40 Short Asian Men Hairstyles To Get Right Now


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When it comes to stylish hairstyles, Asian men are second to none. It doesn’t matter what type of hair a person has, there is a wide range of short Asian mens hairstyles. These styles range from traditional side sweeps and fades to modern spikes. No other nationality can boast of such a wide range of men’s hairstyles. See why Asian men are more attractive and contemporary compared to other people. Here is a selection of 40 short men hairstyles for you to choose from.

131. Lush Looking Hairstyle

Want to make your thin locks look lush? Choose this hairstyle in which you use a styling gel to strategically position the locks into the areas you want. You can have subtle spikes or even hair positioned on to your forehead. Go easy on the gel because too much will reveal your thin hair.

32. Vertical Spikes


With spikes straight up, this style will give your hair a look resembling thick grass. The sides are trimmed and combed back. The top section has longer hair. You can brush it straight up and keep it in position with a strong-hold gel. An Asian model sported this look in a recent Armani show. If you love short Asian men’s hairstyles, this one should definitely be on your list.

33. Boyish Hair Style


This hairstyle will make you look like a school boy. All it requires is a temple fade cut, combing the hair well and setting it with a styling product. Brandon Soo Hoo uses this style to good effect that gives him a sweet middle school boyish look.

34. Braided Hairstyle


If you thought that braids were only for Jamaicans or people of African origin, you are mistaken. Asian men can look great with classical African braids as Tatsuya Nakamura showed recently. If you have long black hair, you will look great in braids. It is also a low-maintenance hairstyle and is very popular with celebrities when they want a nice casual look.

35. Punk Hairstyle for Men


If you have fine hair, you can try this punk style of the 80s and if you have some facial hair, it will look even more masculine. The sides are cropped and the top hair is kept rather short. Gel and pair it with a stylish earring and you get a style similar to Duke Dumont.

36. Long and Straight Strands


This impressive straight hairstyle is easy to do if you use a flat iron. The strands have to be cut into thick layers both in the front and on the sides. This look with large bangs was sported by Dat Phan at a movie premiere.

37. Funky Hairstyle


Here is a funky hairstyle from among short Asian men’s hairstyles. Asians with blonde hair can use this style. It’s a close crop on the sides and the top with long hair is brushed up in a brush style. The top is kept in place with a light setting product. Chu Ishikawa, the Japanese composer, often sports this look.

38. Edgy Haircut


Another boyish haircut for Asian men made famous by actor Tong Dawei at the Venice Film Festival. It has everything that you will find in a third grader’s haircut, the short hair, the short spikes on top of the head and all you need is some hair gel to keep it in place throughout the day.

39. Simple Hairstyle for Asian Men


This hairstyle is for you if you want that classic PSY look. Just a neat classic cut with the hair gently side parted and combed backwards. It’s a pretty neat appearance that goes nicely with formal wear.

40. Grand Geeky Hairstyle


Want to look Geeky with this stylish hairstyle? Just style your hair roughly using a good quality styling product. Adjust it to suit your face and give yourself that sophisticated look. Position some strands to the front if you have a large forehead. Grant Imahara wore this hairstyle at an awards show and got plenty of attention.

If you are an Asian male, you are fortunate to have a number of short Asian men’s hairstyles available to give you any type of look that you can think of. You can look handsome and attract the attention you desire. Most of these styles are great for both formal and casual occasions. Whether you like spikes, funky or carefree hair, there are many hairstyles that will give you the charming looks that you deserve. Just talk to your hairdresser about the ideas that caught your attention.



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