15+ Short Haircuts for Women That Make You Look Younger

short hairstyles for women

Short haircuts for women, why is right for you? There is a saying which goes like this. Never ask a woman her age and a man his wage. Here are the top hair cuts that make you look younger.

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This is perfectly true as women like to look younger than they actually are. The short haircuts for women complement them perfectly and reduce dozens of years from their age. The perfectly styled hair augments their jaw line beautifully and make them that much more sensual.

Let us have a glance at the 15 best short haircuts for women.

Chic Blonde Bob with Bangs 

Chic Blonde Bob with BangsĀ 
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Another new way to style your short bob hairstyle is to style the hair layer and messy. The wispy bangs and the tousled layers make your face beautiful and the golden blonde enhances your natural skin tones. This layer bob hairstyle is sporty and full of youthful energy.

Dimensional Bob with Feathered Bangs

Women haircut with Dimensional Bob and Feathered Bangs
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With wide range of hair colors to choose, the modern and trendy wavy bob cuts are never boring. Just play with different haircuts and colors to achieve a stylish new short bob haircut. The feathered bangs here showcases the two-tier look elegantly.

Modern Short Haircut with Center Part

women with Modern Short Haircut and Center Part
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This is another simple short hairstyle with center part. This looks is trendy every time you sport it. An oval face is the perfect complement for this hairstyle. This very easy to create hairstyle does not take much time.

Easy hairstyle: Easy to use and easy to maintain

Easy hairstyle: Easy to use and easy to maintain

This smooth, cool hairstyle looks absolutely modern. An oval face is best suited for this exemplary hairstyle. This is a very easy to create hairstyle which is much easier to maintain too. You can get ready within no time with this hairstyle.

Short wavy Ombre Hair

Short wavy Ombre Hair

A fabulous look is brought by this superb hairstyle. Slender slices at the end of her hair impart a textured look. The best this short haircuts for women can offer people is casual beauty and simplicity. This suits faces of all types.

Trendy Hair color to go along with your dress

Short Hairstyles for Women

Wonderful layers and brilliant highlights are the features of this beautiful short haircuts for women. The weight is maintained by its luscious shape and gives it minimal movement. This head turning stunner of a hairstyle is perfect for a long face.

Layered hair makes you look that much younger

If volume and style are something you are looking for, go for this textured short hairstyle. The long sweeping bangs lend a playful look to the hair making you feel younger. This is perfect for an oval silhouette. This chin length hair can make a thin face look oval. This is perfect for shorter women as this short hairstyles makes them appear taller than they are.

Blonde straight pixie cut is the flavor of the day

Blonde straight pixie cut

A fuller and cooler look is offered by this short hairstyles for women with beautiful face framing layers. The back is cut short leaving the longer layers for the front. The bangs cover her forehead and makes her face look short. This is apt for long faces. This is a head turning hairstyle and hence can be worn for many events.

Hairstyle of the celebrity woman

Short hairstyle tapered neck look

The tapered neck look because of this stunning stylish short hairstyles blends up to volume enhancing layers. The back portion is cut down perfectly to the nape and makes for an adorable finish. The contours of the face get enhanced by the deep side looks. This style can suit any countenance.

Short hair with long bangs is a stylish option

Short hair with long bangs

This short hair being tapered close around the ears and neck would have given a boyish look but for the longer layers which enhance the feminine effect. This short hairstyles adds a lot of texture. The strands dance beautifully across the face and can fall right up to the chin. This is truly a stylish option for a long face.

The cute pixie style brings back memories of the teens

The cute pixie style brings back memories of the teens

This sleek hairstyle gives you gorgeous looks. Long side sweeping bangs give out a wonderful feeling and give your face a fantastic shape. A shorter back gives it a cool look. Skilful layering can make this short hairstyle appear fuller. It is a flattering hairstyle that brings you back to the teens.

Cute Short Haircuts for Women

Cute Short Haircuts for Women

The trendy and fabulous look is imparted by this slightly angled sleek short hairstyle. The razored bangs create a casual shattered effect. The graduated back gives it a beautiful feminine look. This stunning hairstyle can suit all occasions formal as well as informal.

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

This amazingly simple low maintenance short hairstyle is actually the most beautiful and aesthetically carved one. The black brown textured hair looks fantastic. Eye kissing neat bangs keeps this super stunning hairstyle very fresh. This offers a cool option for any occasion.

Short curly hair for that innocent look:

Short curly hair for that innocent look:

This curly bunch of hair adds up to the volume and spices up the short hair. This neck length hair with a side part gives you the innocent look for a narrow or square face. The outwards sweeping bangs add a lot of stylish flavors.

A simple straight forward bob:

A simple straight forward bob:

This is the most simple of all the hairstyles on offer. At the same time this homely hair style is one of the most sought after. The smooth hair is cut above the neck level. The choppy layers give the hair that much texture. The long side bangs look alluring.

Chic stacked Bob for that mysterious look:

Chic stacked Bob for that mysterious look

This hairstyle suits faces of all shapes and sizes. The side sweeping thick bangs fall from the top and impart the mysterious look and make a modern statement. This chic styled bob is one of the all time favorites.

Be ready to grace any event:

Be ready to grace any event

This short hair is beautifully tapered up for a trendy look. The adorably razored pieces give out a sensuous feeling. The long layered top and the thin bangs lend an air of feminine charm. This is one of the best hairstyles to grace any event big or small.

Now choosing your style ; a pixie hair cut or short haircuts with bang will become a piece of cake after seeing this collection. So, come forward make your choice and remove years from your life.

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