Split Level Homes Home Designs


The Split Level Addition home is a popular trendy home for now a day. This style of home is sometimes referred to as a one and a half story house because it has a stair  up to a second-floor and have separated zone between the private area and the reception area. The kitchen and the bathroom will be on the first floor, and There is a  stairs up to the bedroom zone. This style of house can be one  or 2 story house.

Split Level house

The advantages of Split Level Addition Home

– Playing with the level will make home look chic and cool. Because it will make a modern home.
– It is good idea to separate common area and  private area.
– Increased storage space , under the stair level can make storage.
However, Different levels of floor will cost more than the house that have only one level.  If you are looking for a split level addition house, You should make a compare and look for many house idea as much as you can to get the house that fit you most. Because if you built it, then you do not have to fix it later.

And This is some idea for your Split Level Addition Home

The entrance of the house with stairs is a beautiful idea. When stepping up the stairs, you can easily stop at the balcony/Swimming pool.

Other Ideas for you

Split Level Home Design
Split Level Addition home
Split Level Addition home

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