Spring 2021 Fashion Trends You Need in Your Life

Spring 2021 is a time for celebrating everything new—new season, new joy, and new fashion—and a quick peek at the spring 2021 fashion trends reveals all three.

Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

Even better, thanks to quarantine and the year that felt like it would never end, fashion and comfort have finally found a way to work together in some pretty extraordinary ways. More fabric, more room, and more layers seem to indicate that comfort is here to stay, and nobody seems disappointed!

With so many fun new styles and patterns to play with, here are 10 of the top trends taking this season’s fashion world by storm

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Bright colors

Pastel colors are definitely on trend this season, but not just simple, subdued baby nursery pastels. Not even close.

After a long season of dark and dreary, this spring’s colors are bold and beautiful. According to Marie Claire, “From sunny yellow to pretty pinks and striking silvers, Spring 2021 will be happy and bright.” And aren’t we ready for that? Bring on the happiness! Spring 2021’s color trends are inspired by nature and are paired with several core classics.

Button-down tops

The oversized button-down is a spring basic that belongs in everybody’s closet.

Simple, sleek, and impressively versatile, button-down tops can be worn over T-shirts or on their own with a number of women’s bottoms. Raid your partner’s closet or buy your own button-down in a few sizes bigger than the rest of your shirts. Tuck one corner into your jeans, or wear it over a tank. Totally your call!

Wearing a classic button-down shirt is a quick way to give your style an instant upgrade. Plus, it’s the perfect piece for the Zoom meeting where you need to be classy on top, comfy on bottom.

Cinched waists

From shirts to coats to pants, “oversized” is the name of the game this season … which pairs nicely with cinched waists.

Flared skirts and dresses are also gaining popularity, so a cinched waist creates a nice focal point and flatters any body type. According to Harper’s Bazaar, “The waist has it for spring. Though belts are hardly new, this fresh iteration is never low slung. Instead, it’s all about creating shape on the body.” 

Bigger hemlines and smaller waists are fun, flirty, and feminine.

Creative cut-outs

From crop tops to scoop back bodysuits, creative cut-outs have become a fun fashion trend this season.

Showcasing just a hint of skin, these cut-outs—whether on the shoulder, the back, or the midriff—add a modern edge to an otherwise classic look or simple outfit.

Fun prints

Stripes, florals, and leopard prints are in this season. In the words of Who What Wear, “From modern updates to a few spring favorites (florals and check) to nostalgic stripes evocative of our favorite childhood confection, these patterns are poised to take over our feeds.”

And the really fun part of these prints is that they aren’t just playing peek-a-boo with a pocket or a sash—they’re loud and proud and courageously taking over entire outfits.

This is truly the season to go big or go home.

Head scarfs

Already being called the must-have fashion accessory of the season, the head scarf is making an impressive comeback.

And no, this is not just referring to accessories used to tie back high ponytails or messy topknots. Think Queen Elizabeth who has sported a head scarf for decades, covering her hair and tying it under her chin. 

In the words of Elle Australia, “Cast your mind back to ’60s era Jackie Kennedy, with an Hermès scarf tied under her chin and her iconic square-frame glasses peeking out, and to Audrey Hepburn riding around in a cashmere sweater with a black silk scarf pinned under her chin in Funny Face.”

Basically, head scarfs are in and bad hair days are out. 

Oversized jackets

As we’ve already said, oversized everything is on trend this season, but oversized jackets are certainly leading the way.

Layering and outerwear work with any outfit in any situation and can quickly dress an outfit up or down depending on the mood. And the perfect oversized, boxy denim jacket can take any outfit up a notch. Better yet, oversized jackets are the perfect way to transition outfits during cool spring mornings and warm spring afternoons and can be thrown on or off depending on the weather in any given moment.

Have you heard of shackets? These shirt jackets are everywhere and with good reason!

Puffy sleeves

When it comes to sleeves this season, the more dramatic the better.

Big balloon sleeves and rounded shoulders are taking the dress and shirt world by storm. According to InStyle, “We’re noticing a ton of bold, strong-shoulder dresses this season. Whether it’s a puff-sleeve dress or a voluminous dress, a strong shoulder screams ‘ultimate powerhouse’!”

They’re certainly difficult to miss!


While tie-dye officially made its debut in the 1960s—and never entirely exited the fashion scene—it made a dramatic comeback in 2020 and is being refreshed yet again for spring 2021.

Look for tie-dye to start showing up in more muted tones and in more sophisticated patterns during the spring. And while tie-dye dominated the lounge wear scene during quarantine, it’s predicted to become more of a trend in accessories this season, as well.

Basically, tie-dye is here to stay. And is anyone bothered by that? —no. 

Wide-leg pants 

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that skinny jeans are out, and wide-leg pants are in.

After months of wearing sweatpants and comfy lounge wear, people are understandably hesitant to climb back into anything with the word “skinny” in the name. And that’s just fine!

From big shirts to oversized jackets, everything is relaxed this season, including pants. Taking it even one step further, Vogue says, “It’s past time to break the cycle of dependence on sweatpants and leggings, and the spring 2021 collections certainly offer plenty of alternatives.” The good news is, not all wide-leg pants are created equal. With many variations of wide and wider legs, you’ll have lots of options to choose from this season, including wide-leg pants that more closely resemble skirts than trousers.

Bottom line: It’s shaping up to be a great spring 2021 and we’re just getting started! 

Nell + Rose knows and appreciates good trends along with flattering fits, great materials, and simple silhouettes. If you’re looking for clothes that feel comfortable, look great, and inspire confidence, take a few minutes to see what all Nell + Rose has to offer. You may just find that perfect piece that will complete your spring collection!

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