30 Strawberry Blonde Highlights Ideas To Try In 2022

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

If you have decided to change your hair color, then strawberry blonde hair color the one that you need to try out at least once. If you are a grownup, then I am sure you must be worried about how highlights strawberry blonde will look on you. Strawberry blonde was always a transition color for toddlers or for those whose hair color was not fully developed. Whatever may be the color of hair you are born with, the strawberry blonde with highlights is just as irresistible now as it was when you were a kid.

If you want to add some spice to your hair, then the following strawberry blonde highlights is just perfect for you. These inspirational blonde red hair color is some of the best blonde highlights for you to try out.

1. Stylish Natural Brown Roots

This hairstyle is best. This cost-effective combination of natural brown roots along with the strawberry blonde makes the hairstyle look chic and stylish. A fresh take to a hairstyle.

2. Honey and Strawberry Blond

This hue is an understatement. The volume haircut along with the strawberry blonde highlights are a fresh take to the regular hairstyles that we are bored of watching.

3. Strawberry Blond Beach Waves

This lovely choppy layered cut is an inspiration from the beach waves. The tousled beach waves along with the balayage is quite an attraction that cannot be missed. The strawberry blonde highlights here will make you look cool and stylish.

4. The 70’s Vibe

Love to have a 70’s vibe to your hair; then get the layered bangs and combine it with the copper hair and contemporary strawberry blonde highlights or copper hair with blonde money piece and you are ready to rock.

5. Sweet Strawberry Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

The sweet strawberry blonde balayage hairstyle combined with the smudged roots, choppy layers and tousled waves will never go wrong. Go bold and look cool.

6. Long Layers Red and Blonde Balayage

Long hair can be difficult to maintain and can look unhealthy especially when colored, but not the case here. You can still have long healthy-looking and silky tresses with the red and blonde balayage that are difficult to ignore.

7. Blonde To Strawberry Blonde

Never knew creamsicle colors would look so good. This blonde to strawberry blonde blend is a perfect example of how a bold hair color can look absolutely ravishing.

8. Copper Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Bob hairstyles are very popular and makes you look elegant as well as cute. The blunt end bob here along with the warm copper tone and strawberry blonde highlights is quite a bold statement.

9. Copper Highlights on Blonde Hair

Bangs are the trendiest styles that has not lost its sheen for a long time. It is still quite popular and to be fair we are not tired of them as yet. The strawberry blonde highlights for the blunt fringe is quite refreshing.

10. Ginger Hair with Blonde Highlights

The ginger topped bouncy curls makes the hairstyle interesting. Try to increase volume and curls for an envious appearance.

11. Strawberry Red Hair

You can call this rose gold or strawberry blonde, whichever way you want. The rose hues are just perfect for the strawberry blonde highlights. They gel with each other perfectly.

12. Blonde and Red Highlight

This is a stylish hairstyle with Rose champagne highlight for warm tone. The soft pink is definitely versatile and more fun, so definitely explore and feel free to experiment.

13. Red with Strawberry Blond Highlight

Any new bold hair color changes are intimidating.  The smoking red highlights saturated strawberry blonde hue is surprisingly cool and attractive.

14. Tousled Red Blonde Brown Hair

This haircut is similar to the bedhead hairstyle, but strawberry blonde with highlights. The tousled curls are attractive, cool and stylish that suits any modern women.

15. Sexy Peach Color

The peach hue is shiny and makes you look and feel fresh all year round. Want a dreamy hairstyle that goes with your personality, then look no further than this hue.

16. Blondish Reddish hair

This balayage red and blonde hairstyle is heavy on blonde and is lighter on strawberry. The beautiful and bouncy curls look elegant when combined with the lightly tinted highlights throughout.

17. Strawberry Blonde Streaks in Front

The chic and stylish layered long hair are always attractive and this one is right on spot. The face framing features of this look makes you bright and this is all due to the warm strawberry blonde with highlights all over.

18. Blonde and Red Balayage

This hairstyle is just perfect for a holiday. If you are dreaming of one, then these bright and blonde and red balayage are ready to soak in the sun and sand. Get yourself the golden blend and get the feel of the holiday instantly.

19. High Contrast Strawberry Balayage

This hair color adds various dimension to the hair and is not right for the faint hearted. The light and face framing highlights are a great contrast to the dark and vibrant red hue that is visible throughout. Finally, this is what we wish to achieve when you want a strawberry blonde highlight.

20. Darker and Shady Lowlights

The strawberry blonde with highlights need not be bright. A darker and shady low light throughout when combined with the tousled hair stands out from the rest.

21. Pastel Pink, Braids and Glitter

Braids are always neat and attractive. If you want to take your braids to the next level by introducing some spice to the style, then introduce them as the strawberry blonde braids. Whether long or short braids, these hues are just made to enhance the hairstyle.

22. Volume and Curls Strawberry Highlights

If you are lucky to have hair with volume and curls, then you can transform your hairstyle completely. Take it to the next level by introducing the spiral perms, but with the dimensions of the strawberry blonde highlights all over.

23. Dark Blonde with Red Underneath

This dark blonde with red underneath mullet with the tousled layer hair is an ultimate hairstyle goal. You are not alone in this; go ahead try this one out this season.

24. Red Hair with Blonde Streaks In Front

If your natural hair color is making you feel bored, then go bold. With the fresh and bold ombre hue. This strawberry blonde highlight has hints of copper along with auburn for a warm feel and look.

25. Extra Blonde Long Bob with Strawberry Highlight

Extra Blonde Long Bob with Strawberry Highlight

Want to go bold and serious, then platinum is the perfect hue. The bright and strawberry blonde long bob will take the hairstyle to the level that you always dreamt of.

26. Strawberry Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

For a stunning hair like this the a strawberry blonde balayage on brown hair is just ideal. The strawberry hue is strong and equally subtle making the hairstyle look natural and flowing.

27. Soft Highlight Bob

The soft strawberry blonde highlights look all the more ravishing with short bob. A simply haircut makes the strawberry blonde highlight stand out.

28. Sunkissed Strawberry Blond

Brighten your appearance with the strawberry base color. The light blonde highlights along with the base hue helps in increasing the glow to your face. A nice way to brighten things up.

29. Copper Highlights on Blonde Hair

Bold colors are the trend of the season. The borderline along with the strawberry blonde highlights blends very well with each other giving the hairstyle an extra dreamy look.

30. Light Brown Hair with Strawberry Blond Highlight

Brighten the things up with the blonde highlights over the natural light brown hair to achieve a reverse ombre effect. The medium length wavy hair goes well with the overall hue of this red and blonde hairstyles.


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