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10 Talented Nail Instagram Artists To Follow Now

The Best Nail Instagram Artist

Celebrities are born on Instagram, just like how YouTube made the careers of various artists, who were unknown a few years ago. Instagram is a good platform for numerous coolest nail designs artists to learn and showcase their incredible talents to the world, which otherwise was nearly impossible sitting in one corner of the world. Similarly, numerous nail art videos of amazing nail Instagram artists encouraged amateur artists to consider a career in nail polish artist.

Leave alone a career, it also encouraged people to display their talent on the internet so that it can be shared and viewed by artists from the comforts of their home or on the go. With so many talents hidden in the world who are good at nail art, it feels nice to share some of the nails Instagram images that have been created with a lot of patience, skill, time and creativity. The best nail art shown below are some really amazing stuff created by talented artists with a lot of patience and skill.

All the Instagram trendy acrylic nails shown here are actually pretty good, and the numbers don’t mean anything.

1. Chicago Nail Tech Via nissanailedit

Chicago-based nail artist Via @nissanailedit is quickly becoming one of the best talented nails Instagram artists. With a unique and fresh approach to nails, she has amassed a large following of loyal fans. Her work is characterized by intricate patterns and bold colors, and she is always experimenting with new techniques. If you’re looking for someone to take your nails to the next level,Via @nissanailedit is the artist for you.

freestyle nails design

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2. Shawn West Via thenailbender

Shawn West is one of the best hand painted nail artists on Instagram. Shawn’s nails are always on point, and he frequently posts pictures of his latest designs. His nails are colorful and creative, and He has a vast array of designs to choose from. If you’re looking for some amazing hand painted nails, be sure to follow Shawn West on Instagram!

hand painted cartoon nails design
hand painted Disney nails artist
hand painted colorful nails artist

3. Tartofraises Nail Art

This professional nail artists from France has a wide range of nail shapes and patterns that are beautifully created and diverse. A nice and beautiful Instagram account to get a lot of ideas on how to shape and color your nails for an occasion.

Their works are amazing and unique, the nail Instagram features some very basic to intricate nail art designs that are pretty interesting to create. You get an idea of how to use some of these colors in combination, so that the final artist nail looks just amazing.

Lilac nail instagram
Beautiful Instagram nail
best nail instagram
best nail art
coolest nail designs

4. Amethyst Nails Style By Ayako Takiguchi

With nail designs like amethyst, you can show off your unique style without having to do anything too complicated. Give these beautiful gems a try for an unforgettable manicure!

There’s no doubt that the best nails Instagram artist is @nail_salon_fleur. With over 50k followers, she has carved out a niche for herself as an expert in amethyst and jewelry nails.

From simple designs to intricate art, she does it all with ease and perfection. Her unique style and attention to detail have won her legions of fans, who can’t get enough of her stunning work.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next mani or pedi, You won’t be disappointed!

Amethyst Nails Design
Purple Jewel Nail Artist
Jewel Nails Design

5. 404mast Instagram Nails Artist

404mast, Talented Nail Artist from Russia, She has used vibrant colors with glitter and metallic decorative to create a nail art that goes into detail.

The color combination and the patterns are just awesome in some of the nail arts that it is just impossible to believe that a person can create such an artistic work on a nail. Kudos! To the nails Instagram artist and her creativity nails inspo.

This Nails Instagram account has some very intricate and rare designs that are a good inspiration for artists. The colors used on the nails give us an idea on how to combine one or more colors to create an art on your nails.

Beautiful Instagram nail
404mast nail artist
IG nails artist

6. Jellybayn_nails

Jellybayn_nails, The talented artist for a cute nail design. Good choice of top a nail with colors and design, which makes each nail art suitable for any occasions.

The nails instagram account is a good mix of nail art images of animals, nature and a lot of beautiful videos on nail art and how to go about creating these beautiful pieces of art. There are many cute and casual nail instagram inspiration that one can wear on casual days.

cutes mushroom nails
freestyle instagram nail
cutest smiley nail art

7. Xnailsbymiri

The plain colored nails are simple, but are done very beautifully. Some of the nails are shaped just perfect and look as if they are fixed, nice use of colors, especially the mauve color. A lot of nature, floral images and animal prints are used as designs in these nail art.

Popular chevron nails
purple glitter nail
black nails
popular tribal nails
Glitter designed nails

8. Nailsbycambria

This nail stylist has some very interesting sparkly designs and gorgeous videos that will take your breath away. Some nail art creations are unbelievably beautiful and complex to create. The use of different color combinations and patterns on the nails is perfectly matched. The seashore image on the nail is quite a piece of art.

Blue Nail Art
Green Pastel nail with flowers
inspiration designed nail
Brown nail with leaf
blue glitter nail

9. Polished twins

A wide variety of nail art designs that showcases each and every mood. There are various glitter and metallic nail art designs and patterns that are very complex to create. Some nail arts even have rhinestones on them. There are a few nail art designs for certain specific occasion.

cute nail art designs
nail design for party
colorful manicure
White and Gold glitter manicure

10. Judyrox

This Nails Instagram account has some very intricate and rare designs that are a good inspiration for artists. The colors used on the nails give us an idea on how to combine one or more colors to create an art on your nails. The use of pastel colors is refreshing.

pink nail polish
Instanail inspo
best instanails
Nail design of instagram
Cute pastel nail art artist

There are many talented nails Instagram artists out there.These creative nails Instagram artists are changing the way we look at nail art in a big way. So if you’re looking for some nails inspiration, be sure to check out these four Instagram artists. You won’t be disappointed!

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