How to Survey Your Home for Safety Issues in 3 Simple Steps

In any home, there are safety hazards that can be a danger to the occupants. Whether natural disasters or human error, it’s important to know what dangers exist in your home and how you can prevent them. In this blog post, we will discuss 3 simple steps to survey your home for safety issues!

The following 3-step process will help you identify and remedy any potential dangers that could harm you or your family members.

Step 1:

Walkthrough each room of the house, identifying potential hazards as you go. These hazards could be anything from electrical wires that are not properly covered to items on the floor of your kitchen.

Key Items to look out for:

  • Start by looking at the outside of your home to see if there are any potential hazards, such as a tree that may fall on the house in high winds or cracks in the walls.
  • Check for fire and carbon monoxide hazards. If you have a fireplace, make sure that the flue is open so any smoke can escape into the chimney.
  • Also, check your gas appliances to ensure they are installed correctly and in good working order-if there’s anything wrong with them, get it repaired or replaced immediately!
  • You should also periodically test your home for CO levels by using either an alarm system or a monitor.

Try to identify any potential dangers in the room, and place a tap or a sticky note to mark next to them.

Step 2:

Take note of items such as frayed wires, broken glass, high furniture placement, etc., and make sure they are either fixed or removed. When fixing these issues, use caution and make sure to wear the appropriate protective gear. Make sure to read any instructions that come with the item you are fixing.

* If you can’t fix it yourself,  it’s essential to hire someone to do it; This will help you avoid any accidents.

Step 3:

Once you have fixed or removed the hazards, take a final walkthrough of your home to make sure all items are properly placed and that no new hazards have appeared in other rooms. You may need multiple walks through before finishing this process, but it is worth taking the time!

*Double check, walk through the house one last time:

Making sure that all hazards have been removed and your home is now safe! The goal of this process is to ensure a happy environment for you and your family members and make sure they are protected from any potential dangers.


This is a simple 3-step process to survey your home for potential dangers and how you can prevent them. If you want help creating a plan, contact our team of experts today! We are ready to answer any questions or concerns that come up along the way. Do you have any tips on how to create an effective safety plan? What has been most helpful in your surveying process?

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