60's Hair Trends
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25 Best of 60’s Hairstyles Trends That Rocked The Nation

60's Hairstyles

The 60’s Hairstyles Trends were ever evolving. It was an era of the Kennedys and the Beatles who introduced a whole new decade of trendy hairstyles that was extremely popular with the youth of the decade.

60's Hairstyles trend

Each and every hairstyles of the 60s was iconic and etched in the memory of people. All of us remember Merlyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr, Sandra Dee, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisand and the most famous first lady of the United States Jacky Kennedy all of whom were famous for their stylish hairstyles along with their array of work.

60s Hairstyles

Hair volume played a huge role in those days. Even today we love volume in our hair, but the 60’s Hairstyles Trends were just mind-blowing and attractive. The hair trends of those times were somewhat like an intricate piece of art. How difficult it would have been to untangle and wash them, which is why people of the 60s fashion trend used to wear the hairstyles for a couple of days and imagine sleeping with them.

1960 Hair

All of these questions are exciting for the present generation. Wigs made from real hair were the easiest and the most readily available options and women of the 60s never shied away from wearing them. Women proudly purchased and wore different kinds of wigs of hairstyles that were easy to wear.

60s looks

Hairpieces were also quite popular in those days and were probably used extensively to add volume, width and height to the hairstyle. It made people think that you had natural thick hair. The huge hairstyles of the 60s were a unique beauty in itself because of its size.

The following are some of the most popular and famous 60’s hairstyles trends that looked pretty and incredible.

1. Bouffant Hairdo

60sbouffant hairdo

The Bouffant hair style of the 60s is the larger version of the bouffant style of the 50s. The same hairstyle in the 50s was a bit rounder and small in size compared to the ones sported in the 60s hairstyles women.

The Bouffant hairstyle 1960s

Even though it looked complicated, this hair trend was easy to wear style. Large rollers were used to lift the hair and the end hairs were curled and either moved upwards, which was quite popular or curved down. Whichever way you decide to curl, the final touches included a spray of hair lacquer to hold the hair and the curl in its correct place.

bouffant hairstyle

To create more buff on their bouffant, the women used a lot of hair pieces on the crown, which gave the hair a towering height. Famous personalities who used to regularly sport this hairstyle were Jacky Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson.

2. The Beehive Hairstyle 60s

The Beehive Hairstyle 60s

Distinctively hive-shaped the Beehive hairstyle was like the trend of the 60s looks that was extremely popular.

1960s womens hairstyles

The hive shaped hair was created by back combing the hair, which was later lacquered to look like a small mountain on the head, which would last for many days.

60's hairstyles with headbands

This is an iconic and recognizable hairstyle of the 60’s Hairstyles Trends with celebrities like Audrey Hepburn sporting them with great élan. Not only these famous personalities this hairstyle was worn and loved even by the masses of that era around the globe.

3. Short and Sharp Mod Haircuts

Short and Sharp Mod Haircuts

The short and sharp cut was pioneered by Vidal Sassoon, which was a cutting-edge design of the looks of the 60s. This pioneering hairstyle called the ready to wear hair, with no need of rollers, hairspray and dryers.

60's Short Hair

This was a low-maintenance cut of the time, which freed women to get into various other activities without having to worry about their hair.

60s short hair looks

Wearers of this hair trend included Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, Mary Quant and Nancy Kwan.

4. The Bob 60s looks

1960 Bob style

This is the most flexible and easy to wear short hairstyle that ruled the 1960s woman. This is a very feminine hairstyle and varied in size and shape. It was worn as big round bouffant to the short bob with angles and defined lines similar to the one invented by Vidal Sassoon.

Mod Hairstyle

The bob created by Vidal was in style throughout the decade. The ends of the hairstyle could be left with a slight hint of sleek or can be smoothly curled under or even be flicked forwards towards the cheek.

5. 1960 Long Hair

 long length 60s hairstyles

Long hair gained popularity for men and women only in the late 60s. In the early 60s the long hair would not be left down, but was worn sleek with a slight lift much similar to the bouffant, but with a centre partition.

60s hairstyles for long hair

The long 1960s women’s hairstyles was with or without a fringe, which was usually long. To achieve the poker face look, women used to iron the hair by using a brown paper bag to cover the hair to prevent it getting singed.

60's hair trends for long hair

Later on they were left open naturally that was more like an unstyled hair with centre partition. They could be with or without a fringe.

6. 60s Ponytails

60s ponytail

People with long hairstyles used to tie their hair in Ponytails, which were either tied low or high and were often combined with a bouffant or beehive at the front.

7. Fringes

60s fringes style

Fringes or bangs were very popular in the hairstyles for women in their 60s. The bangs of those days were usually full, straight and used to touch the eyebrows in length.

60s full bangs hairstyle

This was known as the forward fringe, even side swept bangs was also fashionable, but not as much as the front fringes.

8. The Afro

60's Afro Hair

A lot of black women in the 50s and the 60s used to straighten their hair, which was an acceptable style of dressing. Towards the end of fifties the hair was trimmed short and left to their natural style. The American Civil Rights Movement had an influence on the students and various jazz musicians who started leaving their hair curly, which was then a symbol of racial pride. The natural hair then became the political symbol of the black identity and their pride.

60's Afro

Political activism throughout the 60s led to the trend of fuller and longer hair. The hair was then teased with a wide toothed Afro pick to create the classic Afro hairstyle. This slowly gained popularity in 60’s hairstyles and became a huge trend in the 70s. Even white people followed the trend by getting their hair permed to make them curly and tight. 1960’s Actresses like Barbara Streisand was one such fan of this particular hair trend.

60S Hairdo

The 60s hair trends looked extremely elegant, sophisticated, smart and well-groomed, which was a stark opposite of the hippie era. The sixties were famous for experimentation, revolution, rebellion, adaptation and invention, all of which trickled into the hairstyle of the decade.

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