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30 Best Short Straight Haircuts and Hairstyles For Women

Women with straight hair have battled flyaway strands, flat unappealing locks, and the list goes on and on. On top of that, if they have fine hair, their hair will not hold its shape a day after leaving the salon. We have collected a number of fantastic short straight haircuts and hairstyles that are absolutely gorgeous and will make you the talk of the town. We understand you want short cuts for straight hair that are easy to care for while looking amazing long after you have left the stylist’s shop!

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How can I make my short straight hair look good?

Many women have no idea what hairstyles will work best for them, the texture of their hair, or even the shape of their faces. We are here to take the guess work out of finding something special for your look with hairstyles for short hair.  We have carefully selected the very best short straight haircuts or you to choose from. These hairstyles were created for celebs and are favorites in the celeb world.

Short Straight Haircuts and Hairstyles Ideas

1.Perfect Red Short Straight Haircut

Red Short Straight Haircut
Image Source : Instagram@samathaelle.x

This whimsical, stylish hairstyle is a great option if you are looking for a whole new look that does not include your natural hair color.  This Red cut might be the right choice! for short haircuts for women.

2. A Short Bob With A Curly Front

A Short Bob With A Curly Front for straight hair
Image Source : IG@swheels35

We looked through so many styles to come up with those we felt were a step above all others. This hair idea is one of our excellent haircuts for all hair types and without a doubt one of the very best on the list of short haircuts for straight hair.

3.Pixie Cut with Grey Highlight

cute short cuts with pixie
Image Source : IG@Zinoveva_elena

If this is the cute short cuts with pixie for you, you will be transformed into a very cool and timeless woman of your time. This is a cute short cuts for stylish girls who want to make a statement. Your stylist simply applies a cream to your bangs for a very nice textured look.

4.Aqua Blue Shaggy Cut

Aqua Blue shaggy straight Hairstyle
Image Source: IG@patriifenu

You are someone who must stand out from everyone else. You might prefer short straight haircuts that shout “Look At Me!”. The style is a shaggy cut. If you do not want to spend time tweaking and styling your hair,-  just wash and go you’ll be done!

5.A Fashion Statement With Deep Bangs

Bob with bang for straight hair
Image Source : nikitenko_elen

This hairstyle can be a dramatic statement if you have thick bangs. No matter the length of your hair, bangs add a wonderful touch bringing the entire style together. The best ways to style short straight hair is including sweeping bangs in the front along with tinges of color throughout.

6.Consider A Classic A-Line Style

This easy short hair hairstyles works for all shapes of faces although it’s a great choice if your face is round. You should consider asking your stylist to give it a very clean straight cut for a very modern look. If you suffer from flyaway hair, this is an excellent solution. 

7.A Cute Bob For Every Woman

A Straight Cute Bob
Image Source : IG@lahra_Joyce

It can be a challenge to find the right cute short cuts style with so many to choose from. It might be a good idea to start with a style that is simple. This bob is styled with light layers while giving your hair a lot of volume.

8.Side Sweeping Bangs With An Angled Bob

Side Sweeping Bangs With An Angled Bob
Image Source : Instagram

If you are too busy to constantly maintain your hairstyle, this low maintenance pixie cut for thin hair requires absolutely no work. Just shampoo, dry, and go!

9. A Bob Cut With Curls

We all love long flowing locks that look like waves. Unfortunately, your hair might not be long enough. Also, the Beach Waves style hair idea is actually attainable for short hair!  Use styling products and a curling iron to get the size of curls and volume you are looking for. You can walk away from short straight hairstyles.

10.The Pink Wavy Hairstyle

The Pink Wavy Hairstyle
Image Source : nikitenko_elen

Believe it or not, Pink hair has become very popular. To get his look, you have to bleach your hair followed by a purple toner to get rid of any yellow tones. Then use a pink dye When done, use a finger comb to add some texture. This works well with short to medium length hairstyles

11.A New Take On The Messy Look

The Messy straight hair Look
Image Source : IG@blow_parrucchieri

This is a great style for short cut for straight hair. Short hair is healthier and shinier than other hair lengths. This short layered hairstyles for fine hair is trimmed more often to hold the style’s shape, cutting off dead ends.  Just make sure you use a quality shampoo and condition to improve the health and shine. 

12. Short Haircut for Ethnic Hair

If your hair is coarse or brittle, you might consider keeping your hair cut shorter and have it styled for a more relaxing look. You can arrange the layers in different styles. One great cut will have longer layers for a softer look. Choosing a cut like this hair cuts for straight hair, you will enjoy from this point on.

13. Angled Waves Cut

Angled Waves Cut
Image Source : amyspencerhair

This is a great funky hairstyles that works best for blondes. The hair stylist create a curly style with low undercut in the back view of short hair. It’s a beautiful style that others will take notice of!

14. Pixie with Fade Hairstyle

Pixie with Fade Hairstyle
Image Source ; IG@fabulousdarlinghair

There are so many looks you can have fun with for short straight hairstyles. This style requires shaving the sides and adding some hi light color for dramatic streaking. This really short haircuts for women is absolutely stunning! You can make personal choices and changes to get the look you want. Apply a sparkle of color and be sure to add this to your list.

15.A Modern Rainbow Bob Cut

A Modern Rainbow Bob Cut
Image Source : Coreydren

This is a very attractive style for women with fine hair short haircuts. Just tousle your hair and hold it in place with a spritz from your styling product.

16. Low Maintenance Light Brown Short Haircut

Low Maintenance Light Brown Short Haircut
Image Source : IG@rambutbob

This flexible style offers layers of hair with tons of volume and bounce. All you have to do is take your hair and toss it to one side. You will look fantastic!

17. Short Brunette A-Line Haircut

Short Brunette A-Line Haircut
Image Source : nadiaschmidt

If you have thick hair, this hairstyle is great for work or an evening out.  On top of that, short straight hairstyles are endless so choose whatever one suits you best. Whatever style you choose, add some highlights for elegance.  

18. Chin-Length Bob  

Chin-Length Bob
Image Source : instagram

This style has layered ends and straight bangs, giving you an absolutely wonderful look.  You can maintain this lovely look by using a mousse then arrange your hair.  This beautiful style along with other haircuts for stylish girls should be on your list.

19. Ash Brown Haircut Short in Back Long in Front

Ash Brown Haircut Short in Back Long in Front
Image Source : Instagram

If you have straight hair and thick bangs, this is a fabulous style you can easily style to fit your taste.

20. The layered Bob with Short Bang  

The layered Bob with Short Bang
Image Source : nikitenko_elen

This is a great style for blondes with straight thick hair. It’s very easy to style and you will always look great!

21. The Blunt A-Line Bob

Black hair with Blunt A-Line Bob
Image Source : alekseymikheichev

The A-Line Short Bob is a classic look and very easy to care for and style. This is a very popular choice for women who do not have the time to spend on other hairstyles and also great hairstyle for square face.

22. A Short Straight Layered Style with Feathered Bang

A Short Straight Layered Style with Feathered Bang
Image Source : nikitenko_elen

Short front long back hair like this one are very flattering. It’s styled with layers and short feathered bangs. If your face is square or round shape, you might want the style to be a bit longer.

23. The Colored Short Straight Hair Shoulder Length

short straight hair shoulder length
Image Source : IG@creative.haire.fme

If you have thin hair, this look will look fabulous with an angled style. Haircuts for stylish girls should have this style on their list.

24. The Simple-Angled Bob, Easy to Style Haircut

The Simple-Angled Bob
Image Source : Rambutbob

This is a flattering shortcut for everyone including young girls, women, and grandmothers. The style lifts the hair from the roots for added volume. Just add some highlights for a spectacular look and amazing shine.

25. This Cute Pixie Is The Perfect Haircut For Stylish Girls

This cute pixie will give you a very casual look with its uneven cut with side bangs being longer than the other. Its uneven cut is flirty and fun and a good choice for both day and evening events. You will find many more short straight hairstyles so keep reading!

26. The Stunning Pixie

Pixie cut for straight hair
Instagram @fanniewilkens

Whether you want short straight hairstyles or added fringes of curls, all you need is a simple whipping foam. This hairstyle is an excellent choice if you are far too busy to mess around with your hair. Just apply a styling form, curl the bottom ends and you’re set!  This pixie is created for excellent versatility and is incredibly elegant.

27. Have Fun With This Sort Shaggy Look

This fun style will let you make your own statement. You can add some blonde or light brown color to your bangs or be daring with pink or blue! Use a finger comb to add some texture to the style. 

28. Consider A Fresh New Style!

Women of all ages are going to love this style.  It’s design with medium length hair that is flexible for all different occasions. Haircuts for stylish girls are extremely popular among those who want to change and control their appearances from one style to another. 

29. Wavy Bob with Bangs

If your hair is medium length and you have fine hair, we suggest you a wavy bob style with bangs to create more volume. If you have always had short straight hairstyles your hair will always be fuller and thicker.  Use your styling items, then gather up your hair to create your very own personal look.


Finding the right look can be overwhelming  Styles and colors are always changing making it all very confusing.  You should pick a few styles first before making a decision for short straight hairstyles. Get with your stylist to understand which styles will work best for your texture of hair and the shape of your face. Don’t be in a rush, haircuts for stylish girls will not be going away anytime soon. 


Which haircut is best for short straight hair?

When it comes to short straight haircuts, there are a few different options to choose from. One popular option is the bob. Bobs can be seen in a variety of styles, from classic and chic to modern and edgy.

Another popular choice is the pixie cut. Pixie cuts are typically shorter in the back and sides, with longer layers in the front. This style can be both playful and sophisticated.

For those with short straight hair, these are just a few of the many different haircut options to consider. Ultimately, the best haircut is the one that best suits the individual’s unique style and facial features.

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