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70+ Short Hairstyles For Men With Cowlicks

Short Hairstyles For Men with cowlicks is one of the easy ones to style.

Short Hairstyles For Men With Cowlicks

Men’s grooming has reached new levels. More men have been coming up with their own personal style, with short hairstyles, not an exception. The best benefit you can get from short hairstyles for men idea is the ease of styling it daily. Short Hairstyles For Men with cowlicks is one of the easy ones to style.

Table of Contents

1. Spiky Hair

Short Hairstyles For Men-Spiky Hair
spiky haircuts for guys with cowlicks

The spiky haircuts for guys with cowlicks is the way to go. Your styling gel needs to be on point, particularly the product you use to get the desired height. Styling really takes just a few minutes.

2. Textured Top Short Hairstyles For Men

Textured top Short Hairstyles For Men
Textured Short Hairstyles For Men with cowlicks

This hairstyles for guys with cowlicks Textured top is well suited for guys with curly or wavy hair. The texture is already there, the cut just adds shape. This cool cut contrasts tight curls with a straight fringe and high fade.

3. Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe hairstyle for men
Men's angular fringe curly short hair cut

The fringe is left hanging over the forehead. It’s also cut at an angle to give a unique texture and appearance to guy with curly hairstyles. It is ideal for guys with round faces, since the angular fringe can add some length to the face.

4. French Crop

Men's French Crop
Men's French Crop short hair cut

French crop cowlicks hairstyle consists of hair that is cut short on the back and sides. The top part kept longer. This can either be combed forward over the forehead or pushed to the side. This depends on length and preference.

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5. Textured Fringe with Razor Cut

Textured Fringe- Men hairstyles

This cowlicks hairstyle works on either flat hair or curls. Adding a little wax, pomade or clay and can help to add texture and a messy fringe, yet controlled, that can work with a range of cuts and hair types.

6. Crop and Cowlick

Crop and Cowlick Men's short haircut
Man with Crop and Cowlick hair style

Hair is shaved on the sides while still maintain the messy one on top. It is ideal for men with medium hair but can also apply to one’s with longer hair.

7. Blonde Quiff

Blonde Quiff hair style
Blonde Quiff hair cut

This short haircuts for men with cowlicks combines elements like that of the pompadour, the flat top and even the Mohawk. This hairstyle is quite able to grab attention from afar.

8. Vertical Cowlick Brush Up Style

Vertical Cowlick brush up hairstyle for men
Men's short Haircut -Vertical Cowlick brush up

As the name suggests, hair at the top of the head is brushed upwards, while that at the sides and the back is combed backwards. Addition of wax or pomade can help maintain the shape for those with curly hair.

9. Cowlick and The Fringe

Cowlick and the fringe Men's short hairstyle
long hair on top short on sides haircut for men

The cowlick and fringe cut is versatile since it is able to suit a variety of face shapes, be it round, square or heart. Hair on top of the head is combed frontwards covering most of the forehead.

10. Perfect Tousle

Perfect Tousle style for men
Perfect Tousle men'd short hairstyle

It is ideal for middle length hair that is able to turn messy instantly. Its main advantage is that it versatile, doesn’t take long to style and maintenance is easy.

11. Modern Cowlick Brushed Up

Modern cowlick brushed up Men's haircut
Modern cowlick brushed up style for men

The entire hair is lifted upwards. This simple hair up brush style needs the hair at the back and on the sides to be trimmed for having a tapered haircut.

12. Curly Textured Mid Top

Curly Textured Mid Top haircut for men
Curly Textured Mid Top style for men

The way this short haircuts for men takes control and defines curly hair while making it manageable is amazing. For guys in school or the work place, this is a look that will make you look put together no matter what.

13. Square Blunt Bangs Texture Cut

Men's Square Blunt Bangs Texture short cut
Men's short haircut with bangs

This short haircuts with bangs is one of the most interesting new hairstyles for men coming from the best hair stylists in Europe. The square cut look can be rocking, but if you have a very prominent forehead, you might avoid this look.

14. Wavy Pomp & Fade

Wavy Pomp & Fade Short hairstyle for men
Wavy Pomp & Fade Men's hair cut

It applies for guys with naturally curly or wavy hair. It is a retro style that is stylish, handsome, and it goes well with facial hair. Hair on the sides and back is faded away from the top to remain with the curly hair atop.

15. Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour Haircut for men
Men's Side Part Pompadour style

It is a modern variation of the usual brushed up pompadour. On this style, pomade is applied to the hair, parted on one side and styled by brushing it to the sides.

16. Short Back and Sides

Men's Short Back and Sides hair styles for short hair
Men's short back and sides hair styles for short hair

This short haircuts for men is best for all face shapes. The sides and back are cut and shaved leaving a longer crown for styling be it laid back or fringing on the forehead.

17. Flat Top

Flat Top Men's hair style
Men's short straight hair styles

This short haircuts for men is also known as horseshoe flat top. The hair on the top is cut to be able to stand on its own. This maintains a flat hair appearance on the crown. If the hair is cut longer, one should apply styling gel to help it stand and maintain its shape.

18. Layered Cut

Layered Cut - men's cowlicks hairstyle
Short Layered haircut for men

The cowlicks hairstyle gives a messy look for the hair. It can be styled to give different looks. It involves hair trimming on all parts of the head to maintain a balance in length all round.

19. Whitewalls

Whitewalls cowlicks hairstyle for men
Men's Whitewalls Hair Styles for Short Hair

Whitewalls refer to areas on the head where the scalp is visible. In this cowlicks hairstyle, hair on the back and sides are clipped so the scalp resembles a whitewall when looking at it. It is easy men’s haircuts & hairstyles for work and play.

20. Modern Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Short haircuts for men
Faux Hawk haircuts for men with cowlick

This style is achieved by cutting the hair but not to a length that is too short. The sides and back have a shorter length and the crown having a longer length for styling as desired.

21. Blunt Cut

Blunt short haircuts for men
Blunt Cut for men with cowlick

The cowlicks hairstyle is shaved on the sides and back while leaving hair on the crown longer. It is ideal for men with thick hair types and also goes well with men with facial hair.

22. Brit-Rock Indie

Brit-Rock Indie haircuts for men with cowlicks
Men's cowlicks hairstyle

The cowlicks hairstyle was popularized by a British band. It looks gorgeous and can be achieved by cutting the hair bang long and sweeping it to cover most of the forehead.

23. Designed Short Haircut For Men

Design Haircut for men
Designed Short Haircut For Men

In this men curly haircut, expert skills are applied in order to achieve intricate designs. The designs are mostly applied on the back and sides of the head but could also be applied on the crown too.

24. Bald

Bald with cowlick haircuts for men
short haircuts for men ; bald with cowlick

This hair idea look is achieved by completely shaving hair and only leaving a shiny polished scalp. Its main advantage is that it requires minimum to no styling and maintenance and gives versatility in that it can be professional or casual at the same time.

25. Crew Cut

Crew Cut for men
Crew Cut for men with cowlick

Crew cut is where hair is tapered on the side, back, and top. Hair length is almost uniform on all sides. This hairstyle is most applicable to men with short hair.

26. Men’s Mullet with Fade

Men's Mullet with Fade
Instagram @sergeyshapochka

Mullet haircuts with fade are unquestionably one of the greatest short hairstyles for guys. The problem is, out of all mens hairstyles, the textured crop is the one that gives you a fashionable appearance without requiring any treatment. It is undoubtedly a viable choice for busy guys.

27. Low Maintenance Men’s Haircut with Beard

Low Maintenance Men's Haircut with Beard
Instagram @stmntgrooming

While it may seem easy, a good messy hairdo is everything but. Not only is this style quite popular, but it’s also a timeless technique to develop your own distinct appearance without straying too far from the norm. Meanwhile, the look combines an enduring sense of masculinity with cutting-edge grooming procedures. When you combine this with a killer grin, you’ll be shattering hearts every time you step out the door. Messy hairstyle works with short hair men with cowlick.

28. Dark Hair with Simple Undercut

Instagram @bk_barber_

Simple and cool, this men’s short haircut allows no room for error and is as stylish as they come. Giving up the fade on the sides did not detract from the overall style of a guy who chose this style. With sides that are cleanly shaved but have a thicker top hair, this haircut works well both formal or informal event. Additionally, the top hair will serve as the foundation for any future haircut. While the basic undercut is more difficult to manage than other men’s haircuts, it is both functional and appealing.

29. Cat Tail Faux Hawk

rattail faux hawk
Instagram @noct.lucass

While it does not resemble a mohawk, the rat tail fake hawk will generate just as much debate. And, although we personally do not advocate this men’s hairdo, we are not going to stop you from being you.

30. Curly Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk for men
Instagram @haus_of_hair_

A wonderful feature about men’s faux hawks is that they are non-discriminatory in terms of hair type. In other words, guys with curly hair, like everyone else, can sport a beautiful fake hawk. Maintain curls close to the scalp or embrace your inner 80s synth-pop artist. Again, this is a matter of personal choice.

31. Thick Hair with Blue Highlights

Thick Hair Men with Blue Highlights

Adding blue highlights is another approach to disguise a cowlick. They will contrast wonderfully with dark roots and will also help to cool up your complexion. This thick hairstyle is combed back diagonally.

32. Hairstyle for Older Men

Hairstyle for Older Men
Instagram @dudathebarber

Are you afflicted with a cowlick and a receding hairline? Older guys might benefit from adding texture to their hairdo to draw attention away from them.

33. Faded Graduation with Refined Pompadour

men's pompadour with faded gradution
Instagram @stmntgrooming

A refined pompadour may be an alternative for guys who seek thicker-looking hair. This faded graduation men’s hairstyle is defined by a densely combed-up top that conceals a cowlick. The sides are faded high to assist in framing the face flatteringly.

34. Slick Back Hair

Hair is often most attractive when it is smooth and slicked back away from the face. The easiest technique to tame the longer hair on the crown of the head is to use a wide-tooth comb in conjunction with a generous amount of product. This is a very clean appearance that needs frequent trimming to keep the sides short. Cowlicks may be readily concealed by the product and movement of long hair.

35. Short Feathered Hair Men

Short Feathered Hair Men

As this style demonstrates, hair does not have to be slicked to the head to regulate hair clusters. The movement of the longer hair as it is swept back from the face and then pulled up from the nape of the neck conceals it well and creates a fascinating and distinctive look.

36. Voluminous Curls with High Fade

Men haircut with Voluminous Curls with High Fade
Instagram @antdej590

Calics may easily be concealed by very curly hair, particularly when the hair is allowed to grow out a little to give the curls lots of movement and volume. Combining a somewhat longer top with a skin fade and a thick beard gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The wonderful thing about such an excellent beard and mustache is that they may serve as the focus point, concealing any cluster’s movement.

37. Short Dreads

We are unaware of a period when short dreadlocks were anything but fantastic. This men’s hairdo, popularized by painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, needs a great deal of effort and discipline. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s better to leave your hair to a barber. While we’re at it, lengthy dreadlocks are also rather awesome.

38. Short Hair With Beard

Men's Short Blonde Hair With Beard
Instagram @addabbocoach

With a beard, any hairstyle will work. The transition between hair and facial hair is critical. Rather of tying them together at the sideburns, this modest fade separates them.

39. High Fade with Razor Lines 

Me's high fade and razor lines
Instagram @stmntgrooming

A high fade in a version of unordinary taper fade. Rather of shaving hair low and tight, your hairdresser will leave a weight line in the style, which adds intrigue and structure. With razor lines and distinctive patterns, you can liven up this popular men’s haircut.

40. Gentleman’s Short Haircut

Gentleman’s Short Haircut
Instagram @themailroombarber

Are you more into complex and stylish mens hairstyles? Then take a look at this gentleman’s hairstyle. One of its primary benefits is that it may be used in any setting, from the most professional to the most informal.

41. Boxer Braids and Cornrows

Men's Boxer Braids and Cornrows
Instagram @braidssbyj

Boxer braids and cornrows are excellent alternatives for guys with short hair when it comes to braiding. Boxer braids are two asymmetrical braids connected by a center portion. The addition of cornrows in the centre of the boxer braids style intensifies the image.

47. Cornrows Short Hair Men

Cornrows Short Hair Men
Instagram @_copky_

You can create braid style for shorthair men. This small braided hairstyle incorporates basic cornrows but adds an element of originality pulled back.

43. Regular Haircut with Texture

men's short haircut with texture
Instagram @bellanovahair

What makes this simple haircut seem so beautiful is the textured hair’s thick, full appearance. This is one of the most popular short hairstyles for boys and young men, with clipped sides and long hair on top. It’s youthful and easy to style, making it ideal for males looking for a new look.

44. Quiff with High Skin Fade and Beard

Quiff with High Skin Fade and Beard

This quiff haircut is a variation on the short on the sides, long on the top men’s hairstyle trend that has recently dominated barbershops worldwide. The spiky texture provides interest to the high skin fade, while a beard may liven up this style.

45. Silver Hair with Black Under layer

Silver short hair men with  black under layer
Instagram @stmntgrooming

This light and breezy cut complements any hair color, and the middle fade gives additional freshness and coolness in the summer. Additionally, you will not need to spend hours in front of the mirror in order to get this fashionable side part.

46. Blonde Hairstyle for Men

Blonde Hairstyle for Men
Instagram @fonnesbekhair

Keeping your naturally textured hair short may help you save time styling and can also give your hair an appearance of thickness and fullness.

47. Center Part Short Hair Men

Center Parted Short Hair Men
Instagram @mario_mm38

For guys seeking a professional and sophisticated image, the center part is one of the most adaptable and fashionable solutions. This style is wonderful since it can be performed on a variety of hair types and lengths. If you keep your hair short, this is unquestionably one of the most wearable and low-maintenance styles. Another advantage of cent-parted short hair is that the parting is less obvious with short hair, creating an even more attractive style that’s perfect for everyday wear.

48. Disconnected Pompadour

Instagram @elyas_19985

For someone seeking volume, the pompadour is a wonderful option. It was popular in the 1950s and has since been altered to fit a variety of hair types and lengths. It may be fairly striking, with long hair on top short on sides. Having saying that, there are several ways to tailor this appearance to your preferences; keeping it short produces a lot more wearable look. Combine it with a disconnected undercut for an edgier take of this trend. Additionally, it contributes to a more manly look.

49. Side Part Hairstyles Men

Nothing looks cooler than a side part, particularly when matched with a low, medium, or high fade men’s haircut. You may request a broad or a thin line from your hairdresser, and you can go back as far as you desire. With a wax or style gel, secure your hair and define your hard part.

50. Layered Cut with Skin Fade

Men's short layered haircut with fade
Instagram @stmntgrooming

While cowlicks need little to no treatment (they’re simply there), others — like as this one — seem to have been touched by a professional stylist. It is really well-executed and adds the ideal final touch to this ‘do.

51. Blonde Surfer Hairstyle

Instagram @jh_saloninclusivo

Who could resist a smoldering appearance when paired with blonde surfer hairstyles? With a little hair mousse and some finger shaping, you can get a thick men’s hairdo that will make your peers envy.

52. Off Center Short Hair Part

men short cut with Off Center Short Hair Part

A gorgeous cowlick concealment technique usually comprises a strong off-center portion. This is a fairly low-maintenance style. One side is somewhat longer than the other, which helps to divide the face’s dimensions well.

53. Textured Fringe

short hair men with Textured Fringe
Instagram @d1_trims

When your hair is several inches long, it’s ideal for concealing a cowlick. Men with double crowns should definitely consider a textured fringe, as it’s a style that lets your hair move to the way its want. Fade and parted longer hair with a piecey texture.

54. Short Scissor Cut with High Skin Fade

men's High skinfade with a short scissor cut on the top
Instagram @spearsthebarberr

Cowlick on back of head are notoriously difficult to conceal, which is why so many men resort to undercuts for assistance. This style is elegant and professional, and it effectively eliminates the majority of the problems associated with calics. Any extra movement from this place may be controlled with a little amount of product and utilized to enhance the appearance of the cut rather than draw attention to it.

55. Viking Men Hairstyle with Small Braid

Viking Men Hairstyle with Small Braid
Instagram @jh_saloninclusivo

Do you like more braiding styles? On short hair, combine with a small braid viking style! This method works best if you have long enough hair since it creates a more defined tease for volume. This style, whether with or without the matching undercut, screams edgy.


Q. What is a cowlick hairline?

Ans. Simply said, a cowlick is a section of hair on the head that grows in the opposite direction of the rest of the hair. The majority of them are on the crown of the head and create the point where the back and crown of the head meet, where the hair will all connect together.

Q. How do I fix a cowlick?

How to get rid of a cowlick? While it is difficult to alter the genes or the way hair develops, there are a few strategies to conceal it and make it less noticeable. The first step is to choose terrific men’s short haircuts that will help men to appear their best, even with cowlick hair.

Q. Which haircut is the best for men?

Without a doubt, any short haircut is the greatest choice for a man. Whichever style you pick, you can be certain that you will seem bold and courageous. Simply choose a style that flatters your face characteristics, emphasizing your most appealing aspects and concealing any possible flaws.

Q. What is considered a standard men’s haircut?

To be termed a standard haircut, it should have a long top that can be combed and a pronounced side part. Your hairstyle on the sides may range from medium, semi-short, and short to long and even extra-long.

Q. Which hairstyle is the easiest to maintain?

The crew cut, ivy league, buzz cut, French crop, clean shave, butch cut, and induction cut are the most low-maintenance hairstyles.

Q. What can I do with males with really short hair?

The nice aspect is that males have a lot of alternatives, even with a short cut and style. A low, medium, or high fade may be worn with a crop top, Caesar, buzz cut, or crew cut. If you have thick hair, the best haircuts men would be to style it as spikes, a textured fringe, pompadour, or quiff.

All the most fashionable short hair mens cut with cowlicks you might want can be found in this summary list. Find the modern cowlick hairstyle that fits your fashion sense.


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