Top Tropical Backyard Garden Ideas


Tropical Garden is very popular garden style in Asia. The highlight of this garden is the refreshing atmosphere. Just like in the forest. It is a like a mystic garden. The main arrangement and decoration of the garden is highlighted in green and Organize the composition of the plants to be close to the forest. The tropical plants will grow very quickly. Some are large. So we should have plan and calculate the area for the tree to grow first before plant it.Tropical give you the fascination atmosphere, If you don’t know what is the style of Tropical Garden. Just imagine about Bali Style that is similar style with the tropical garden.

Tropical Backyard Garden

Overview of the Tropical Garden style is In the center area of ​​the garden, We will use a large group of trees around the edge of the fence. and put the variety of plants around. We can decor by put your idea that you like and also matching with your house style like adding the waterfall, sitting corner, pond or even pavilion. The main concept of decorative or furniture for the Tropical style is using a natural style product like wood, Bamboo, pebbles or stone, and main color is earth tone.

Tropical Backyard Garden

Actually The Tropical garden style  we can say that There is no exact pattern that different from english garden style. The style is depend on the idea of house owner or garden designer. But to make it beautiful, The important things that have to consider is the  good composition and arrangement  of the plants. Form and shape of Trees and plants is natural style, does not require much trimming. The most used is Palm, Yucca, Frangipani, fern species, Macmillan, Heliconia, Bird of Paradise, Philodendron and orchids.

Today We would like to show you some idea that you can get inspired for your Tropical Backyard Garden. Let’s take a look !

If your have big backyard, The waterfall is great idea for your garden. It give you a truly relaxing when your are at home. You can add  a colorful flower about 20% to make this area lively.

Palms or Coconut Trees are represented as tropical backyard ideas well. Plant it in some area or along the pathway. It will be more beautiful by arrangement from Large-sized Trees to small Plants.

Banana Trees is also represented the tropical backyard ideas as well. Use 1-2 big banana Trees and decorate with art stone statue to get your perfect tropical corner.

A relaxing corner that put one nice wooden chair, such  a quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

Or make a natural style pavilion.

If you can have a small waterfall or small pond in your backyard area. It is perfect. just try to make it unique and harmony.

If you have a small space of backyard. Here is a good idea to decorate some corner. use a few middle size of Tree and put some plants around.

To make it more modern, Just  use a modern Tree Pot and simple simple shape statue.

If you plan to have a Tropical Backyard Garden. You have to take a very good care. Because there are many species of plants and most require high humidity.

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