11 Spring Decorating Ideas For Your Beautiful Home

Spring is that time of the year when you feel fresh and energetic after the harsh winters. Spring is the time when you enjoy the bright colors and the energetic patterns in the surroundings.

Spring Decoration Ideas

As the colors outside your home transitions from the gloomy grey to sunny, it is natural that you would want to add these colors and patterns into your homes to usher in a lot of happiness and positivity. Transforming your space is a right way to celebrate the colors and trends of the season.

The following spring decorating ideas will brighten up your mood inside the house as well as outside.

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1. Change the Color  Paint

Good color paint is the easiest way to change the appearance of your house. Choice of color is extremely important here. Make sure you select colors that go with the spring season like soft violet or pink that will make you feel happy and rejuvenated. Paint an accent wall or even the whole room, which ever you feel comfortable will just work great. Initially, start with two accents in the room such as light fixtures, rug, chairs and window treatments. Once the painting is done, you will have a brand new room.

2. Include Nature inside

Bring some nature or life inside your space by adding some leaf prints from outside. Create an accent wall with some bold leaf print wallpaper or consider  Floral pattern to the some wall room with wallpaper or a stencil. The décor can be changed to suit the season by adding leaf print pillows, wall prints and leafy green indoor plants like the fern or palms to accentuate the whole look.

3. Fantastic Floral, Tropical Patterns

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The sight of fresh flowers and floral patterns inside the house is the welcome sign of spring. A neutral room can be given a fresh update with a mix of accessories that have floral patterns all over them. Mix and match the colors and patterns to create an eclectic look. A rug or a mirror with garden trellis design will add to the overall look and feel of the space. There is no limit to the use of accessories. Add tea tray and flowers that are arranged in vase, tea cups or teapots to add an English charm.

4. Sun Rise and Sun Set Décor

Wall colors play a crucial role in bringing out the spring fever inside the home. Colors of dawn and dusk can be included by combining warm pink and soft sky blue colors, both of which are inspired by the nature around us. You can use these colors in combination or separately to inspire peace, tranquility and balance in your home.


5. Choose Organic

Designing the home interiors to suit the season is crucial to elevate the moods of the inhabitants. Get an organic inspired interior design with natural finishes. Combine light colored woods with an earth tone stone textures to decorate the walls and the floors. Add natural wood furnishings and cotton and linen upholstery that are made from environment friendly materials like natural latex foam. Add details like lighting, accessories and plants of organic styles.

6. Use Bright Bottles

Simple looking bud vases can be made interesting to match the spring mood by adding food colors and make it look playful. Recycle or use assorted vases or jars or bottles with water colored to match the array of flowers. White blooms like daises and carnations will be just perfect for the room.

7. Ombre Refurbish

Any spare dresser, console or a nightstand lying around can be made interesting with an Ombre fun paint effect. Change the brightness of the soft spring shade by mixing different amount of white paint to achieve the correct shade. The lightest shade can be applied to the top most part of the furniture and gradually increases the shade as you go down, attaining the darkest shade.

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8. White on White

Spring is the time when you can see a lot of sun and brightness all around. The bright and natural color makes you happy. To maximize the natural light in your home add white color scheme. The white color reflects light effectively making your rooms look brighter and happier.

Use a clear cookie jar  and a mix of lovely and colorful flowers that are combined nicely to add some color to the space.  fill the glass with water. Make a good collection of flowers like rose, gerbera, tulips, hyacinths, etc. and arrange them in the glass.


10. Neutrals

It’s that time of the year when you can say goodbye to dark colors in the rooms. Create a living space that is ready to let the bright sunshine in with soft neutral shades of cream, ivory and white. Mix the accessories in soft blue tones to add a serene and inviting feeling.

11. Lovely Pastels

Pastels shades are perfect as the spring season decoration ideas. Lavender is the best pastel shade to color the spaces during the springs. It is a great color choice for bedrooms and when it is combined with other pastel shades like grey and ivory it gives the room an overall soft look. Add a bright accent color like gold or teal for a nice pop of color.


Spring season is here and to freshen up your space, the above spring decoration ideas will help you make a right choice for the season. Get ready and welcome the spring by decorating your abode in such a way that it will improve your mood and happiness and make your life serene and energetic.

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