20 Short Spiky Hairstyles For Women


Glamorous And Aassy Short Spiky Hairstyles

Short spiky hairstyles for women have been known to have a glamorous and sassy look in quite a simple way. For convenience and diversity of different hairstyle modes, many women often prefer these short spiky hairstyles and embrace them both outwardly and inwardly.


With a huge variety of styles to choose from, short spiky hair will save you from a lot of bulkiness of carrying huge hair year in year out, will allow you more time for fun, will save you from a lot of sweat during the summer and much more

Below is a suitable and much efficient compilation of twenty of the most reliable and most preferred of the spiky hairstyles.

211. Spiky pixie hairstyle

This short spiky hairstyle can be dyed, but is mostly preferred in black or white. It is sophisticated in its own way. Easy to maintain and makes a bushy impression.
Gives you a splendid look all in all.

12. Blonde asymmetrical haircut

This is one of the most unique short stylish haircuts. With a section of long and short hair, the asymmetrical haircut is an awesome combination and is preferred by
those who love both long and short hair. It is cut with much precision; no wonder the name asymmetrical haircut.

13. Short Hairdo cut

This haircut is girlish and is worn by most of the ladies who live freestyle lives, without having to attend to formal activities.
It is quite funky and is wavy and at the same time spiky. Even though it is a bit messy, it is organized in its own way.
Mostly done in brown color but other colors are also allowed, according to your suitability.

14. Major Magneta Haircut

Giving such an outstanding look and impressing everyone around, this hairstyle is crazy in a nice way and has 100 percent genuineness.
With a Mohawk like shape and some spiky parts at the top, this is definitely a masterpiece. If you ever want to look extra-ordinarily unique, this is the hairstyle for you.

15. Ginger spiked short hairdo

The ginger spiked short hairdo is yet another short spiky hairstyle that is mainly worn by all those with thin hair and love the maroon color with the ginger spiked haircut.
The spiked hair lies effortlessly on your head, relieving any stress that could come from long or short unkempt hair

16. Memorable midnight blue haircut

In a room full of people, this is one short haircut that will make people keep on turning their heads to your direction in order to see your impressive hair.
The fusion of blue and the many accessories you would wear makes you elegant and enables you to stand out among masses.

17. Dark red sassy haircut

Forget the ling hair that is dyed red and keeps on disturbing you. The dark red classy hair is worn mostly by the older women and gives them a respectable
look as well as making them look younger and more beautiful.

18. Beautiful buzzed haircut

Even though it is not so spiky, this haircut is short and so east to maintain. Very neat and presentable when it comes to trying out a formal job.

19. Spiked mullet haircut

The spiked mullet hairstyle is unique. It has a Mohawk shape and is neatly cut on the sides and is fused with various colors.

20. Platinum blonde Faux haircut

This beautiful and spectacular short spiked hairstyle is mostly worn by rock stars and is simple and the best to get funky in.

It is therefore of paramount importance to realize that the number of short spiky hairstyles out there cannot be exhausted.
Choose glamour now. Choose your short spiky hairstyles!