Short Bob Hairstyles For Women With Different Type Of Hair & Face

Short Bob Hairstyles For Women

Short Bob Hairstyles For Ladies

Long hair requires a lot of maintenance. The ends tend to get split and thus women like to have it short nowadays. But short hair does not suit every type of face. One has to make adjustments to the hair to suit the face. Normally short layered bob hairstyles makes you appear much younger that what you really are. Hence it has now become a fashionable trend for women over 50 to go in for short hair. Once you near 50 your hair starts thinning and hence you require more maintenance. Short hairstyles can look cool and smashing too.

Let us have a look at the list some of the short bob hairstyles of women with different type of hair.

1. Curly Hair:

Short Bob Hair Styles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is very good for shortening. They are voluminous in nature and hence appear full. The curly hair is full of fun and charm. It also lends a sense of innocence to the face. Natural curls are always better than artificial curls. To add some definition to this curly hair you can apply a silicone based or water based gel when the hair is still wet. Then you can let it to dry naturally.

2. Short Fall Hairstyles:

Short Fall Hairstyles-12 Short Bob Haircut Styles-2

This is quite a simple hairstyle that provides you with a glamorous look. This look can be achieved by anyone. The blunt side bangs complements the face in the most aesthetic manner. The warm hair tone is a versatile one which matches with your make-up as well the dress.

3. Unstructured short bob hairstyles for Women:

Unstructured short bob hairstyles for Women

This is a very easy going unstructured short bob haircut. Anyone can adopt this style irrespective of face contours, hair volume and density and so on and so forth. This is a very easy to create and maintain style too. You can finish the casual hairstyle with additional working and Shine hairspray in order to keep it neat and clean.

4. Brown Underneath and blond on top:

Brown Underneath and blond on top

This is a special style of bob where practically every hair strand is of the same length. The hair gets evenly distributed on all sides and hence imparts a round shape to the face. You can make it more beautiful by coloring it differently by using a darker shade of brown at the bottom and letting the natural blond be at the top. This chin length bob is super trendy and yet very simple.

5. Red Curly hair:

Red Curly hair

This is an uneven bob as compared to the earlier style. The playful layered razor cut features lend an air of aesthetic beauty to the hairstyle. You can choose to color it red and it gives you a real classy look. The longer bangs at the side makes small faces appear longer and overall this is a very versatile and trendy hairstyle.

6. The casual short bob:

The casual short bob

The casual short bob hairstyles look is the best in case you want to look sensual. This short hairstyle ensures that the hair does not reach the shoulder. The hairstyle is designed and generated skillfully. This style is accompanied by precision cuts and the various layering allows the hair to fall into its own natural shape. This gives you the perfect naughty look to seduce your man.

7. Cool and chic crop:

Cool and chic crop

This short bob haircut differs from the others in many respects. This is the ideal hairstyle for people who wish to change their hairstyle. This gives you a cool look and at the same time does not require much time to create. The lighter tone ensures that it can enhance many face tones.

8. Modern bob hairstyles

Modern bob hairstyles

This style is cut to one length and then layers are added to the sides and back. This ensures the natural bouncy look to the hair. This is a low-fuss hairstyle with loose curls. The curly bob make a person’s face to look like a triangle. In case you have a bad hair day this is the best hairstyle to have.

9. Short Pixie Mohawk:

Short Pixie Mohawk

The Mohawk is a predominantly male hairstyle. It is only in recent times that the female version of the Mohawk has come into existence. There is a difference though in both the versions. The female version is a more chic version of the Mohawk. The top portion of the hair is teased up to make the whole style more bouncy. This style enhances the beauty of the eyes.

10. Razor Cut Bob:

Razor Cut Bob

This wonderful razor cut bob has come back into fashion. This particular style comes mingled with a clipper cut. It has been cut with a clipper at the temple and even at the back. The razor is used to cut at the sides and in the front as well as the crown. This gives the face a mysterious look and adds luster to the hair. This is a chic version which can adorn many an event.

11. Asymmetrical layered cut:

Asymmetrical layered cut

This hairstyle suits those persons who like to have a different outlook towards life. If you are such a type then this hairstyle will suit you perfectly. This is short on one side and longer on the other. This is a stunning head turner of a hairstyle. The angles complement the face perfectly and render a sensual feeling but at the same time filled with charm and femininity.

12. The studious look:

short bob hairstyles

This standard pixie cut is longer than a boy cut and is a versatile style which gives a studious look. The features of the face stand out perfectly. This is a popular hairstyle especially among the students.

Thus we have seen the most exquisite bob hairstyles which are very popular today.

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