40 Short Asian Men Hairstyles To Get Right Now

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221. Hairstyle with Front Focus

Who said that you can’t look younger even if you are middle aged? Try this great hairstyle that became very popular once Vern Yip, the designer decided to wear it at a UNICEF event. The front portion of the hair is sectioned and crafted into a pointy cone using just setting gel and fingers. The remaining hair is combed back to produce a sober and enhanced appearance.

22. Long Side Sweep – Asian Men’s Style

40 Short Asian Men Hairstyles To Get Right Now

Among all short Asian men’s hairstyles, this style is especially suited if you have a round face and it looks great even if you are starting to lose your hair. Michael Chow, the restaurateur, made use of this hairstyle at a black tie event. If you are already having hair loss, allow your hair to grow a little long and comb it to the side to make the hair look thicker and fuller than it actually is.

23. The New Front Brush

This is the style to go for if you don’t like tall hair and prefer to flatten it over your head. The hair in the front is kept long, but the sides and back are cropped short. The front portion is combed forward, flattened and keep in place with a styling mousse. Jason Zhang, the Chinese pop singer, sported this look at an award show. With an angled quiff, this style will look better and more modern.

24. Throwback Short Hairstyles Men

This is a hairstyle that is becoming popular again after its high days in the 1990s when it was very popular among men wearing a macho dress and large combat boots. The sides are cut elegantly and the rest of the hair is kept a little long, parted, combed back and kept in place with a liberal amount of gel. This hairstyle was brought back from its heydays by Miyavi, who wore it during a movie premiere.

25. Rugged and Formal Men’s Hairstyle

This hairstyle goes well if you have long hair and a French beard or goatee. The long hair is loosely combed back to flow on to the shoulders and is kept in place with a light styling product. Hiroyuki Sanada once sported this hairstyle with his neatly groomed goatee.

26. Young and Fun Asian Hairstyle

Want to get that feeling that you experienced as a teenager when it comes to looks? Try this hairstyle recently sported by Osric Chau. This hairstyle is a lot of fun with a liberal dose of spikes all over the place. It’s easy to achieve if you use a strong gel. Put on some youthful clothes and maybe a leather jacket and get that high school student feel again.

27. Soap Series Sweep

If you are a fan of Parry Shen’s appearance in the soap opera General Hospital, you can achieve that look with this backswept hairstyle. It adds a touch of romance and mystery to your appearance. You can just use a blow dryer on your damp hair to give it that cool elevation on top. This hairstyle shows off your temple and eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows nicely groomed to give yourself the best appearance.

28. Medium Salt and Pepper Style

40 Short Asian Men Hairstyles To Get Right Now

Among all the short Asian men’s hairstyles, this one is the perfect style for those who want a more mature and natural look. If you are an Asian with thick graying hair, you can try this salt and pepper layered look. Partition the hair just off-center. Use a blow dryer and shape the bottoms with a large round brush to curve the ends slightly upwards. Director Peter Chan looked great in this hairstyle at the Venice Film Festival.

29. Short Textured Hairstyle

This is a cute, safe and stylish hairstyle that will give you a youthful, but sober appearance. The sides are trimmed shorter than the top, which is styled into gentle spikes using point cuts. The final effect is achieved by using a setting gel and your hand while the hair is still damp. Shaofeng Feng used this to good effect when he turned out for a movie premiere.

30. Carefree Long Hair

It’s easy to create this casual look if you have long hair. Just use a styling gel and fingers to give it that general shape. There is no need to worry about the exact setting too much. That’s the best part of this style. It gives you a casual look, but when you wear it with a tuxedo or suit, and you will get that typical busy professional look. Ko Mori wore this hairstyle when he went for the Independent Spirit Awards.