Actionable Steps To Choose A Dog Breed That Matches Your Lifestyle

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When it comes to bringing home a pet dog for the first time, there are several things you need to consider. The most important among these is perhaps finding a breed that matches your lifestyle. Every breed is associated with certain personality traits, which go a long way in deciding whether the animal would be a good fit for your home and lifestyle. Choosing a dog breed becomes much simpler if you understand the traits and characteristics that are compatible with your needs. Here are some tips that can help you nail a perfect match.

Start by considering your home and family

First things first, your home and family are the top decision drivers while choosing the right dog breed. Things will differ if you are single or have a big family with kids and pets. Physical space is also a key consideration, whether you live in a villa or apartment. The location decides the breed that would work for you. Maybe, you have a neighborhood great for walking the pet or have to commute all the way to a dog park. These considerations impact the choice greatly. For example, toy breeds wouldn’t be apt if you have young kids around because they tend to be nervous around young children. Similarly, a smaller breed would be right for apartment dwellers because these animals require less room to get exercise.

Invest some time in research

The next step would be to invest some time in research on dog personalities breed-wise and match them with your lifestyle. A simple Google search can give you loads of useful information for selecting the right breed. For example, you can check this ultimate guide to golden doodle if you are looking for a perfect pet that can be a playmate for your children. If you lead an active lifestyle, look for one that is active enough to keep pace. Sporting group breeds are great because they enjoy activity and exercise. For those with a relaxed lifestyle, an active breed would not work. You will also have to look for an animal with a calm temperament if you travel or commute a lot and have to leave the pet home alone for extended periods.

Consider the time and budget you can devote

It is equally important to honestly assess the time and budget you can spare for the dog because adopting a dog is as good as bringing home a child. You will need to invest time and money in its care. Apart from providing the basics like proper nutrition, a warm bed, toys and accessories, you will have to look after its grooming, exercise and health care. Count the regular vet visits while adding up the time and expense. Some breeds require more care than the others, so they can be more expensive and need much time from the owner. Others are predisposed to diseases. Make sure that you decide with care because you wouldn’t want to end up with a pet you cannot handle. 

Life with a canine companion can be incredible, but only if the pet is a perfect match for you. A careful assessment of your lifestyle and matching it with the breed traits can help you nail the choice. 

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