40 Short Asian Men Hairstyles To Get Right Now

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311. Fade (Chinese Style)

The fade is a popular hairstyle with Asian men who prefer short Asian men’s hairstyles. This one takes its inspiration from Chinese men. It is suitable for everyone with medium or thin hair. The faux hawk style does not work well with thick hair. You have to set it with a good hair gel to keep it in position all day.

12. Slick Back Style

This style is similar to the short Asian men’s hairstyles that have remained popular for decades. It is a tried and tested hairstyle. You will look good in it if you have straight and soft hair. You can also use it as a follow up after a fade haircut.

13. Funky Hairstyle for Asian Men

If you want to enhance your looks with some color and streaks, try this hairstyle. It will enhance your looks. The style combines faded sides with long spiky hair in the center that is enhanced with color and streaks. You can try various colors. Both permanent dyes as well as temporary chalking work well. Keep the top strands brushed upwards to enhance the design and elevate your good looks.

14. Long and Loose Hairstyle

Long and Loose Hairstyle

Do you want that Snape in Harry Potter look? If you love wearing long hair, this hip style is for you. There is nothing much to do except growing your locks and roughly combing them down.

15. Short Blow Back

If you have a narrow forehead, this hairstyle can enhance it. It also works well for a receding hairline. The wide range of face shapes of men of Asian origins allows them to sport a large forehead without giving themselves a balding look.

16. Faded Design

Do you want to step out of the monotone path? Here is a hairstyle that will make you stand out and look truly modern. This short hairstyle with large faded areas on the sides is perfect for those hot summer months. You can be as creative or as adventurous as you want. There are no limits to the designs that you can think of. It truly stands out among all short Asian men’s hairstyles.

17. Serious Spikes


With long hair, spikes along the top of the head and relatively short hair on the side, this hairstyle gives you a hint of that Mohawk look. Unlike the true Mohawk style, the sides are not shaven. You can also comb it down for a quick change in appearance for a more casual look. If you want a fun hairstyle that you can play around with, this is the style for you.

18. Long and Edgy Hairstyle

This hairstyle, with its tremendous charm and sex appeal, is very popular among Asian men. The hair is kept to medium length with the longer locks on top cleverly combed down over the face. You can part it on the side or just comb it backwards. You can easily keep it in position with a light mousse, which will do the job without making your hair look stiff, sticky or artificial.

19. Tapered and Layered Hairstyle

Among all short Asian men’s hairstyles, this one has a special place. If you have thick and straight hair, here is a hairstyle that you can change any which way you want and that too, on the go. The hair is cut in different angles and lengths to create tapered layers that will make you very photogenic. Use a good setting product to adjust your hair and change your hairstyle whenever you feel like modifying your appearance. It can make you a selfie addict though.

20. Traditional Haircut for Dark Hair

This is the traditional school-boy haircut that everyone loves and never goes out of fashion. If you have dark Asian hair, you will look good in it, whichever way you decide to set it.