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Business cards play a very crucial role in attracting new clients in every business. As a business head a business card helps in gaining new contacts for your business who in the long term will become your most valuable clients. Gone are the days when just a name, address and number of your business were enough to gain new customers. With the growing influence of technology in each and every aspect of our day to day life, it has become all the more essential to have a business card that is smartly designed. The business cards should inculcate some very smart and innovative ideas during the design phase to have a lasting impression.

More and more small and traditional businesses are going the digital way, but the importance of a physical business card has not diminished. These cards can be used effectively in attracting new customers during trade fairs or any networking events. You never know when you may bump into a potential customer at your nearby grocery store where your smart business card may work wonders for your business. By investing in an innovative and smart business card you can leave a lasting impact that can completely transform your business. The first impression created by your unique business card may not increase your profits immediately, but it can leave a lasting impression. With some very clever marketing strategies combined with technology your regular rectangular business card can be transformed into a unique tool that can display your unique identity and convey a lot about your business to your potential customers in a very creative way. The following are some very interesting business card ideas that might help in increasing your network of clients.

1: Doctor Zamenhof

This one of a kind business card mimics a tongue depressor by following the medical theme. Designed by a Spanish studio Doctor Zamenhof, the main aim of this unique business card idea is to provide solutions to all design problems by providing remedies. The stick shaped business card features the design studios contact number and address.

2: BDH Mill Work

Made from leftover wood from the carpentry workshop of Brad Haniak, this highly sophisticated business card created by a Canadian design studio mimics a rubber stamp of Brad Haniak business card information.

3: Your URL

This is a very strategically designed business card to emphasize your presence on the online platform as a corporate brand.

4: Lego

Who doesn’t like or have not played with a Lego. Keeping this aspect alive is this unique Lego inspired business card that doubles as a toy. This business card can be placed on your desk to bring back that nostalgic childhood memories.

5: Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card

The purpose of this outstandingly designed business card is to convey the professional expertise of the lawyer. This business card is tearable from the center with all contact information on both sides of the card.

6: Yoga Mat Business Card

This is a very simple yet innovative business card aimed at promoting a yoga center. The stand out feature of this business card is that it rolls just like a yoga mat that is used extensively for yoga sessions. The card also conveys the main purpose of doing yoga, which is bringing flexibility to your body.

7: Myung Dong Opticians

This intelligent self-optometry business card designed for an optician in South Korea instantly gives you a detailed view of the kind of business it wants to promote. Along with the contact address and other details this card transforms into an effective eye chart when you place it away from your eyes.

8: Cheese Grater Business Card

Created for a Brazilian Store dealing in cheese, this amazing business card along with the contact details doubles up as a small and compact cheese grater. The card also comes with a protective sleeve making it so attractive and popular with people that they are put on waiting list by the owner due to the unprecedented demand for the card.

9: Greek

Designed for a Greek restaurant based on the concept of traditional Greek folk custom of plate smashing, the card is made from broken small pieces of clay pottery. Though not very practical, this unique piece of business card features the restaurants contact address.

10:  Choko La

What a unique way to market your product. No client would want to refuse such an innovative business card made of candy paper. It works two ways as it not only provides the client with two home-made chocolate treats, but also aids in creating a brand. A truly brilliant concept that is extremely popular.

11: Tech Keys

Considered one of the geekiest concepts in the world of business cards by Tech Keys this card works like a computer keyboard. This is possible due to the re-programmable chip embedded on the card that allows full flexibility.

12: View Finder Business Card

Created for an event photographer this amazing card looks very similar to a viewfinder of a camera. As soon as you take a look at it the card will remind you of a professional photographer. The Viewfinder card has all the contact details printed on it for reference.

13: Investment Agents Business Card

This unique business card will immediately remind you of the stock market trends. Whether you want to buy or sell stocks these creative business cards have all the contact details of the agent to assist you in the Forex market.

14: Yoga Centre Straw

This small and cute looking business card representing a yoga centre gives you an instant idea of the business without going into the details. The flexibility of the straw reminds the client of the benefits of yoga and how by joining the centre you can attain this.

15: Picture Frame Business Card

Looking very similar to a picture frame this business card provides the client with not only the contact details, but also a good idea of the business of the owner.

16: Mini Plumber’s Plunger Business Card

A plunger will immediately remind you of a plumber and his services. This mini plumber’s plunger has a small handle with all the contact details printed on it, so every time you need his services you just have to look out for this mini plunger.

17: Seed Packet Business Card

This intelligently created business card designed for a lawn and property enhancement firm contains the spread seeds along with the address of the firm. So whenever you use the seeds for your lawn, it will remind you to contact the property enhancement firm.

business card

18:  Bike Multi-Tool Business Card

Anything related to bikes be it sales or service this multi-tool metal card is a savior. This creative business card is made of metal with patterns to perform some basic repairing of your bike parts. As long as the customer has the bike, this unique business card will help in daily maintenance as well as work as a nice marketing tool for the bike firm.

19: Transformable Cargo Box Business Card

Yes, you heard it, as the name suggests this intelligently designed business card folds up like a cargo box used for shipping and shifting stuff. The card also has all the details of the business firm for future reference, a great marketing strategy.

20: Grillable Business Card

Yes, you can literally hold this business card over a heat source to be able to see the address and contact details of the business firm. An innovative and interesting idea for a firm dealing in Grills.

21: QR Code Card

With the increase in technology in all spheres of life, QR codes have become a part and parcel of most businesses. With a QR code on a business card you can lead your potential customer to your website where they can access all the information related to the business.

22: Beyond the Square

Why be restricted to rectangular or square shaped business card, when you can have them in many unique shapes and sizes. The distinctive quality of these different cards is their shapes and designs that stays in your memory.

23: Handmade Minimalist Cards

Looking for a simple and minimalist design, then these handmade business cards with hand stamped ink gives a very natural feel without going overboard.

24: Skateboard

These miniature skateboard business cards designed for a skateboard company follows the exact design of a skateboard. It is made of thin wood with a gripe tape on one side. The skateboard business card is similar to a skateboard except the wheels.

25: MOD Hair

This is a very cool looking musical business card designed for a Rock ‘n Roll hair saloon. It plays a classical rock theme every time it is rubbed by a fingernail, a feature similar to a music box comb.

26: 3D Business Cards

If you are in the field of 3D designing, then your business card needs to reflect your business effectively and the best way to showcase this is by providing 3D glasses along with your 3D business cards.

27: Department of Energy

A unique concept that is perfect for the department of energy, but not ideal to carry around in your pocket.

28: Folding Laptop Business Cards

Folding cards that looks similar to a laptop is an intelligent concept for a computer repair agency.

29: Karate Cards

Yes, karate cards or broken cards are smartly designed for a karate training institute. The card itself looks like a broken brick, just like the one used in karate training, instantly reminding you of marshal arts.

30: Cassette Card

A cool cassette card with a cassette case a holder is a nice way to advertise a designer.

Gone are the days when the regular business cards looked boring and dull. With the advent of technology in designing you can have some very creative, smart and intelligent business cards that talk a lot about your business or service. The above inspiring designs are extremely creative with some out of the box thinking, which has the ability to grab attention.






























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