Signs Your Generator Is Broken

Electricity is everything. It allows you to use your appliances, gadgets and almost anything inside your home that requires power. A power outage rarely occurs but it will especially when there are emergency situations such as a fire nearby or a storm. It can also happen just because there are troubles in your power providing company. When that occurs, there’s no telling how long you would be without electricity. To prevent this from happening, investing in a generator is a good idea. 

Signs Your Generator Is Broken

Generators allow you to use essential electronics and appliances even when there is a power outage happening. As a result, the inconveniences will be minimized. In fact, your family will still be comfortable and safe until the power is fully restored. However, like any other appliances, your generator isn’t indestructible which means it can get damaged. When it gets broken, you can’t use it and will feel helpless during a power outage. This is the main reason why a generator repair is necessary. However, how will you know if your generator needs a repair?

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Here are some signs your generator is broken:  

You get problem with starting the generator

When a generator starts to get broken, you will have trouble starting it up. It takes longer to use it and there are delays and hiccups when you are about to start it. 

Inconsistent performance

A properly working generator should offer a smooth and consistent power to your home and appliances. In the event that any devices plugged into the generator starts to cut in and out unexpectedly or the lights at your home flickers out of the blue, it is a sign that your generator needs some repair. 

Visible damage on your generator

If you see some damage on your generator, do not take it for granted. Visible damage will not go away tomorrow or next week but it will stay and cause your generator to get broken. Things such as loose wires, and ripped broken pull cord should be brought to attention or else, your generator will experience more serious trouble later on.

  • There is no produce electricity

So, your generator is on and it is now running but you didn’t notice any electricity. If you already check your breakers and other wiring inside your home and all are in good condition, there is a higher chance that your generator is the culprit.

  • Strange smell and noise

Generators don’t give an unusual smell. If it does, it can be a sign of a gas leak and should be fixed immediately as it can pose some risk to your health and safety. Generators produce some sounds but not humming and rattling sounds. Check out your generator – perhaps it needs some fuel or it is overworked. 

  • Constant repair is needed

If you have been repairing your generator on a frequent basis, especially right after you use it, it is a clear sign that your generator is broken and needs some replacement. Rather than spending a lot on repairs, get a new one and save yourself from a lot of headache.

The whole idea of having a generator is to give you a peace of mind because you always have a spare power source available in case there is a power outage. However, a broken generator is useless so make sure to keep your generator in good shape all the time. 

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