20 Simple and Beautiful Minimalist Nail Art Ideas


Updated: January 26, 2022

The nail art or art of painting your nail is a beauty enhancing the art. With good art, your fingers look good. If you fail to do a good art then everything changes. It will become messy and your fingers do not look good. Therefore, you need some best Minimalist Nail Art Ideas.

Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

The ideas, which are simple as well as beautiful. Do your fingers and nails need fancy nail arts to look good? Are simple nail arts not attention-grabbing? The answer is no. you need to do an art on your finger, which looks good no matter whether it is simple or fancy nail art.

You might have seen many simple and beautiful nail arts with minimalistic designs. However, you want to go for fancy one. You are confused. You want to look good but afraid of trying minimalistic looks. Do not worry. There are many beautiful nail arts, which are minimalistic in design. In this article, we will bring such top nail arts for you. It is difficult to pick few designs out of many. However, we tried our best by considering everything to give you a list of simple yet amazing nail art designs for you. Try them to see their magic. If you do not like it then you can easily modify it.

1. Simple white border Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

Simple white border Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

It is very simple design. All you need to do is use the white nail paint and apply it on the borders of your nails. The thickness should be less. Do not overdo it. If your paint has a glossy effect then there is no need of highlight. Another choice is Simple color nail and put some heart shape on light pink nail.

2. The color base and square in the middle Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

The color base and square in the middle Minimalist Nail Art Ideas
The color base and red square Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

This is a cool design. You need a base color on your finger. It should be light in color. Then create a square in the middle of the nail with another color.

3. Unicolor shade Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

Unicolor shade Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

Paint your nail with the same color on all your fingernails. You can select either same design to other hand or other design.

4. Just a circular dot

circular dot nail

Next is very easy technique. You need to put a black circular dot on the fingernail. You can shift the dot anywhere on the nails.

5. Black border

Black border nail

Next is very simple art. Just draw a border on sides of your nails. Black will look good. Do not apply on front and on the root of the nail.

6. Random lines

Random lines nail

First, you need to paint your under nails. Then use the same color to draw random lines continuously to form a design.

7. Shiny border on root

Shiny border on root nail

Next is another border method with shiny paint on the border of nail root. Before that, apply a base color on the nails.

8. Black shiny paint with gap

Black shiny nail paint

Paint your nails with black shiny paint but leave a long rectangular box from root of your nail to middle of your nail.

9. Half-moon border

Next one is simple half-moon on the finger border. You cannot do it on sides of your nail because you cannot get moon shape.

10. A thin horizontal line

Just draw one thin horizontal line of any color. You can bend it slightly to give better look on your nail. You need to maintain the thickness of all nails.

11. Two color half-moon border

Two color half-moon border nail

This is similar to the ninth design but with different colors. You can choose the variable thickness on your nails.

black and white half-moon border nail

12. Mixed nail art

Mixed nail art

You can choose mixed Minimalist Nail Art Ideas by painting few fingernails completely and other nails with random continues lines to form a shape.

13. Create a segment

segment nail design

Next one is to use a white pallet to create a segment of a circle on your nails. For that paint the nail root border and draw a line to form a segment.

14. Multi-color painting

Multi-color nail painting

This is another minimalistic pastel color nail design with different color combinations. Just select a different pastel color and paint them with different styles.

15. Thick Top/middle line  

middle line nail

In this art, you can paint a thick line in the middle or top of the nail with different color shades to give minimalistic look.

thick top nail

16. A small triangle

small triangle nail

This is easy. Just draw one triangle with a dark color. Do not use any other color on other parts of the nail.

17. Mix lines with dark base

Dark base nail

First, paint your fingernails completely with black. Then draw the horizontal or vertical line on it with white color to give Minimalist Nail Art Ideas.

18. Different shapes on your nail

Different shapes on nail

Next on is to draw a circle or triangle or line or any small shape on your nails. Use different symbols.

19. White base and black dots

It is elegant. Just use white background base to put black dots on top of it.

Black dot nail

20. Black and shade

Black nail design

You can go either for full black or with a shade of two colors on the nails.

It is quite evident that the Minimalist Nail Art Ideas are also good option to go for when you are not sure about the design. By choosing these designs, you will make sure that your nails look good. With this art, you will avoid the chances of your nails looking messy or bad. There are many arts, which vary from just a dot to simple border on your nails. It is better to try these looks. Sometimes less is more and simple is beautiful.

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