Trending COVID-19-Safe Vacation Options in Canada – Road Trips!

During the second year of the pandemic, Canadians look at another summer spent indoors, staying safe and practicing social distancing. But, this year, you could get creative and have a fun and exciting vacation – by planning a road trip. The Canadian landscape’s immense natural beauty is best explored by driving down the different freeways that connect towns and cities in Canada. For instance, the Trans-Canada Highway covers a distance of 7,800 kilometers and connects Newfoundland to British Columbia. One of the trendiest vacation options for 2021 is a road trip with close family. You’ll drive to remote places without worrying about lost baggage and exposure to large crowds.

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Road Trips Are the Best Solution for Limited Budgets

When you’re trying to organize a family holiday on a limited budget, a road trip might just be the answer. Since you’re traveling in summer, you can choose any car unless you’re navigating off-road locations. Canada has a well-maintained network of roads suitable for all vehicles. But you could also hire a midsize car for anywhere from $100 to $400 without restrictions on the miles you cover. As for service stations for buying gas and supplies, you can expect availability every 200-300 kilometers. 

Affordable Accommodation is Easy to Find

Like 70% of your compatriots or foreign vacationers, you could choose affordable stays ranging from Airbnb, hostels, bed-and-breakfast places, and motels. Camping is also a great solution, but unless you can hire the required gear on the spot, loading up the car from home may not be a practical thing to do. One of the most innovative stay options that combines social distancing and exciting activities, along with free rooming and board, is a woofing holiday. You’ll stay on an organic farm and participate in the community and culture. Enjoy hands-on farming while picking up a few skills for using at home. 

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country, and that means you’ll find lots of local restaurants serving you a delightful selection of cuisines. You could stock up on food and beverages in a cooler and load it into the car. Alternatively, buy healthy filling meals at Subway and Tim Horton outlets along the way. With a bit of research, you could locate restaurants with happy meal hours or attractive takeaway deals with pizzas for around $20 that are large enough for a family of 4 members.

Make the Vacation Memorable

Take lots of photographs using your cell phones for posting on shared albums. You would also want to order mementos for your holiday. Once you’ve finalized the tour, find a site that helps you design custom hoodies in Canada. You can order shirts for the whole family in different sizes for men, women, and kids. Get them printed with a stylish logo and message, and wear them when posing for pictures against the fabulous backdrop of the Northern Lights or Niagara Falls.

More Canadians are opting for a COVID-19-safe vacation this summer. Hop into the car, pack in supplies for the family, and follow the road. 

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