybody. Asian men of mixed race can often grow very thick hair and this hairstyle suits them very well. It looks good with or without a beard. It’s a versatile hairstyle that you can go for without a second thought if you have hair that is thick or medium thick.

8. Short and Long Hairstyle with Designs

Asian hair always looks good with a fade hairstyle. You can enhance your fade hairstyle with some innovative designs. Any hairstylist can do it, but if you really want a premium job, try an African-American salon. They are very good at these designs.

9. Height Enhancing Spiky Hairstyle for Men

If you are not happy with a flat hairstyle or are on the shorter side, this one is for you. Elevate your personality with an illusion of a taller stature. Although this hairstyle is more popular with the youngsters who are in love with short Asian men’s hairstyles, you can use it to add personality even if you are middle aged.

10: Innovative Shaping with Spikes

If you like long spiked hair like many Asian youngsters who love short Asian men’s hairstyles, you should try this one. Unlike most spiked hairstyles, this one uses innovative shapes on the sides and back of the head to create that eye-catching look. It’s a great hairstyle for those who like to get off the beaten track and try something more adventurous.