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Sunglasses Trends of 2020

woman wearing modern sunglasses

The new year started a few weeks ago already. But with the change of the year, not only a new year started, but a new decade is upon us! Time to leave old things behind and look forward into the future of 2020 – and new trends. While we are still stuck in winter and the cold season has just reached its peak, warmer days and sunshine and not far!

Shops are getting out their summer collections and new trends are revealed. Let’s have a closer look at fashion accessories and the styles of 2020. 

Wayfarer sunglasses – iconic and never out of style

Black sunglasses

The Wayfarer model is an iconic, classic and never-out-of-style pair of sunglasses, that are suitable for women as well as for men sunglasses. The slightly thicker rims and square frame and glasses have been a classic since the early 60s and a favorite choice for many. Of course, the model has been recreated several times, modernized, yet kept to its basics. MessyWeekend, a young startup from Copenhagen, has polarized the glasses of their Wayfarer model, the Makalu, which make them the perfect for travels but also every day. The bright colors make them a fashion statement for a day at the beach. 

Cat-eye – pure elegance with a touch of retro

Sunglasses with cat-eye glasses a no new invention. This said, the model has relived its comeback during the past years and will also in 2020 be a fashion statement. The retro sunglasses are found mainly amongst women, who want to give their outfit the final touch. Different brands provide them in various colors to make them a modern fashion piece and accessory. 

Round glasses – always a good choice

Never has anyone not looked good with a classic pair of sunglasses with a round or oval frame. No matter whether small or an oversized pair of round sunglasses, there is a look for everyone and every face shape. 

Round glasses

Where some prefer the ‘hippie retro’ or ‘John Lennon’ Look, others like the modern look of large sunglasses with a colorful and round frame. Nevertheless, 70s sunglasses have a certain charm and vintage touch to them. 

Designer sunglasses to fair prices

All in all, 2020 is going to be the year of comebacks and reinvented classics. All models and types of sunglasses have been the No. 1 fashion trend in the past. This year is legendary, not only being the start of a new decade, but as said, many loved old classics are back. New colors, slights different shapes and shades as well as stylish interpretations make them highlights of the year and a fashion statement that give a final touch to any outfit! 

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